Monday, March 30, 2009

More Anchor Paper Classes booked for April!!

Copic Spring Cards

You will make four cards using Copic markers, beautiful ribbons. pretty papers, and other card embellishments. Please bring your basic stamping kit to class and join Tami Wood for this *fresh* new stamping class. Four person minimum required for each class. $25.00

Tuesday, April 28

Thursday, April 30

St. Paul
Tuesday, April 21

Saturday, April 25
10:00am-12:30pm fly fly!!

Hi again. Here's my Memory Box card using my new butterfly punch by EK Success as promised. I need to "stickle up" the butterflies and get this card ready for Lauri my new stampy friend!! I am still recovering from my five classes last week. was a whirlwind but so fun!! I used little pearls from Memory Box as butterfly heads. Thanks for stopping by. Another busy week in store. The *dreaded* taxes will just have to wait until the weekend. I've got places to go and people to see. Stamping related activities are just more important than Uncle Sam!! Tick tock!! HEE HEE. Tami :') Peace out!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Classes I just posted for April

Hello dear friends.

I just updated my April Class schedule. All my classes are $25 and are a minimum of four cards and two hours in duration. Sometimes I have a "bonus card" as time permits. Advance registration and prepayment is greatly appreciated. You may order any class "to go" by contacting me prior to the class via email. Please bring your basic stamping kit to class.

A BIG thanks to all the lovely women that attended my class(s)this month. I really appreciate your support, business, and friendship. We always have a good time in my classes!! I've met a lot of new people in March and have made lots of new friends. Stamping is suppose to be fun and that's the way it should be all the time. Its a time for sharing your goods and art, learning new tips and techniques, and meeting other stampers. I love to learn from other people and bounce ideas off of other stampers. Everyone has something great to offer. I have wonderful people in my life and I am so greatful. Thanks so much my friends.

Tami :]
PS Now its time for the dreaded bills, Monday errands, lots of phone calls, class boards, and gathering *stuff* for my taxes. YUCK! Then there's laundry, housework, a free Make and Take at Smudges on Wed. from 12pm-3pm. (NO, its NO April fool's joke) and a couple lunch dates this week. I can hardly wait until Wed. I do plan to post a card tomorrow morning so please check back. Comments are always nice....HINT HINT!! :-] I hope you have a great week filled with sunshine.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Memory Box here I come!!!

Top of the morning to you and happy spring. Sorry I've been such a bad blogger but the truth is I've been up to my eyeballs in class preparations and teaching too. I've already taught three classes this week. I'm currently on a Memory Box marathon so I thought I'd post a card I'm teaching on Sat. at Caribou Coffee in Little Canada. I still have openings and will be selling any leftover class kits as a "class to go." Why, because I must. Short and sweet. The cards are really nice if I must say so. You know its all in the details! Hee hee. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Memory Box. No other company will ever come close to Dave and all his beautiful papers, images, and his colored pencil skills. I wish he would come to MN and teach his fans. Plus Dave is always so nice. I love visiting his blog and all the other new MB blogs. Total eye candy for sure!! I absolutely love teaching with his stamps. I hope you like this card. It really is beautiful and springy if you could only see it in person. I used auto enhance after I scanned it and cropped it. Remember I am still a beginner. Jan my friend offered to loan me "Blogging for Dummies" and I can't wait to read the book but that's aftef I get the dreaded taxes done. Back to my card. I used some new Memory Box bling including little green rhinestones and pearls. I love the colors Dave names his products. He's a class act for sure!! I hate to cut up his beautiful paper. I cringe at my cutter when I have to do it. I wish I could frame several of his 6 x 6" papers. Let me know if you'd like to order my Memory Box Spring card class "to go" via email. Thanks for stopping by. I also have a COPIC class on Sunday at Lunds and I'm still taking signups. Its a four hour class!! Well its time for bed as I've been working all through the night. Have a great day. I send you BIG stamping hugs.

PS Oh can someone please tell me what "organic stamps" are? What is this stamping world coming to? I'm really puzzled by this one!!!?? I'd also like to thank all the wonderful people that recently took my COPIC classes at Anchor Paper and my Spring card classes at Smudges. I am so happy to be back teaching at Anchor Paper two stores). I've met lots of new people lately and I'm super excited as I'm such a people person. BYE BYE sugar pies!! Tami :-]

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My new favorite stamp company!!!

First of all, a BIG thanks to all the wonderful women that attended my two COPIC 101 classes today at Anchor Paper Express in St. Paul and Plymouth. And, what a beautiful day it was!!

My new favorite stamp company is The Greeting Farm. I just added the link on my blog. Marie is the owner of this small new company so please support her if you can by purchasing these stamps at Smudges in Chanhassen. I am not sure if their order has arrived as yet but Erin, my friend and the "Hot mess from Indiana" that got me hooked on these stamps said The Greeting Farm ships fast! The quality of these adorable images is really good as I stamped some images with Erin's stamps the other nite at our monthly ATC gathering. Thanks Erin!! You totally rock girl. She has an amazing blog too and is listed on my blog under the ones I like to visit so please check her out. I love this company so much that I can't sleep some nights dreaming of getting these cute but sassy stamps and I want and *need* them soon. Thanks Leslie at Smudges! I need more rubber and COPIC sketch markers quickly!! The images are wonderful to color with COPIC markers. Sorry I don't have any cards to post right now but maybe on Sunday? I have a very busy week coming up next week with five classes. Yes, FIVE in one week. Please feel free to sign up for any of them by emailing me. Thanks so much. Happy spring. Get a load of this, I scraped ice off my car around 8:30 this morning and it was high in the 60's when I got home around 5 ish. This is MN for you!! The first thing I did when I got home was turn my heat off in the house which I had on 58. OK I'm pretty boring right now so have a happy Sunday. Thanks for stopping by. Tami

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Digi stamps?

What has this stamping world come to? I have mixed feelings on this as I'm a die hard WOOD girl!! A good friend of mine John wrote to me today and said "once a stamper always a stamper" and it really hit me. I haven't been able to stop thinking about his comment on my Facebook wall and the fact he is on a business trip in India. We use to work together at Select Comfort when I had a good secure corporate job. Why did I ever leave? I know why....2 words. HELP DESK. I need a help desk!!

Popping in to say hello.

I am tired after a busy week. I've been on the run so much lately and spending lots of money that I really don't have on stuff I don't need. Oh gosh....Ellie. NO!!!
I must stay home tomorrow and catch up on personal things including mail and bills, finish making sympathy cards, and get my ATCs done for Wed. nite at Artsy Tartsy in Savage. I will try and post a card later if I can go unpack my car before bed but honestly its not looking too promising. We had lovely weather this weekend in MN but let's not forget about the snow/ice storm we just had on Tuesday nite. This is MN for you. I'm so looking forward to spring.

I am signing off now so have a great week. I'd like to thank all the wonderful ladies that took my COPIC classes last week. I met some new friends today in St. Paul and these women kept me in stitches during class. I went to a stamp club at Anchor Paper and we had a blast. Thanks for stamping by I mean stopping by! My new favorite company is The Greeting Farm and I am beyond excited as Smudges is going to carry the stamps. Woo hoo Leslie girl. She totally rocks. I also love Graphic 45 paper thanks to Sherry my friend that just started a blog. I will now add her link to my blog so give her some love. She's the button lady from Anchor Paper. We use to work together in Minneapolis at Anchor Paper. Ta ta.....Tami

PS. I need to know if anyone is interested in my Memory Box class at Caribou? I also added a COPIC class at Lunds this month. The Memory Box stamps are all brand spanking new and Memory Box is another favorite company of mine. I will have another busy week with two more Copic classes on Sat. I have to go to a Memorial Service on Thurs. up in Pine City for my good friend Winnie that passed away last Wed. xooxoxo

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cupcakes galore!!

My sister mailed me this beautiful card. It is a cuttlebugged background sitting on top of a lilac Memory Box note card. I have never seen anything like this done before. She totally rocks with her colored pencils. Have a great day. Tami...Stamp is by Taylored Expressions

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tami goes tiny!!

This is my last post for the evening. The third one gave me trouble so I will stop here before I get angry with Bloggie again. Notice the tiny red heart button we threaded in class on Wed. at Smudges? The background paper is from Daisy Ds. Sadly they are now out of business. I feel so bad about that as I really loved their papers. I Cuttlebugged two of the strips and used creamy brown chalk ink to distress the strips. Donna if you are reading this post? (No sanding on this baby). I think I used two other brown inks on the card. I am very pleased how it turned out. Its a really cute card if you could only see it in person. Good nite my friends. This is enough blogging for one day. Have a terrific Friday. Thanks for stopping by today hopefully someone did!! Smile because there's a monkey on your back complete with bananas!! Life is good today and the monkey is out of her cage but bananaless. Hee he. Enough funny monkey talk. Smooches! Tami

A flower for thee...

Here is a card from a recent class. I distressed the flower and paper with chalk ink. Flower has a K and Company embellishment in the center and I used velvet ribbon. Have a nice weekend. Tami

Same card....advanced button stitching...X

Hey Sherry...this one is for you girlfriend. Look at me getting all fancy! I did the X.....x marks the spot. Wait until you see my next trick!! Tami goes tiny. Just ask Sandy, Carrie, and Luanne. I realize some (one or two or three) of you readers may think I'm off my rocker but this is me. I like to be silly. Its been a long hard cold winter and a little case of the winter blues every now and then. You know....the economy, blah blah blah. Every day is a struggle. OK back to the buttons...It's All in the Details! and its all about your *thread!* When I said "cut a sliver ladies and sew your button on" you will see what I mean on my next post so stay tuned. Thanks for the visit. Darn, no tip jar (tackiness)!! Tami :["

Lots of guilt....please forgive me!!

I am so sorry I've been neglecting my sweet little Bloggie. Sometimes he's just a BIG pain in my butt and quite honestly I don't feel like doing it most days. But have no worries as I have lots to share with you on this lovely and warm evening as I sit here and watch Ugly Betty. First up the *Manly card* I promised last week showcasing my new and improved faux button skills I learned from Sherry. I've been passing it along to my friends/students so sew on sisters!! I really do love buttons and that's all due to my good friend Wendy. This card has an antique button on it so its extra special to me and I think I did a fine job cropping it. Ohh la la. Back to my button fetish. Wendy and I have gone antiquing a few times and I actually started to enjoy it more and more each time. When I grew up in New England I was constantly around antiques and I developed a love/hate relationship for them. We won't even get into Oriental rugs tonight! I did attend several auctions with my aunt and uncle (they were antique dealers) and my grandparents. I didn't really care too much for antiques because it seemed I was always dusting them or hand washing fine china and other special dishes at our large family holiday gatherings. And, spring and fall cleaning....double yuck!! Oh there's more but I won't get into it all now. I had to hand wash all those dishes, glassware, and nick knacks. So what I'm getting at is I never wanted to go antiquing with Wendy but I started to love it when we went a few times in northern MN especially in Crosby, MN. I began to get a high from the hunt!! Then Wendy got me into old photos. I was her private shopper. I knew what she liked in a photo. And when I scored, I loved my findings! Some of those babies (buttons) are on my cards and are used in my classes. Imagine that. Lastly I worked for two BIG antique dealers in NH and I had to pack and unpack lots of dishes from big semis. So who knew several years later while living in MN I'd love antiques again. Sorry to bore you with this big long story. Tami :]"

PS...My little college niece taught me a new smiley face today. I love it! I now totally dig Facebook another new thing I love to waste time on. OK I better get real and post more cards. Isn't that what stampers do on their blogs and pimp product??? Well I'm telling you to look at buttons in a whole new way. Tonight my entries will focus on buttons. Have a good evening and thanks for stopping by. I did have blog troubles a few days ago and a big chunks of my blog diaappeard. It was so scaray. I got so frustrated I just threw the towel in. Speaking of pimping stuff, have you seen Taylor's new Easter cupcake stamps? I will be getting them somehow come hell or high water. Thanks for the comments as always.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I have no clue as to what has happened to my blog?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A beautiful quote....

Kindness is an inner desire that makes us want to do good things even if we do not get anything in return. It is the joy of our life to do them. When we do good things from this inner desire, there is kindness in everything we think, say, want and do. ~ Emmanuel Swedenborg

How true is this? The world needs more kindness. When I read this quote tonight I can't help but think of my sister Samantha. She is for sure the Queen of kindness.