Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Friday Friends!!

That's right friends, just saying hello. I hope you had a great week. This morning I posted my weekly Memory Box card and then off to the library to return a book that was overdue one week. Ouch!! I have quite the library fines and I'm not proud about it. I decided to get a free bagel at Einstein's and then a cup of Caribou Coffee. I remembered today was Trader Joe's (Minnetonka) grand opening so I had to pop in and check things out. Not the smartest move!! Yikes I could hardly move in there with my shopping cart. I did get a free Trader Joe's shopping bag and they were giving out a few food samples. Then off to Michael's (Minnetonka) as I had a 40% off coupon!! I left with the coupon and some Martha Stewart Halloween goodies!! I just couldn't help myself because everything Halloween was on sale!! I was suppose to be at home making seven Novemeber birthday cards but that didn't happen. On the way home I had to swing into Home Depot and return all those mouse traps I bought on November 1. I had six different kinds!! Geez and I am happy to report NO more mice!! (knock on wood)!! It was so HOT out and I'm talking in the 60's (reached 64). When I got home from my first shopping trip I immediately changed, turned the heat off, and opened a window. Then I had to get four things ready to drop off at the PO and swing by the 'ole bank-a-roo and get some mooh-lah!! Next stop was Lunds to get a few groceries. After Lunds I felt *the need* to swing into Michael's (Plymouth) as I had a return and I wanted to see what they had for Martha Stewart punches. Oh my Lord!! Can you say wow wee?? They are just busting at the seams with Christmas merchandise. I saw my very favorite sweet girl Sarah(spelling?). She is just the best employee ever and so friendy!! She is so hard-working and just a little peach. I like to call her a little doll face. You know people like her are a rarity nowadays. I really do need to write a letter about SARA and mail it to the corporate office someday SOON because she is SO nice and is always smiling. Just like me!! Ha Ha!! I just love when she is working. OK can you tell by now I think she is the greatest employee ever?? The Plymouth Michael's is my very favorite one and less than five minutes from my house which is SO dangerous!! The staff is very friendly and they work hard to keep the store neat and clean as a whistle. I just love shopping there and yes I am a loyal customer!! So yes I went to Micheal's twice today!! I know very bad Tami. Last stop tonight was Walgreens. I am punishing myself tomorrow. I have to stay home all day and clean. Sorry to bore you with all my details but I haven't blogged much this week. Please be sure to check out my Memory Box card. I do love how it came out and I hope you will too. Have a great weekend. Oh I almost forgot about my card. I was sorting my cards earlier and I stumbled across this oldie but goodie!! The paper is from Around the Block. Anyone know about that company?? I think they may have folded but I'm not sure?? I'll be back tomorrow for sure as I have to get making those birthday cards after I clean up my deck and put away the Halloween stuff. Have a super weekend. Please note I have my first holiday class next Friday at Lunds and another holiday class the following Sunday. I hope you locals will join me!! Thanks for stopping by today. I watched Ugly Betty tonight and it was SO good. Tami :D'

A note from me on Saturday: I had to fix my typos and grammar boo boos so I apoligize if you received this blog post more than once. Another great day in MN!!


~amy~ said...

dang, I'm exhausted just reading all the stuff that you've done...really cute and happy card Tami!

Grandma Jan said...

What a busy Friday for you! My, were you on the run. Me - went to the doctor to make sure my cold was not in my lungs and doctor sent me home to rest up and get well before Monday. On the other hand, I enjoy the time at home and it's give me a great excuse to read another book.

Anonymous said...

What a busy day you had! What else did you get at M's??!!! Are you suppose to be good, heehee! I do have some Around The Block DP...I should really break into itbefore the cobwebs set in! Hugs; Tinla

Armie said...

Hello Tami,

Wow, you've been busy!! But gotta love MIKEs too! I think they know me and my kids there now..heehee!! Sooo many awesome goodies there for Xmas and let's not joke around about those MS punches..they're all cool!! Ooohh, do I want to be good and not visit? Naaahhh!! i'm going tomorrow since I'm off work anyways..hooray for Veteran's day..yiippeee!!

Love the card Tami! Not just this one..all of them!! TFS :o)