Monday, August 4, 2008

No more shopping!

Here's a card from one of my classes. I decided to post it to remind myself to cool it for a bit until I sell off some of my stamps. I have way too much stuff and I really don't need another thing for a very long time. I know we can all relate RIGHT? I've been trying to weed out a few things and its so hard but I have managed to stay out of Michael's for at least 3 weeks now which is a miracle because its ONLY 5 minutes from my house. I just watched The Bucket List and what a great movie. I'm a huge Jack Nichols fan. I recently watched Juno and PS. I love you. They were all great movies. Tami

I had car troubles on Friday morning but I brought my car into the shop immediately and they were able to fix my old beast right away! My exhaust pipe decided to let go in the front of the car and man was it LOUD! Not fun but that's life. Note to self: When you hear a *new* noise, don't wait until your car gets really bad and it starts to break down in major road construction that is at a dead stop and you get so nervous you feel your heart beating right through your shirt. Yes, that's what happened to me on Friday. I did get the air conditioning fixed in my house on Tuesday so it has been SO nice to have it cool finally! I'm not too happy about the call I got from the gas company regarding the big price increase for my gas bill this winter. Its always something. So long for now. Tami and NO MORE shopping!!!!!!!!!! How long will this last?? : ]

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Mary said...

Love the pnk and green together Tami. This is such a sweet card.

Yes, I can relate to not needing to buying any more stuff. I have lots of stuff I have not used yet..