Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Sherry Baby!!

Just call me Sandra Lee because this card is semi-homemade. I'd like to wish Sherry a very Happy _4th Birthday and many more to come!! Thanks for putting up with me and vice versa. Ha ha!! She always tells me I'm weird but despite that I still love the Button Lady I mean Junkie!! I hope you are having a great day girlfriend. This is the card I bought Sherry yesterday. I jazzed it up a tad bit with Stickles and a clear glaze pen. The inside says: "I think you are wonderful." NOT!! Just kidding!! :D' I stamped her envelope like crazy with a fun mix of birthday sentiments. The card is from Trader Joe's and yes I waited in line for a very long time to purchase it yesterday on their grand opening day. I say better semi-homemade or handmade than nothing!! I took Sherry to lunch at Chipotle's a week or so ago. Yumo!! Happy happy day my friend and save me a piece of pumpkin pie. Better yet send Ernie over with it!! Ha ha. Oh and heavy on the whipped cream. I'm in so much trouble but guess what? I don't really care!! Its my blog and I can have fun here right?? I must do some stamping tonight as I've been putting it off all day. Right now I'm just chilling and watching a little football. Actually I have more housework and laundry to get done!! Yuck!! Being a couch potato is certainly more fun but I must get my Saturday chores done and crossed off my HUGE *to do* list!! Happy Saturday peeps!! Thanks for stopping by today. Tonight I think I'll enjoy a nice glass of wine or two for a change. Should I have some cheese too? Wine Wine Whine!! Cheesey Cheesey Cheesey!! Tami :D'


Grandma Jan said...

Cute card. Great idea to add to a card. What a great day. Cleaned the house and got groceries and now I'm relaxing at home. I still need more rest to get over my cold but I'm working on it.
Check out the photo of Capone enjoying the weather out on our patio.
Have a great weekend.

~amy~ said...

Oh Tami, you crack me up!!!! Love how you've added the "Tami Touch" to the card....

Sherry said...

Tami, You are WEIRD, definitely WEIRD. Maybe that is why I love you so much.
I sent Ernie the link to your blog post. :P

Mary said...

Hi Tami,

Great card! I'm sure that your friend Sherry loved it. I enjoyed reading your post today. You do have quite the sense of humor and I love that about you.

I hope that you had a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

You added just the right amount of "something' that the card needed:) I am sure your friend will love it...glad you had a good lunch out together:) Hope you were able to get lots crossed off of your 'to do" list! Take care; Tinla