Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Pops!!

My Dad's birthday is coming up in May and I want to send him this card which just happens to be a card I am teaching Let's Get Graphic (Graphic 45 papers and tags)at Anchor Paper Plymouth Thursday, May 18 at 5:30 pm. Additionally, I bought my Dad a card from my friend Sherry as he loves golf and I just couldn't pass up her Graphic 45 card!! This year he will get two birthday cards because he is SO special and an avid golfer. He eat, sleeps and dreams golf. I am up late again taking care of business. I have a very busy Friday planned and will be dropping off my Graphic 45 class board at Anchor Paper . Finally getting a much needed haircut!! Looking forward to May 1st as its National Scrapbooking Day and lots of stores are having specials and Make and Take events. I am planning on joining my friend Ruth Ann for a little fun around town minus my wallet!! Yah right on that one!! I must be good as I've been very bad in April. NO BIG surprise there.

Next up...I feel like doing some blog candy again because I am almost at 20,000 blog hits and my sister Sami is adopting a new doggie today Annie. She and my Mom are driving over two hours to MA to pick up Annie. Sami had to go through an extensive adoption process for Annie who is a rescue dog and was even interviewed by a woman at her home. WOW but I totally understand why. I am SO happy for her and she certainly deserves to get another dog after losing Yoda last year. If you want in on my blog candy just mail Sami a happy dog card or any card for that matter. Just leave me a comment here and I will email you her address next week. The deadline will be in two weeks May 15 to get a card to her. You could possibly win a very nice prize . If she gets over 20 cards I will give out a second prize. I will have Sami put all the names in a bowl like last time and have Mother Ellie pick the winner on Sunday, May 16. Prize will be mailed out the following week or if you are local I will get it to you. Last time I did this Armie in Alaska won. We (my family and I) play fair so its a good chance to win some nice blog candy!! I will gather up the loot and have one of my friends photograph the prize(s) for me to post on my blog just as soon as I can. Thank you so much in advance if you do participate and I know this will certainly brighten Sami's day. Who doesn't love to receive happy mail and let's face it we all have lots of cards and supplies. Thanks fo stopping by today. Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend. Its raining here in MN. What are your plans for the weekend?? I plan on just *looking* and being a good girl. I will let you know how things go on Sunday so stop back then. Tami : p

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Thursday friends. I have my challenge card done for our little Smudges group. I wanted to use this beautiful *virgin* perfume bottle (Postmodern Design), the lovely Graphic 45 paper and other rich papers from Anchor Paper. I love working with the gold foil stickers. Easy peasy when you use tweezers. I want to thank my BFF Wendy for the clever *doily* idea. We had lots of fun collaborating on this *bonus card* Tuesday evening at Smudges during the Graphic 45 class. Group 2 cheated!! Ha ha Group 1!! Its always a blast at Smudges and speaking of that fabo store I better get my butt up to bed and get some much needed shut eye as my chauffeur Sherry will be picking me up at 9:30 today for some yummy Caribou Coffee and then onto our playdate at Smudges . Don't you wish you could come out and play with us?? I hope you like my card. I am very pleased with it and most importantly I have Mother Ellie's Mother's Day card made and will mail it next week. Thanks for the visit and what's up with hardly anyone leaving me any blog love? Its all OK because I can count on my regulars...Amy, Candy, Sherry, Jan, Mary. I'd like to hit 10 comments someday just for the thrill of it but for now I will live. Ha ha!! Have a beautiful day and make some art today. Tami

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Jan "Miss Bossy"

Everyone is crazy over this card and now Jan the birthday gal is the proud owner. "Miss Bossy" picked her own birthday card from my stash. I made it in Jessica's card class in Pine City. The Penny Black image was colored with colored pencils. I do NOT know how the yellow flower was made as it was in the kit and I forgot to ask the teacher. Have a great day friends. I am still very busy which is a good thing. More crafty goodness this week so check back. I am working on crafty things for May so stay tuned. What are your plans for the weekend? I think I will stay home. Right??!! Who am I trying to kid. Tuesday evening we had a great time at Byerly's and Smudges making Graphic 45 cards. Oh la la. I have the best friends and we got our craft on. I will share. Thanks everyone. Tami

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello and how do you do??

Had a blast at Lunds Sat. evening with the chicklets Cosmo Cricket style!! Its always a real treat getting stampy with my friends. Its very late and I need sleep before my big coffee date with another crafty chick Sherry, the button woman. Anyway here's my card, short and sweet. Have a great Sunday and if you attend church please pray for me. Thanks for stopping by as always. I will share a little late night humor with you but its really not too funny and thankfully the Lord was watching over me. It was raining and pretty wet when I got home Sat. evening and my eyesight with glasses is not the greatest. Anyhoo for some strange reason I had troubles backing up into my side of the driveway (I share with my neighbor). Well low and behold, bam...I backed right up into my BIG garbage can which smashed into the garage door. I was SO tired and SO scared to get out of my car and look at my poor garage door. Whew no damage that I could see but I will have to recheck it later in the daylight. Then I had to unpack all the crafty junk in my trunk...can you say SO much stuff!! It ain't easy being me!! Have a pleasant day. Tami PS...Dang girls where is the LOVE??

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sneak peak of Cosmo Cricket

Here's a card we will be making tonight at Lunds. I made up two extra class packets so you still have time to join us for a fun evening of Cosmo Cricket delight!! The festivities begin around 5ish. We probably won't start stamping until 6:30 or so. I am beyond excited. I love working with Cosmo Cricket. The paper and all the other doo dads are yummy and bring a BIG smile to my face. I want more!! I get SO happy just looking at their paper, chipboard and other goodies!! I used Garden Variety from the mini deck on this particular card. It is so cute (GV mini deck) OK and my card!! I also broke out my new Martha Stewart scissors to cut the grass. Coolio as my friend AMY says!! Had to run right out and get the scissors a few weeks ago. They are slicky dick I must say!! I finally used my big brads from American Crafts as flower centers. I hope you likey and thanks for stopping by. Its raining here cats and dogs. Stay tuned for another card on Sunday. Have a nice weekend friends. Feel free to leave me a little *Cosmo* love!! Tami and I'm over and out of here. Time to get some shut eye. Whew!! Like a stamp at Smudges says: another deadline, another miracle!! My hands are so sore from all the cutting and handling so much paper. I know poor baby.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bigger is better!!

I tried to enlarge my card because I am in love with it (HA HA) thanks Jan. This is a test...a Tami test and also for peeps with bad eyesight such as myself. Time to hit the hay!!

Stay tuned for a CANDY alert and NO not blog candy. Go teach, go teach...Pure Innocence oh that would be Candy #1!!! I know a lot of you do not know what this means but I will explain next week. There's a new kid in town. Woo hoo!! I'll bring Candy an apple better yet chocolate. Here's a little teaser. I have two really awesome friends Sandy and Candy I mean Sandy and Carrie. After all these years I still mess up their names so its easier to call them *Candy* although I kept calling the birthday gal Sandy (Candy #2) Sandra. Its all so silly willy but we have fun and gosh darn it do we ever miss HT. What about Helen??? Bad Helen just abandoned me but it was fun seeing her and Karen P. on Thursday. Poor woodey girl!! Boo hoo!! OK too much information at this late hour but this paragraph is mostly for *The Candies*. They even come bearing candy!! Thanks girls. And remember, life is a beach. I need a beach (Cape Cod would be SO nice) but if you live in this state you have 10,000 lakes!! I am crazy and I need rest. So glad my test worked. Go Tami!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life's a beach!!

Here's a card from my Graphic 45 class. I really loved how it turned out and enjoy working with their beautiful papers and die cuts. I've been busy as a bee with all kinds of things this past week so my poor little bloggie has been neglected. Sorry about that but sometimes there is just no time to blog!! It was great seeing everyone on Earth Day at Smudges. The birthday gal "Sandy Candy #2" looked fabo as always (loved your outfit and hair Sandra)!!

I still have openings for my Cosmo Cricket event this Saturday evening at Lunds. If you'd like to join us crazy Cosmo Cricket fans for some crafty fun fun fun Cosmo Cricket style just drop me a note on Friday!! I do need to know. We are making five cute cards using a nice mix of product lines. I am very excited because Cosmo Cricket products make me SO happy just looking at them and the owners totally rock the industry!! Thanks for stopping by and TGIF. I hope you all have a pleasant weekend. Adios amigas and nightie night. ~~Tami : ) PS. Our weather has been gorgeous but its going to rain on the weekend. Its OK with me as we need some water!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Peace, love and joy!!

Just a quick post before I turn in for the day. I wanted to let you know I am alive and well. Here's an image I colored this weekend with my new Rose Art colored pencils. I hope you locals are enjoying this beautiful spring weather. I have been busy getting ready for my classes this week and I was not feeling too well today. I did have a wonderful birthday week so thanks to everyone that helped make it SO special. Talk to you later my friends. Thanks for popping by and I know its only an image but a rather cute one. I'm planning to sell some stamps and other treasures in May. I will hopefully be digging deep in my rather large collection for lots of goodies to part with. A girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do!! Its time to let go!! Bye bye stamps. Its been nice knowing you!! Tami

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

I wish I had a cute picture of me when I was a little tot to post today but I have no clue where they are so you will have to settle for a fox!! Why??? Because I am sly as a fox!! I am off in just a few hours to meet my BFF. We are going on a road trip to Pine City for a couple of days of R and R at a scrapbooking retreat however I am a stamper!! I will also be visiting with my BFF's baby sister and taking a stamping class on Thursday. I can hardly wait to hit the road Jack. I love those sweet Pangerl girls!! A third sister works at the scrapbooking store and there is another one in town!! Its been thundering and lightening all night as I've been packing. I must say Miss Foxie has Moxie and wishes she was foxy!! I did color my hair for the big day!! Bye bye roots.

I'd like to thank all of you that sent me birthday wishes and cards. I'm an old cat now but I can still party!! Have a great day my friends from the 'ole birthday girl!! PS... Ellie (Momma) thinks I turned 69 today but I'm not quite there yet. She wasn't thinking clearly the day she told her mailman I was soon turning 69. Geez Mom please don't rush it. I received a lovely bouquet of flowers yesterday from the man in the purple truck (Bachman's) and a big birthday package from Mr. Federal Express. I am so blessed and so thankful for my wonderful friends and family. Mom and I continue to find humor in her thinking I am now 69 (she sent me a big bottle of vitamin B12 and Alieve). I may and will try my hardest to post a blog from my birthday destination. I found my digital camera last winter but haven't bought new batteries yet. The cord is missing to get them to a computer. Darn its always something I tell you. I obviously haven't been stamping much lately because I had some very important tasks and business to take care of this week. Tami

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So have you missed me???

I promise to post a card soon. For some strange reason I haven't been feeling like stamping lately but that will soon change. I hope your week has been a good one so far and full of sunshine. Tonight I thought I'd share a little funny story with you. My Mom you know "the famous one and only Ellie" was chatting it up with her mail carrier and told him I was soon turning 69 and that she and my Dad were exactly 20 years older. The mailman piped up and said, "Ellie you aren't 89?!?!" I just think this is the funniest thing ever and no I will NOT be turning 69 next week. Ha ha. Geez Mom please don't push it!!

Stay turned. I'm watching Ugly Betty now and just loving it. I'm also crying like a baby. Why?? Its a great show and I'm SO sad there is only one more episode left next week.

I am going to have the first Graphic 45 class on Earth Day at Smudges. I will post more info just as soon as I get the classes confirmed (will also be adding one evening session). Thanks for stopping by today. Spring is in the air!! I want a bowl of pansies for my deck. How about you?? Tami

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter (hop it was eggceptional and sugary)!!

Hello my friends. I hope your Easter Sunday was eggceptional and full of chocolate. It was a lovely day here in the midwest. Can you tell I love the weather?? I mailed this card to my west coast friend AMY (she's fabo and listed on my blog) and today I photolifted her picture of my card to post on the 'ole neglected blog. Imagine that? Thanks Amy and Sherry for the heads up!! LOL!! I can't remember if I ever posted the card but if not here it is. Have a great week. I have 71 Amuse stamps and several Savvy stamps for sale. Email me if you are interested. I'm really loving my own card!! Tami : )

Denami stamps for sale!!

Oldies but goodies. If you are interested in this lot of Denami stamps email me for the price. Its cheap cheap cheap!! Have a great day. Tami