Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm back, a day late and a dollar short!!

Yup....that's all she wrote for today (it reached 77 degrees). Wow wee!! Hope you like the card I made in Jessica's class. See you tomorrow. Nightie night my bloggie friends. I apologize for the terrible scan but hopefully you get the picture (pun) hee hee. Tami

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Big Dawg!

Howdy...I was so busy on Monday would you believe I forgot to post a card?? We are having spectacular weather this month (wow its almost over) and I am loving the sunshine. Not sure how much I will be blogging this week as I have so much work to get done. I've been trying to thin out my vast stamp collection again but that's not always an easy task. I sometimes hate having too much stuff all over the place. How about you? Thanks for stopping by. I made this card at Smudges long ago and have always loved it so I thought I'd post it hopefully for your enjoyment. I have since mailed it to a sweet and wicked young lady who is the Queen of dog walking and pet sitting. Have a great pre-Easter week. Tami

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eggs Galore!!

No card today because I don't feel like posting one. I have lots of work to get finished before bed. This is what I made last nite at the scrapping crop. I never go to scrapbook. Today is Palm Sunday and I have a nice big Palm leaf to fan myself with LOL. And guess what??? A brand new Martha Stewart punch I picked up for 50% off at my favorite Michael's after I met friends for coffee at Caribou. I know shame on me. Not only am I a shopaholic but I am a punch addict too!! Hope you are having a great day. I photolifted this picture of my beautiful eggs. I think I made 24 of them or was it 36?? I love Prima flowers, mini glue dots, and pastel pearl blings. Presto and eggcelent!!! Now I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket. No yoke. Egg-actly. Bye bye for now my lovelies. Tami

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another card from the night owl!!

Woo loves you baby? Me. This Cuttlebugged owl card will probably go to my sister in her Easter box if a miracle happens this week. LOL. I've have lots of blogger issues this evening so I am frustrated and want to turn in. I went cropping two nights in a row and it was great fun. Planning on posting another card Sunday evening. Hope your weekend has been eggciting!! Mine sure was. Thanks for popping in and for all the nice comments this week. Tami

You're a HOOT girlfriend!!

Today's card is for a very special person!! WOO you may ask??? Its made from a Basic Grey card kit but I kicked it up a notch with a little Prima flower and brad/bling action!! Hope you likey!! I have lots of things planned for Saturday so I had to write my Saturday post before bed. Geez...has this what my blogging has come to??? Automatic posts for the weekend. I thought about throwing in the towel on Friday nite but I said "self, just fricken' blog and be done with it". Its really not that hard. Again have a super weekend and please excuse my potty mouth. HOOT HOOT for me and six days of blogging. Can I make it to one week??? Probably!! Tami

Sherry the answer to your question was a JUMBO Graphic 45 assorted MAN paper pack. I was expecting it to be an 8 x 8 at half the cost but I caved and felt obligated to go for the big one!!! I know naughty BAD TAMI and boy have I been bad this week. Old habits are SO hard to break. See you on Sunday my friends.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hot Rod times three!!!

Coming in again just under the stroke of midnite with another card I made in Jessica's card class (Pine City). I am happy to have this on hand for some macho man?? Hee hee!! Have a great weekend. I'm working on bills at this late hour so I must get back to the ugly task at hand. I will post another card on Saturday. Thanks for the visit. Tami

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hey Cupcakes!! What's UP??

Hey girls. Here's my second favorite card from Jessica's class (Pine City). Don't you just love it? I do!! She hand cut the cupcake. I love the pretty designer paper, sweet stamp, and ribbon technique. I have to make my post short today as I'm off to go pick up something I tracked down I have wanted SO bad and its on hold. Imagine that? Me? Do I really put things on hold?? As the Minnesotans say, YOU BETCHA!! As the wicked people from Massachusetts say, that's wicked freakin' awesome. I'll be right over!! I better get my ars in the car before the store closes!! LOL. I am SO naughty but I do *need* it bad for an upcoming class. Any guesses??? Promise to be back soon with my *Cuttlebugged* owl card hopefully later this evening. My NH friend Mary is calling tonight so I must hurry up and get my errands done and get my ars home where I belong and OUT of the stores. Hope your day has been suntastic. My furnace has been acting up for over a week now and I'm so tired of it blowing cold air. I suspect its the ignitor switch again. Totally bugs me. Today I finally turned the bloody thing off and said goodbye you BIG piece of you know what and see you this fall. I will just have to continue dressing in layers as its spring now. Thanks for popping by today. Tami PS...Giving you an owl break for now (Donna)!!! Ha Ha. Oh my goodness Amy and Sherry, today marks DAY 4 of me blogging. Cheers to me!! I am such a good blogger girl!! See you on Friday with bells on.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WOO loves you?? I do, I do!!

This one's for you all my fabo friends, students, and cyber chicks. I have to make it quick as I have to go get a few groceries. Its a good TV night so I am pressed for time right now and my computer has been acting up again. I constantly have to reboot it. Hope you had a most pleasant day. Sunshine makes me SO happy!! Need I say more. I've been working on Graphic 45 class samples and kits for my upcoming classes at Smudges next week. Any takers?? I love Graphic 45 and their wonderful products!! Thanks for stopping by friends. Sorry my card is a little crooked but WOO really cares right?? That darn scanner!! LOL!! Its better than no card or post!! See you tomorrow. Yay me, day three!! Tami :p

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yoo Hoo!!

I'm back!! Whew its almost midnight and I'm blogging just under the wire. Had a very busy day and man was it gorgeous weather. Sunshine makes me so happy and I was naughty and slipped out to Starbucks and Michael's early this morning (had to get another Martha Stewart punch) I know BAD me. Tonight I am sharing an owl card with you my fabo readers because I am SO wise. Hoot Hoot!! I love the pretty background paper and of course I only bought two sheets of it long ago. Hate when that happens and when will I ever learn after all these years?? The card is very pretty if you could only see it in person. Its made on one of my favorite cardstocks Neenah Classis Crest Natural White. Neenah is the Cadilac of paper in my opinion. We are very lucky to have two Anchor Paper Express stores in the Twin Cities area to purchase it from as well as the envelopes. Its expensive but so worth it. Neenah also produces the Solar White paper used for Copics. I must get to bed soon. I hope you all had a great day and please stop back on Wednesday for another owl treat. Hoot Hoot!!! I made it to day two on the 'ole blog. Another miracle!! The owl stamp on my card is from Savvy and the other two (small flower and sentiment) are from Amuse. I dyed the white area on the ribbon with creamy brown chalk ink which happens to be one of my very favorite colors and brands of chalk inks by Color Box. Thanks *Candy* for saving the day for me with two new creamy brown chalk ink pads. Good nite my friends. If you are good I may have some blog candy in April. Maybe, maybe not? It all depends on how things go between now and the middle of next month and if my fans are good or not!! I appreciate you stopping by and thanks for the emails and comments. Keep 'em coming!! Tami...Woo loves yah babe??? ME ME!! Nightie night. : )

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring, Goodbye Winter!!

I made this card for a friend but never mailed it to her last winter. Bad bad me!! Hmmmm......NO surprise on that one!! I am going to sell "she skates" this week so I thought I'd post the card to wish Miss Skater well and tell Mr. Winter to hit the road Jack!! *He* did hit us with some pretty cold weather last Friday (had to get my winter coat, scarf, and gloves back out) but on Saturday, the first day of spring it was a glorious sunshiny day while I was up in Pine City. I hope you had a great day today. I was able to watch a little skating on TV this weekend. Did anyone else see it? I think it was called Skating on Thin Ice but I'm not 100% sure? It was a take off of Dancing With The Stars which I can't wait to watch tonight. I am posting a Monday Double Header especially for Sherry and Amy. TA TA my friends and PLEASE, NO more cold weather or snow for us. We had enough of both this past winter season. I am very happy all the ugly dirty white stuff has finally melted. I can't wait to hopefully get a few flowers for my lower deck but its way too early for that in Minnesota. Mother Nature likes to play tricks on us. So sorry for the awful scan of my square card but I certainly tried. Catch you all later gators. I'll be back on Tuesday with another card. Tami

Hello and Happy Spring!!

Greetings my friends. I apologize for being a bad blogger but sometimes a person wonders why bother does anyone really read my blog? I will try and make up for it this week by posting a card every day. Do you think I can do it or not? Maybe, maybe not. Today I am posting a card I recently made when I took a class in Pine City with my gal pal Jodi. We had a blast together last weekend. I love going up in the country. I loved the class and can't wait to return in April. This is my favorite card. I want the stamp set, I want the October Afternoon background paper, and I want the Martha Stewart punch. Think I want much and that's only one card. I hope you have a great week. Thanks for stopping by today Amy and Sherry!! Tami

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New classes at Smudges

Tami is doing another class and will feature Spring/Easter as the theme. Plan to use a nice assortment of stamps, Easter stickers, beautiful papers and ribbons, and plenty of embellishments. You'll make 4 cards which are sure to impress!! Please bring your basic stamping kit.

Welcome Spring You Cute Little Thing!!
Tuesday, March 23rd 1-3 pm -OR- 6-8 pm

All class participants will receive 10% off purchases the day of class.
Please call Smudges 952-974-9885 to reserve your space. Pre-registration is required.

Let's Get Graphic!!
Tuesday, March 30th 1-3 pm -OR- 6-8 pm

If you like Graphic 45 paper, you will not want to miss this new class. Tami will have 4 cards for you to make featuring Graphic 45 papers and other embellishments. She can do incredible things with this line of paper. Please bring your basic stamping kit.

All class participants will receive 10% off purchases the day of the class.
Please call Smudges 952-974-9885 to reserve your space. Pre-registration is required.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

You're a good egg!!

Hey Beckie from BFE!! If you are reading this blog I am thinking of you (good egg no I must have you confused with RA or Wendi)!! Ha ha!! I had a wicked awesome class today at Lunds. I'd like to thank all the great peeps that came to my owl class. It was a hooting good time with lots of sass. They don't call us the Sassy Stampers for nothing. We had a great time and what a beautiful sunny day. I am so happy Mr. Winter is finally hitting the highway. See yah its been real as in really cold and snowy. Anyway I wanted to share another card I made for the Make and Take at Smudges on Saturday. If you like these adorable Easter/Spring papers you can get them at Smudges. Another busy week coming up. I need to get to bed now and catch up on my beauty rest. I have a sweet little bouquet of daffodils I purchased from Trader Joe's but man do they stink. Have a great week friends. Tomorrow I will share an Easter card I recently made for my upcoming Spring Card Classes at Smudges. Tamara (Miss Iowa) is was SO great seeing you today and man do you look awesome. I couldn't stop staring at your beauty in class today and I really dig your dark hair. I like it black so please come back!! Can't wait to see you soon hopefully in April. Bye bye my lovlies.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thinking Spring and Easter!!

Are you looking for something really fun and crafty to do today?? If so and you are local please join me at Smudges for a free Make and Take from 12-3 PM. You will make this adorable Easter card using the newest Easter/Spring papers from The Paper Company. I really enjoyed designing this cheery card as it makes me believe spring is just around the corner. Its another gloomy and rainy day here in MN which makes day four but the good news is a lot of our dirty MN snow has melted. With this said why not stop by Smudges today for a little dose of sunshine?? : ) You can see me and make a cute card!! Have a great weekend friends. By the way I am still accepting signups for my It's a Hoot Owl Card Class tomorrow at Lunds. If you want to create some really fabo owl cards and stamp the afternoon away with some great peeps then please join us tomorrow at the beautiful Lunds store. If you'd like to come just shoot me an email or leave me a phone message. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my poor neglected bloggie!! Remember to spring forward an hour tomorrow. Tami

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Easter card!!

Here's a card I recently made. For you locals I will be doing a free Make and Take on Saturday, March 13 from noon until 3 pm. Remember Daylight Savings is this Sunday and its also the day of my You're a Hoot class at Lunds. I am scheduled to teach a couple of Spring Card Classes soon at Smudges. Another busy week next week. Our ATC meeting is on St. Patricks Day and I'm taking a class on Friday and Saturday. I may have to cancel out of the Friday one at Archiver's. We shall see.

Have a great weekend friends and thanks for the visit. I have been extremely busy and right now I am not feeling too well. Most of our snow has melted. I can't wait for Spring to arrive!! How about you. It won't be long now. Today its our third day of rain but its better than snow. What a strange winter we have had this year in Minnesota. Happy weekend. Tami

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You've got mail!!

Here's another Memory Box card from my sis. We both love the penguin stamps and Martha Stewart stickers (daisy). Sami used colored pencils on this baby and I love how she does the background free handed no less. Don't you just love getting mail when you least expect it? I sure do!! I've been so busy these past few weeks which is a good thing. I haven't had a lot of extra time to update the 'ole blog but I hope to soon with a new card. Today I am off to spend some time with my friend Sherry at Archiver's. We will use their crop room to play around. She will be scrapbooking and me stamping (hopefully not shopping). I am looking forward to having a little fun although it is suppose to rain today. I hope to keep my purchases if any under $10. Do you think its possible? I will try my darn est to be good. We shall see. I am still hoping for some more signups for the Owl class on Sunday. Any takers? The cards are going to be a HOO HOO HOOT!! Tamara (Miss Iowa) is coming to town and will be joining us at Lunds. Have a great day. This card looks much better in person trust me. The scanner sometimes distorts things. Tami