Monday, November 30, 2009


While on Erin's blog tonight I realized I forgot to post her adorable ATC from our November meeting held at Smudges so here it is. Better late than never (sorry Erin). Happy Cyber Monday everyone. Recently I ordered myself a couple Origins products in a weak moment no less so I won't be doing any online shopping today. Hopefully anyway!! How about you? Every December while several people are out and about and in the holiday shopping frenzy and mode, I tend to shop for myself. It happens every year for some strange reason not that I don't shop throughout the year for me!! I usually buy myself a few treats which is not the smartest move right now but oh well that's how the ball bounces some days. Have a terrific Monday and I'll be back soon. I can't believe it will be December in just a couple of days. Tami

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goodbye November and NO snow

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Day and a relaxing weekend. I received some unexpected phone calls from my MA friends on Thanksgiving and that totally made my day along with the wonderful turkey dinner I enjoyed at a friend's house. Yumo. I am happy to report I did not go shopping on Black Friday. I know miracles do happen!! I decided against braving the cold and fighting the early morning crowds however I did go to Michael's and Archiver's on Saturday afternoon and picked up a few items.

I wanted to remind people I am having a Christmas Card Class on Saturday, Dec. 5 at Lunds shortly after noontime. I have just two classes left this year so now's your chance to make five nice holiday cards. My last Christmas Class will be at Caribou (Little Canada) on Friday, Dec. 11 around 6 pm. Please email me with any questions. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the photo of Mr. Thomas Turkey!! Have a fantastic week friends. Tami

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

Wishing everyone a very blessed Thanksgiving. I am thankful for many things but especially my family and friends. I wanted to share some funny turkey images I found on the web. Woke up around 4:30 today and it is freezing out. Brrrr!! We still don't have any snow. Not a single flake this month which is unheard of in this state. Did you know MN is the largest turkey producing state? I did not. I keep wanting to go out for coffee and pick up the newspaper but its so toasty on the sofa watching the tube and surfing for Black Friday sales. I am curled up under a nice warm blanket and waiting for the Macy's parade to come on. I usually watch it every year. I hope you have a nice and relaxing day. Its time to gobble gobble!! What is your favorite Thanksgiving food item? I would have to say mine is stuffing with some good gravy and pumpkin pie with real whipped cream. So who's going shopping tomorrow? I think I may go but I really shouldn't. I've already done enough damage this week!! I can't even believe Michael's is open today on Thanksgiving no less but not until later in the day. I think its 5-9 pm?? I may have to pop in just for the heck of it and say hello to the girls. Why not?? We shall see. Thanks for stopping by and don't eat too much turkey. Tami

Monday, November 23, 2009

Another class card

I can't believe I'm posting again. Three times in one day. I am so bummed because I broke one of my favorite Pampered Chef pans (square stoneware baker) tonight. I use my oven for storage and I had just put the pan on the kitchen floor while I was baking an acorn squash. An empty napkin holder fell off the top of the fridge and broke the pan in half. I have a very tiny kitchen so space and storage is always an issue. The pan was a special glazed one and rather expensive. I had just put the napkin holder up on top of the fridge today to get it out of my way. What's a girl to do? Pick up the pieces and move on!! Its the story of my life. I hope you had a pleasant Monday. Breaking one of my favorite pans pretty much stripped my desire to bake something for Thanksgiving. I guess its time for bed. Nightie night. Thanks for the blog read!! Sorry if this post was boring but I tell you its always something. Tami

Another card and another card class

Here's a square card I souped up and mailed off to a friend in a pinch this month. I liked the concept of it and I learned how to make it at Mall of America during Scrapfest that was held in Sept. Its time to leave for my Monday errands. Have a great day. Its raining now and I just booked some more December Holiday Classes so stay tuned for more details if you are interested in joining me. I can hardly wait to see some of my old friends!! Its been way too long!! I just can't wait to watch Dancing with the Stars (go Kelly and Louie) tonight!!

Be sure to check out my newly added class on Saturday, Dec. 5th at Lunds (Plymouth). I will be having another Christmas Card class either Friday, Dec. 11 (evening) -or- Saturday, Dec. 12 (morning) at Caribou Coffee (Little Canada). Email me if you'd like to come and have a stamping good time. We always have a blast!! Tami :)'

Another class down and another card!!

Hello and happy Monday. Its 1 am and I just woke up from the sofa. I thought I'd check my weekend emails prior to bed and Jan so graciously photographed one of my cards so I thought I'd do a quick blog. I had a wonderful class on Sunday at Lunds and such a nice bunch of ladies. Thanks girlfriends. You totally rock!! My final classes of 2009 (hopefully before the holidays) will be at Caribou and Smudges. I will let you know the dates once I know!! LOL!! I still have to post Erin's adorable ATC from last week just as soon as I finish a class order today and return home from my Monday errands. Have a great day friends and I promise to blog more this week. I have lots of new cards to share with you and I may even do a little holiday decorating if I'm not out shopping this week. I picked up the Sunday paper and can you say WOW. Oh was plump full of ads. Wouldn't you know I got the paper with two Michael's ads in it!! Yikes!!

PS. I was really naughty Saturday afternoon and went to seven different places including Bachman's Holiday open house, Starbucks, a little lunch, and to the bank. I *had to* go to Archiver's in hopes of purchasing another Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses mini paper book. Bad move!! They were having a BIG sale and it was SO mobbed. I never did find what I went for but did find some other items I just had to have. I even put back a few items at the register!! Then onto Michael's and you could not move in there either. They too did not have what I went for. I only bought a box of mini glue dots there and some stickers then to Byerly's for a few groceries. Maple Grove is dangerous for me!! I did go to Target on Thursay morning early (but not early enough I guess) and was not able to score a Cities 97 cd for my collection as they ran out before I got to the table inside. Once again I was sad (no cd) so I left after picking up a few items and went for a much needed haircut. Gosh after writing all this how can I even think about going back out this week!! 'Tis the season to be jolly. I guess its the season I shop for Tami!! LOL!! Thanks for stopping by friends. Tami

Friday, November 20, 2009

ATCs Part II

More ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) as promised!! I rescanned Ruth Ann's ATC as it was pointing in the wrong direction. Donna made the COOL *grungy* one and mine is the turkey card because I am Tami the Turkey!! Gobble Gobble. And, last but not least is Erin's. She made the Coexist one to honor their family dog Morgan. He recently went to doggie heaven. Speaking of dogs, I know two people that recently lost their dog Trish and Bob the owners of Smudges and my nephew Gino. In both cases, their dogs Jack and Otis respectively dashed out in front of cars and sadly both were killed. My heart is heavy for all three of these families. So so sad. One driver stopped (NH) and the other one here in MN did not.

I will post Erin's ATC card next and I will try and find a photo of my nephew's dog Otis. All so very sad. I never did get a chance to met Otis. I hope all the doggies are resting peacefully in doggie heaven. My immediate family in NH have lost three dogs this year. Thanks for swinging by today. Tami

Giving thanks to my friends!!

Good day friends and happy Friday. Today I thought I'd post the ATCs from our November meeting held at Smudges on Wednesday night. Cindy made the clever cornucopia one on top and the birthday girl Carolyn made the adorable pilgrims ATC. I really enjoyed all of them and will post the others later today. I have spent way too much time on this post trying to upload three different photos on one post. Any tips for me?? Help!! I need to leave now and go run some errands. Please be sure to check out the Memory Box blog to see the card I posted this morning. Click on the icon on the right side of my blog Guest Blog with Tami and it should take you there. Thanks for stopping by. I'm still accepting signups for my Holiday Card Class at Lunds this coming Sunday, 1 pm. Be there or be square!! Later chicks. Tami

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!!

Hello readers. I am still alive and apologize for my absence. Seems I had a streak of bad luck last week. Must have been that darn Friday the 13th!! I had a very nice class on Friday at Lunds and we made this card or a version of it. Sorry it did not scan too well. I wish you could see it in person. I used my new Quickkuts embossing folder and Eskimo Kisses paper. I love both products. There are a lot of Memory Box pearls on the tree and I even hand sewed on some white metallic thread. So far I've made four of these and I just love making them despite the fact they take a lot of time. Anything putsy is right up my alley!! You know me its all in the details and sometimes I drive myself nuts. Now for the unpleasant news, my furnace and hot water heater both went out last week and a few other issues have cropped up. I now have heat but I am hopefully getting the hot water heater fixed tomorrow. Its always something I tell you. Tonight is our monthly ATC gathering at Smudges. Unfortunately our group has skrunk. No wonder I made my ATCs pretty fast for a change (I had less to make)!! Today is also my friend Caroline's birthday so I have to make her a card before I get my hair cut. I hope you are having a great week. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave me a little love. God knows I need some bad. Tami :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Jumping for joy

Looking for people to sign up for my stamping classes. Details are on the right side of my blog. Can you join me? Please let me know. If you sign up I'll be jumping for joy!! I haven't felt well these past two days. I have a terrible stomach ache. Have a great week. Tami

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Sherry Baby!!

Just call me Sandra Lee because this card is semi-homemade. I'd like to wish Sherry a very Happy _4th Birthday and many more to come!! Thanks for putting up with me and vice versa. Ha ha!! She always tells me I'm weird but despite that I still love the Button Lady I mean Junkie!! I hope you are having a great day girlfriend. This is the card I bought Sherry yesterday. I jazzed it up a tad bit with Stickles and a clear glaze pen. The inside says: "I think you are wonderful." NOT!! Just kidding!! :D' I stamped her envelope like crazy with a fun mix of birthday sentiments. The card is from Trader Joe's and yes I waited in line for a very long time to purchase it yesterday on their grand opening day. I say better semi-homemade or handmade than nothing!! I took Sherry to lunch at Chipotle's a week or so ago. Yumo!! Happy happy day my friend and save me a piece of pumpkin pie. Better yet send Ernie over with it!! Ha ha. Oh and heavy on the whipped cream. I'm in so much trouble but guess what? I don't really care!! Its my blog and I can have fun here right?? I must do some stamping tonight as I've been putting it off all day. Right now I'm just chilling and watching a little football. Actually I have more housework and laundry to get done!! Yuck!! Being a couch potato is certainly more fun but I must get my Saturday chores done and crossed off my HUGE *to do* list!! Happy Saturday peeps!! Thanks for stopping by today. Tonight I think I'll enjoy a nice glass of wine or two for a change. Should I have some cheese too? Wine Wine Whine!! Cheesey Cheesey Cheesey!! Tami :D'

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Friday Friends!!

That's right friends, just saying hello. I hope you had a great week. This morning I posted my weekly Memory Box card and then off to the library to return a book that was overdue one week. Ouch!! I have quite the library fines and I'm not proud about it. I decided to get a free bagel at Einstein's and then a cup of Caribou Coffee. I remembered today was Trader Joe's (Minnetonka) grand opening so I had to pop in and check things out. Not the smartest move!! Yikes I could hardly move in there with my shopping cart. I did get a free Trader Joe's shopping bag and they were giving out a few food samples. Then off to Michael's (Minnetonka) as I had a 40% off coupon!! I left with the coupon and some Martha Stewart Halloween goodies!! I just couldn't help myself because everything Halloween was on sale!! I was suppose to be at home making seven Novemeber birthday cards but that didn't happen. On the way home I had to swing into Home Depot and return all those mouse traps I bought on November 1. I had six different kinds!! Geez and I am happy to report NO more mice!! (knock on wood)!! It was so HOT out and I'm talking in the 60's (reached 64). When I got home from my first shopping trip I immediately changed, turned the heat off, and opened a window. Then I had to get four things ready to drop off at the PO and swing by the 'ole bank-a-roo and get some mooh-lah!! Next stop was Lunds to get a few groceries. After Lunds I felt *the need* to swing into Michael's (Plymouth) as I had a return and I wanted to see what they had for Martha Stewart punches. Oh my Lord!! Can you say wow wee?? They are just busting at the seams with Christmas merchandise. I saw my very favorite sweet girl Sarah(spelling?). She is just the best employee ever and so friendy!! She is so hard-working and just a little peach. I like to call her a little doll face. You know people like her are a rarity nowadays. I really do need to write a letter about SARA and mail it to the corporate office someday SOON because she is SO nice and is always smiling. Just like me!! Ha Ha!! I just love when she is working. OK can you tell by now I think she is the greatest employee ever?? The Plymouth Michael's is my very favorite one and less than five minutes from my house which is SO dangerous!! The staff is very friendly and they work hard to keep the store neat and clean as a whistle. I just love shopping there and yes I am a loyal customer!! So yes I went to Micheal's twice today!! I know very bad Tami. Last stop tonight was Walgreens. I am punishing myself tomorrow. I have to stay home all day and clean. Sorry to bore you with all my details but I haven't blogged much this week. Please be sure to check out my Memory Box card. I do love how it came out and I hope you will too. Have a great weekend. Oh I almost forgot about my card. I was sorting my cards earlier and I stumbled across this oldie but goodie!! The paper is from Around the Block. Anyone know about that company?? I think they may have folded but I'm not sure?? I'll be back tomorrow for sure as I have to get making those birthday cards after I clean up my deck and put away the Halloween stuff. Have a super weekend. Please note I have my first holiday class next Friday at Lunds and another holiday class the following Sunday. I hope you locals will join me!! Thanks for stopping by today. I watched Ugly Betty tonight and it was SO good. Tami :D'

A note from me on Saturday: I had to fix my typos and grammar boo boos so I apoligize if you received this blog post more than once. Another great day in MN!!