Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!!

Hello readers. I am still alive and apologize for my absence. Seems I had a streak of bad luck last week. Must have been that darn Friday the 13th!! I had a very nice class on Friday at Lunds and we made this card or a version of it. Sorry it did not scan too well. I wish you could see it in person. I used my new Quickkuts embossing folder and Eskimo Kisses paper. I love both products. There are a lot of Memory Box pearls on the tree and I even hand sewed on some white metallic thread. So far I've made four of these and I just love making them despite the fact they take a lot of time. Anything putsy is right up my alley!! You know me its all in the details and sometimes I drive myself nuts. Now for the unpleasant news, my furnace and hot water heater both went out last week and a few other issues have cropped up. I now have heat but I am hopefully getting the hot water heater fixed tomorrow. Its always something I tell you. Tonight is our monthly ATC gathering at Smudges. Unfortunately our group has skrunk. No wonder I made my ATCs pretty fast for a change (I had less to make)!! Today is also my friend Caroline's birthday so I have to make her a card before I get my hair cut. I hope you are having a great week. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave me a little love. God knows I need some bad. Tami :)


~amy~ said...

woot woot for heat...crossing my fingers that the water gets fixed poor dear!

Your card is super adorable..I didn't realize that the quickutz worked for any of the machines out I picked up a couple last month:)

Lindsay M. said...

Awwwww Tami!!! You poor thing!!!! I'm so so sorry that your water heater broke!! I am glad you have heat back though!!! Gotta keep your crafty fingers warm!!! hehe!

I hope things are looking better for you now!!! hugsss!!!!

That card is super adorable!!! I love it!!!! I love that tree and all the bling!! The colors of the paper is gorgeous!!!! Great job!!!!


Grandma Jan said...

Sending love, love, love for you and your blog. Sorry about all the bad luck lately. Hope things get better for you soon. I'm really sorry the ATC group is shrinking. Hang in there. I hope to be back in January if hubby gets a job (or not). Miss you. Love the card - I need an idea for my Christmas greetings this year.
Hugs - G Jan

Anonymous said...

So glad you got your heat back Tami. Now for some hot water. Hope the water heater gets fixed tomorrow. I can attest to that card being more spectacular in person. It's gorgeous and the stitching with the silvery thread is a lovely touch. Wonderful as always, Tami!

Mary said...

Wow! Tami, I can see your sewing on this card. I had no idea that you enjoyed doing sewings. It's a lot of work and good for you for making several of thse lovely cards. It is a very,very pretty card.

I was so osrry to hear that your furnace and hot water heater went out. Glad to hear that your furnace is back on and hope your hot water heater will be fixed by tomorrow. You have had a tough year my friend.

Have fun at the ATC group.


Lynette said...

Oh gosh, Tammi - I sure hope you're done with the bad luck for this year (and next year, too!) and move on to some good luck! Beautiful card! And I've seen your cards in person, so I know they look better than your pictures:)

Anonymous said...

So very sorry about the heat and water issues...i am glad that you have at least one of them back and have hot water now. your card is really beautiful; look at all of the intricate details; handsewing, gorgeous pearls and beautiful DP...great card, tami!!! take care friend; hugs; tinla