Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Another fridgid day in MN. I've been stamping and watching Good Morning America. I will miss Diane Sawyer but am so happy she will be on the evening news. I am also a fan of Charlie Gibson and will miss him dearly. I am a huge Chris Commo fan too and will miss him. All of these people are just the best including Robin Roberts and Sam Champion. Not much new just that I'm busy as an elf preparing for the holidays. SO much to do and so little time. I hope you had a great week. Tonight is my last class for 2009 and I can't wait to be with friends at Caribou Coffee. We got 6.4" of white stuff on Tuesday and into Wednesday. It is just freezing out and my house is so drafty. Brrrrr!! Take care now and if its cold where you are stay toasty. I did enjoy Julie and Julia and I recently watched Four Christmases. Both movies were good in my opinion. Ta Ta and Happy Friday. Tami :D

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby its cold outside

Good evening!! We are having our first real winter storm right this very moment and its like 17 degrees at 10 pm. I went out in this mess around 4:30 today as I had to run a few errands including renting Julia and Julie. I can't wait to watch it and what's even sweeter is I received a free rental at Cub for Redbox because I purchased a box of Alieve. Sweet!! I may not be able to return it tomorrow if I'm snowed in!! Onto the card. I have been saving this very sweet card I got from my friend Sherry and its a good thing because today I needed a birthday card for my little sister. It didn't scan too well but trust me it is precious. Today I wrote out my first Christmas card that I purchased for my parents. Yes you did read that right. I know, I know but I just couldn't help myself!! They were at Michaels and only one dollar. You just can't beat that!! Today I had to take a day off from stamping and making class kits as the whole process was making me crazy and my eyes were hurting along with a bad headache. I also needed to stay the heck out of Archiver's after going to three different stores to stamp, process orders, and make up kits in just one week. I did pop into Caribou Coffee tonight to just stop for a moment and gather my thougths as I've been so swamped lately which is always a good thing. Hope you are having a good week and staying warm my friends. My Friday Holiday Card Class is on at Caribou Coffee from 6-10 pm. I can't wait to see everyone. I will try and post another card this week as time permits. I haven't been able to respond to all my emails so I'm sorry. 'Tis the season you know. Later!! Its movie time. Tami

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Holidays friends

Good Saturday morning to you!! I'm teaching today and wanted to share another card with you. Can you believe it?? I hate to sound conceited but I love how this baby came out!! I swear I do my best work under pressure sometimes. I realized I needed to design one more card after looking over my class kits and this is what I came up with. You likey?? I really dig this collection Mistletoe by Making Memories. The products are from Archiver's and Micheals. How sad I already want more products from the line but NO Tami use up what you have!! I love working with all the goodies that come in the kit. I think its a great value even at full price. Again it was that darn Button Lady Sherry that first told me about the Mistletoe collection. I think I spied the bird paper on one of her fabbo cards and I wanted it. The ribbon is *so so* but it worked on the card (I am a ribbon snob). I hope you have a great day. Its only 15 degrees now brrrrrrrr.....chilley willie for sure!! The high will be 28. Mr. Winter has finally arrived in MN. Its going to be a great day for me. First Micheals, then Caribou Coffee inside Lunds (Its their Holiday Open House), and then my class at noontime. At 4 pm my BFF is picking me up ane we are heading downtown to Macy's for a little shopping and to check out the Macy's Holiday exhibition on the 8th floor. Then we are going to brave the cold and attend the Holidazzle (parade). After all that excitement is over we will have dinner downtown. I can hardly wait for all the festivities so I better go get ready for my big day!! I need to purchase a few inexpensive items for Toys for Tots and drop them off at Kare 11. I love doing this every December and every little bit helps. How about you? Well stay warm and toasty friends and thanks for stopping by. I may be back tomorrow evening with an update and will post another card. Tami

Friday, December 4, 2009

Don't faint...its a double header day!!

Here's another card I'm teaching tomorrow at Lunds. The scan does not do it justice but I like it because I think Basic Grey papers totally rock!! I love love love Eskimo Kisses paper and the Button Lady Sherry has me wanting to buy matching buttons (expensive little buggers) at Archiver's (she's a naughty bad girl). Going to call it a day for now and take it easy tonight. I been working very long hours on several projects and making kits for two classses and its freezing here ---a mere 19 degrees now. I can't wait for Ugly Betty to come on the tube. Have a great weekend. I will blog again on Sunday so stay turned. Thanks for swinging by. Oh last night I sorted through my stamps (just a few trays and containers) and its time again to thin out my Amuse and Savvy collections. Its always a hard task for me but I have way too many stamps!! We won't even talk about all the other craft items. Its just sick really sick. I really want and need the newest cupcake craft stamp set from Taylor's online store. It is just the sweetest thing ever. Please Santa bring me it as I've been good this year. Have a peaceful evening and relaxing weekend. Later gators. Tami :D'

Seasons Greetings

Hello friends-
We finally have some snow and its only 16 degrees. Brrrr!! No wonder I froze my you know what off while brushing off my car early this am and taking out the trash. I hope your week has been good and you have a fun weekend planned. I sure do and can hardly wait. I am teaching tomorrow at Lunds (Plymouth). It also happens to be Lunds Holiday Open House. The festivities begin at 11at the store. I will have the Community Room starting at 11:30 am so my class will begin around noonish. Looking for more signups please!! You still have time to sign up up for this wonderful holiday class (five cards with envelopes) or you may order the class to go and I will get the kits to you or mail them. Here's a card I made at Archiver's on Tuesday with *Grunge Woman Donna's* new goodies. I grunged it up and sanded it. I love how it came out and we are making this card tomorrow at Lunds. I absolutely love the beautiful background paper by the one and only Christine Adolph. There are matching rub ons and they are wonderful. Christine is an amazing artist and works for Creative Imaginations. I have always loved her beautiful products and Christine is an amazing and beautiful artist. You should check out her website. I plan to later on today!! Well that's all for now peeps. I promise to post another sneak peak class card this afternoon for tomorrow's class...think Basic Grey and their fabulous Eskimo Kisses paper. We are making Memory Box cards and more goodies. Its going to be a great class so please consider coming. Thanks for stopping by today. Stay warm if its chilly where you are!! Tami

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy December, the classes are on!!

Hola!! Calling all local stampers. My last two classes for 2009 are on schedule. Please read the class info on the right side of my blog and email me if you are coming weather permitting of course. Still not a speck of snow. The cards in both classes will be five new designs. I sure hope you can join me for a stamping good time. I had a great day on Tuesday with my grungy and slicey girl Donna. She rocks!! I got my grunge on and man it felt good!! :)' Move over Tim cause Tami is here now!! Ha ha. I even took a class at Archiver's in the evening and yes I *had to* buy myself a few more treats. I know I'm bad but 'tis the season right??!! It was a great day, great company, great store, great employees, great lunch, great shopping, great holiday music, and great treats!! Did you see the full moon on Tuesday evening?? Totally bright and awesome but it was quite chilly outside. I also met some new scappers and stampers on Tuesday and had lots of fun and laughs with Donna. Muchos gracias Donna!! Thanks for stopping by and I plan to post a *sneaky peak* of one of my class cards later on if you are good. Stay tuned. I'd like to wish a very Happy Birthday to my beautiful, fabulous,loving and smarty pants sister Samantha. I can't wait to see her in Beantown later on this month!! Woo hoo par-tay!! She is the most amazing sister ever and I love and miss her dearly.

A BIG thanks to all the great chickadees that sent me a Thanksgiving card. What a pleasant surprise. I got so dang excited!! Kindness goes a long way so many thanks friends. Happy Hump Day. Its time for our winter jackets for sure. Brrrrrr!! Tami

Lastly, I'm selling more stamps at bargain prices. Drop me an email if you are interested in seeing what I have. Addios amigas!! Have a super duper day.

Monday, November 30, 2009


While on Erin's blog tonight I realized I forgot to post her adorable ATC from our November meeting held at Smudges so here it is. Better late than never (sorry Erin). Happy Cyber Monday everyone. Recently I ordered myself a couple Origins products in a weak moment no less so I won't be doing any online shopping today. Hopefully anyway!! How about you? Every December while several people are out and about and in the holiday shopping frenzy and mode, I tend to shop for myself. It happens every year for some strange reason not that I don't shop throughout the year for me!! I usually buy myself a few treats which is not the smartest move right now but oh well that's how the ball bounces some days. Have a terrific Monday and I'll be back soon. I can't believe it will be December in just a couple of days. Tami

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goodbye November and NO snow

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Day and a relaxing weekend. I received some unexpected phone calls from my MA friends on Thanksgiving and that totally made my day along with the wonderful turkey dinner I enjoyed at a friend's house. Yumo. I am happy to report I did not go shopping on Black Friday. I know miracles do happen!! I decided against braving the cold and fighting the early morning crowds however I did go to Michael's and Archiver's on Saturday afternoon and picked up a few items.

I wanted to remind people I am having a Christmas Card Class on Saturday, Dec. 5 at Lunds shortly after noontime. I have just two classes left this year so now's your chance to make five nice holiday cards. My last Christmas Class will be at Caribou (Little Canada) on Friday, Dec. 11 around 6 pm. Please email me with any questions. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the photo of Mr. Thomas Turkey!! Have a fantastic week friends. Tami

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

Wishing everyone a very blessed Thanksgiving. I am thankful for many things but especially my family and friends. I wanted to share some funny turkey images I found on the web. Woke up around 4:30 today and it is freezing out. Brrrr!! We still don't have any snow. Not a single flake this month which is unheard of in this state. Did you know MN is the largest turkey producing state? I did not. I keep wanting to go out for coffee and pick up the newspaper but its so toasty on the sofa watching the tube and surfing for Black Friday sales. I am curled up under a nice warm blanket and waiting for the Macy's parade to come on. I usually watch it every year. I hope you have a nice and relaxing day. Its time to gobble gobble!! What is your favorite Thanksgiving food item? I would have to say mine is stuffing with some good gravy and pumpkin pie with real whipped cream. So who's going shopping tomorrow? I think I may go but I really shouldn't. I've already done enough damage this week!! I can't even believe Michael's is open today on Thanksgiving no less but not until later in the day. I think its 5-9 pm?? I may have to pop in just for the heck of it and say hello to the girls. Why not?? We shall see. Thanks for stopping by and don't eat too much turkey. Tami

Monday, November 23, 2009

Another class card

I can't believe I'm posting again. Three times in one day. I am so bummed because I broke one of my favorite Pampered Chef pans (square stoneware baker) tonight. I use my oven for storage and I had just put the pan on the kitchen floor while I was baking an acorn squash. An empty napkin holder fell off the top of the fridge and broke the pan in half. I have a very tiny kitchen so space and storage is always an issue. The pan was a special glazed one and rather expensive. I had just put the napkin holder up on top of the fridge today to get it out of my way. What's a girl to do? Pick up the pieces and move on!! Its the story of my life. I hope you had a pleasant Monday. Breaking one of my favorite pans pretty much stripped my desire to bake something for Thanksgiving. I guess its time for bed. Nightie night. Thanks for the blog read!! Sorry if this post was boring but I tell you its always something. Tami

Another card and another card class

Here's a square card I souped up and mailed off to a friend in a pinch this month. I liked the concept of it and I learned how to make it at Mall of America during Scrapfest that was held in Sept. Its time to leave for my Monday errands. Have a great day. Its raining now and I just booked some more December Holiday Classes so stay tuned for more details if you are interested in joining me. I can hardly wait to see some of my old friends!! Its been way too long!! I just can't wait to watch Dancing with the Stars (go Kelly and Louie) tonight!!

Be sure to check out my newly added class on Saturday, Dec. 5th at Lunds (Plymouth). I will be having another Christmas Card class either Friday, Dec. 11 (evening) -or- Saturday, Dec. 12 (morning) at Caribou Coffee (Little Canada). Email me if you'd like to come and have a stamping good time. We always have a blast!! Tami :)'

Another class down and another card!!

Hello and happy Monday. Its 1 am and I just woke up from the sofa. I thought I'd check my weekend emails prior to bed and Jan so graciously photographed one of my cards so I thought I'd do a quick blog. I had a wonderful class on Sunday at Lunds and such a nice bunch of ladies. Thanks girlfriends. You totally rock!! My final classes of 2009 (hopefully before the holidays) will be at Caribou and Smudges. I will let you know the dates once I know!! LOL!! I still have to post Erin's adorable ATC from last week just as soon as I finish a class order today and return home from my Monday errands. Have a great day friends and I promise to blog more this week. I have lots of new cards to share with you and I may even do a little holiday decorating if I'm not out shopping this week. I picked up the Sunday paper and can you say WOW. Oh was plump full of ads. Wouldn't you know I got the paper with two Michael's ads in it!! Yikes!!

PS. I was really naughty Saturday afternoon and went to seven different places including Bachman's Holiday open house, Starbucks, a little lunch, and to the bank. I *had to* go to Archiver's in hopes of purchasing another Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses mini paper book. Bad move!! They were having a BIG sale and it was SO mobbed. I never did find what I went for but did find some other items I just had to have. I even put back a few items at the register!! Then onto Michael's and you could not move in there either. They too did not have what I went for. I only bought a box of mini glue dots there and some stickers then to Byerly's for a few groceries. Maple Grove is dangerous for me!! I did go to Target on Thursay morning early (but not early enough I guess) and was not able to score a Cities 97 cd for my collection as they ran out before I got to the table inside. Once again I was sad (no cd) so I left after picking up a few items and went for a much needed haircut. Gosh after writing all this how can I even think about going back out this week!! 'Tis the season to be jolly. I guess its the season I shop for Tami!! LOL!! Thanks for stopping by friends. Tami

Friday, November 20, 2009

ATCs Part II

More ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) as promised!! I rescanned Ruth Ann's ATC as it was pointing in the wrong direction. Donna made the COOL *grungy* one and mine is the turkey card because I am Tami the Turkey!! Gobble Gobble. And, last but not least is Erin's. She made the Coexist one to honor their family dog Morgan. He recently went to doggie heaven. Speaking of dogs, I know two people that recently lost their dog Trish and Bob the owners of Smudges and my nephew Gino. In both cases, their dogs Jack and Otis respectively dashed out in front of cars and sadly both were killed. My heart is heavy for all three of these families. So so sad. One driver stopped (NH) and the other one here in MN did not.

I will post Erin's ATC card next and I will try and find a photo of my nephew's dog Otis. All so very sad. I never did get a chance to met Otis. I hope all the doggies are resting peacefully in doggie heaven. My immediate family in NH have lost three dogs this year. Thanks for swinging by today. Tami

Giving thanks to my friends!!

Good day friends and happy Friday. Today I thought I'd post the ATCs from our November meeting held at Smudges on Wednesday night. Cindy made the clever cornucopia one on top and the birthday girl Carolyn made the adorable pilgrims ATC. I really enjoyed all of them and will post the others later today. I have spent way too much time on this post trying to upload three different photos on one post. Any tips for me?? Help!! I need to leave now and go run some errands. Please be sure to check out the Memory Box blog to see the card I posted this morning. Click on the icon on the right side of my blog Guest Blog with Tami and it should take you there. Thanks for stopping by. I'm still accepting signups for my Holiday Card Class at Lunds this coming Sunday, 1 pm. Be there or be square!! Later chicks. Tami

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!!

Hello readers. I am still alive and apologize for my absence. Seems I had a streak of bad luck last week. Must have been that darn Friday the 13th!! I had a very nice class on Friday at Lunds and we made this card or a version of it. Sorry it did not scan too well. I wish you could see it in person. I used my new Quickkuts embossing folder and Eskimo Kisses paper. I love both products. There are a lot of Memory Box pearls on the tree and I even hand sewed on some white metallic thread. So far I've made four of these and I just love making them despite the fact they take a lot of time. Anything putsy is right up my alley!! You know me its all in the details and sometimes I drive myself nuts. Now for the unpleasant news, my furnace and hot water heater both went out last week and a few other issues have cropped up. I now have heat but I am hopefully getting the hot water heater fixed tomorrow. Its always something I tell you. Tonight is our monthly ATC gathering at Smudges. Unfortunately our group has skrunk. No wonder I made my ATCs pretty fast for a change (I had less to make)!! Today is also my friend Caroline's birthday so I have to make her a card before I get my hair cut. I hope you are having a great week. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave me a little love. God knows I need some bad. Tami :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Jumping for joy

Looking for people to sign up for my stamping classes. Details are on the right side of my blog. Can you join me? Please let me know. If you sign up I'll be jumping for joy!! I haven't felt well these past two days. I have a terrible stomach ache. Have a great week. Tami

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Sherry Baby!!

Just call me Sandra Lee because this card is semi-homemade. I'd like to wish Sherry a very Happy _4th Birthday and many more to come!! Thanks for putting up with me and vice versa. Ha ha!! She always tells me I'm weird but despite that I still love the Button Lady I mean Junkie!! I hope you are having a great day girlfriend. This is the card I bought Sherry yesterday. I jazzed it up a tad bit with Stickles and a clear glaze pen. The inside says: "I think you are wonderful." NOT!! Just kidding!! :D' I stamped her envelope like crazy with a fun mix of birthday sentiments. The card is from Trader Joe's and yes I waited in line for a very long time to purchase it yesterday on their grand opening day. I say better semi-homemade or handmade than nothing!! I took Sherry to lunch at Chipotle's a week or so ago. Yumo!! Happy happy day my friend and save me a piece of pumpkin pie. Better yet send Ernie over with it!! Ha ha. Oh and heavy on the whipped cream. I'm in so much trouble but guess what? I don't really care!! Its my blog and I can have fun here right?? I must do some stamping tonight as I've been putting it off all day. Right now I'm just chilling and watching a little football. Actually I have more housework and laundry to get done!! Yuck!! Being a couch potato is certainly more fun but I must get my Saturday chores done and crossed off my HUGE *to do* list!! Happy Saturday peeps!! Thanks for stopping by today. Tonight I think I'll enjoy a nice glass of wine or two for a change. Should I have some cheese too? Wine Wine Whine!! Cheesey Cheesey Cheesey!! Tami :D'

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Friday Friends!!

That's right friends, just saying hello. I hope you had a great week. This morning I posted my weekly Memory Box card and then off to the library to return a book that was overdue one week. Ouch!! I have quite the library fines and I'm not proud about it. I decided to get a free bagel at Einstein's and then a cup of Caribou Coffee. I remembered today was Trader Joe's (Minnetonka) grand opening so I had to pop in and check things out. Not the smartest move!! Yikes I could hardly move in there with my shopping cart. I did get a free Trader Joe's shopping bag and they were giving out a few food samples. Then off to Michael's (Minnetonka) as I had a 40% off coupon!! I left with the coupon and some Martha Stewart Halloween goodies!! I just couldn't help myself because everything Halloween was on sale!! I was suppose to be at home making seven Novemeber birthday cards but that didn't happen. On the way home I had to swing into Home Depot and return all those mouse traps I bought on November 1. I had six different kinds!! Geez and I am happy to report NO more mice!! (knock on wood)!! It was so HOT out and I'm talking in the 60's (reached 64). When I got home from my first shopping trip I immediately changed, turned the heat off, and opened a window. Then I had to get four things ready to drop off at the PO and swing by the 'ole bank-a-roo and get some mooh-lah!! Next stop was Lunds to get a few groceries. After Lunds I felt *the need* to swing into Michael's (Plymouth) as I had a return and I wanted to see what they had for Martha Stewart punches. Oh my Lord!! Can you say wow wee?? They are just busting at the seams with Christmas merchandise. I saw my very favorite sweet girl Sarah(spelling?). She is just the best employee ever and so friendy!! She is so hard-working and just a little peach. I like to call her a little doll face. You know people like her are a rarity nowadays. I really do need to write a letter about SARA and mail it to the corporate office someday SOON because she is SO nice and is always smiling. Just like me!! Ha Ha!! I just love when she is working. OK can you tell by now I think she is the greatest employee ever?? The Plymouth Michael's is my very favorite one and less than five minutes from my house which is SO dangerous!! The staff is very friendly and they work hard to keep the store neat and clean as a whistle. I just love shopping there and yes I am a loyal customer!! So yes I went to Micheal's twice today!! I know very bad Tami. Last stop tonight was Walgreens. I am punishing myself tomorrow. I have to stay home all day and clean. Sorry to bore you with all my details but I haven't blogged much this week. Please be sure to check out my Memory Box card. I do love how it came out and I hope you will too. Have a great weekend. Oh I almost forgot about my card. I was sorting my cards earlier and I stumbled across this oldie but goodie!! The paper is from Around the Block. Anyone know about that company?? I think they may have folded but I'm not sure?? I'll be back tomorrow for sure as I have to get making those birthday cards after I clean up my deck and put away the Halloween stuff. Have a super weekend. Please note I have my first holiday class next Friday at Lunds and another holiday class the following Sunday. I hope you locals will join me!! Thanks for stopping by today. I watched Ugly Betty tonight and it was SO good. Tami :D'

A note from me on Saturday: I had to fix my typos and grammar boo boos so I apoligize if you received this blog post more than once. Another great day in MN!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Paper Popsicles Wacky Wednesday Hump Day Challenge

Top of the morning to you friends and Happy Halloween. It is so chilly in MN!! Brrrrr I had to crank up the heat when I woke up super early today. I've already done some housework and two loads of laundry. I have to get my Martha Stewart Halloween witch candy bags (I know I'm such a name dropper...NOT!!) ready to drop off to my favorite workers around town such as Sarah at Michaels, a sweet gothic girl at Starbucks, and a young *smiley* man at another Starbucks. I hope they are all working today. There are a few more people I really like so I hope to at least get to these three places today. I don't get hardly any trick-or-treaters in my townhome neighborhood so I'm going to crop at Archiver's tonight. Might as well be crafty and hopefully try not to spend any more $ there especially after my new glasses I got yesterday at Lens Crafters. I'm not too crazy about them but its better than what I had as far as the sight department goes. Not so HOT in the fashion department. LOL!! Right on in the price department!! Just need another haircut and dye job and I'll be good to go. OK too much information for one day but what can I say. I'm certainly NOT perfect like some other women!! And yes, *Sassy Tami* is back today!! :D'

Anyway let's get to the card details!! My friend Sherry emailed me a card challenge this week. She is for sure the Queen of card challenges as well as my sweet friend Amy. I decided to take Sherry up on it as I hardly ever do any challenges. I think I've done less than five in my life time!! As some of you may or may not know, I am a weekly guest designer for Memory Box every Friday on the owner Dave's blog (there are five Memory Box blogs). This week I designed the card and tried to stick to a visual of the Paper Popsicle Wacky Wednesdays Hump Day Challenge. So what do you think? I am quite pleased with the outcome and even happier to have my sister's birthday card made in October. Pat pat on the 'ole back!! My little sister also has a birthday in December on the 13th!! Please let me know what you think as I'm a newbie at card challenges. I hope I made Sherry proud!! Have a safe and spooktacular Halloween. Eat lots of candy!! Thanks for stopping by today as always. Your blogging friend...The Wicked Witch Tami... :D'

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am over the TOP according to my friend Amy!!

I got this blog thingy in a note from my girl Amy in the wee hours today. I must admit its the first one I actually took the time to do. I thought it would be fun one word answers. I was going to proofread it and possibly change a few things but NOPE...I must leave what came to mind when I answered. It was fun and painless.

The rules are this:

I need to pass this award onto 5 peeps, post on their blog to let them know I left this award, and then I need to answer a list of questions in ONE word.

Fun, Fun, Fun!! I hope you can participate as time permits!!

1. Where is your cell phone? purse
2. Your hair? dark
3. Your mother? Ellie
4. Your father? Dad
5. Your favorite food? Seafood
6. Your dream last night? none
7. Your favorite drink? coffee
8. Your dream/goal? wealth
9. What room are you in? living
10. Your hobby? stamping
11. Your fear? car
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Massachusetts
13. Where were you last night? home
14. Something you aren't? skinny
15. Muffins? pumpkin
16. Wish list item? car
17. Where did you grow up? Massachusetts
18. Last thing you did? gasoline
19. What are you wearing? clothes
20. Your TV? on
21. Your pets? zippo
22. Friends? love
23. Your life? dull
24. Your mood? happy
25. Missing someone? grandmother
26. vehicle? Pontiac
27. Something your not wearing? make-up
28. Your favorite store? Target
29. Your favorite color? blue
30. When was the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? yesterday (watching TV)
32. Your best friend? Wendy
33. One place that I go to over and over? Michael's
34. Facebook? yes
35. Favorite place to eat? Chipotle

Thanks Amy totally rock!! I love your art, you my friend, and your blog rocks!!

I nominate:

1. Nancy
2. Tracy
3. Mary
4. Erin
5. Donna

These women are listed on my blog under blogs worth a visit. Please no hard feelings. I just typed what came to mind. I have lots of friends and I like lots of blogs and lots of my good friends don't have blogs.

Please try to participate. If not, no problemo. I say play if you dare!! Ha Ha!! Thanks.

My second post today....WOW WEE!!

Here's the card I gave Sherry yesterday at Caribou Coffee. She gave me some dew drops so I had to prove to her I used some!! I just auto enhanced the card before I posted it which makes it brighter. You likey?? I have to get ready now for another great day out on the town!! I feel like going to Target(I have a Halloween gift card to spend and I can't stand it). I also want to pop into the Wayzata library today for a little quiet time. Its also $3 Punch Pizza day for you locals but you have to be signed up with Punch Pizza to get their email. Then a person has to go to their website and then print a coupon. Its their Halloween special for RIP pizzas good today only 10/29!! I have to hurry back home and make my weekly Memory Box card for tomorrow before I speak to my good friend in CO tonight. They got slammed with up to three feet of snow yesterday. I will get the scoop-a-poop tonight!! Can you say wow wee that's a lot of white stuff and shoveling?! Or some good skiing or snowboarding. I *plan* to be back tonight with another card MAYBE??? Have a super duper day my friends...Tami!! :D'

PS. Again, I'm just a jumping for JOY knowing there's one less mouse in my house. Woo hoo. I'm watching the Early Show on CBS today for a little diversion and honest to Pete they are reviewing hand sanitizer. It now comes in fancy plastic bottles. Some people are such suckers!! Designer lotion, what will they think of next?? As long as it has 60% alcohol in it a person is all set. dead mouse!!

So I guess its true, you get what you pay for and persistance does pay off!! Woo hoo for the new Ortho expensive mouse trap!! The Cadilac of mouse traps was totally worth it to me. SCORE!! I woke up around 4ish today and I knew I had one. I could just feel it. I came downstairs and proceeded to the two newest traps. The red indicator was in a different position on both traps so I knew he had finally bit the bait baby!!! I got a big wad of paper towel and picked up the trap. I was so happy but also nervous and still grossed out. When I peaked in all I could see was part of the tail and his little foot. Poor rodent. I hope you enjoyed your last meal of a giant blob of peanut butter!! Can you believe I was scared sh--less to pick up the trap even though the mouse was self contained. He went by by outside and into my trash can. I pray there are NO more but I still have three traps set in my living room. You know I saw him last nite and I screamed bloody murder. Yes I murdered him and I couldn't be happier!! I say hurray for Ortho and you totally deserved my hard earned dollars!! Big shout out to Home Depot too even though I dropped a lot of money there on Sunday when I went to buy a trap or two. I still have three or four other backups.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Howdy chickadees!! Here's another Halloweenie card I mailed to my nephew today. Sure hope he gets it before Halloween. I am very pleased with the final card. The background paper is from Basic Gray. The stamps (tree and spider) are from Memory Box, and the sentiment (Rubber Moon) is my good friend Wendy's stamp. I've had it for a couple of years!! HA HA!! Someday I may give it back if I move or something?? Hee hee. She's such a good egg.

There's still a mouse in my house gosh darn it. I swear I hear it scratching or whatever when I'm sitting on the sofa. It totally creeps me out. No bites or even a nibble yet and I'm getting mad. I appreciate all your emails on mouse talk and tips. Who knew?? I am not the only person with mice so that makes me feel a little better. I still always wear socks as I don't want Mr. Mouse nibbling on my feet. Yuck!! Tonight I plan to set actual traps rather than cute little round Dcon black houses with peanut butter. I will bait the traps with a Gorgonzola cracker (Trader Joe's) and some peanut butter. I refuse to give up. I'm going to kill you Mr. Mousey one of these days.

Today I had a great day with my partner of crime Sherry. She was my chauffeur (thanks girlfriend). We had Caribou coffee, shopped at a few stores, and went to lunch at Chipotle's. I am just chilling now and watching the tube as I got up for the day this morning at 1. Its so cold out now and I don't feel like doing anything tonight. I'm suppose to be reading an entire book before the end of tomorrow and I still have to make my Friday card for Memory Box. Have a pleasant evening/day whatever. Thanks for your visit and stop back tomorrow. I think I'll have another card to share. Tami...EEEEK!! Wish me luck with mousey.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mouse Update

I am SO bummed....No fricken dead mice. I'm going to Plan B tonight. A new manufacturer. Deacon was a loser. Tonight it will be Ortho. I want it DEAD and fast!! I'm so grossed out by it!!

Today I'm posting a Memory Box card I made for a friend last week. This is a real quickie blog before I go to Chrystal to return Irene's chocolate cake which has been in my car since the Halloween party on Sat. I know its hard to believe I didn't go out to my car and get the cake to have a piece. I actually forgot about it until she called me again today. So many people left stuff behind at the party especially Jan. Unbelievable!! Who's jar of pickles do I have? It is NOT Cheryl's so now I'm a pickle thief!! Too funny. Anyway I have a COPIC Techniques class tomorrow night at Anchor Paper Plymouth. Anyone local want to join me for a coloring good time?? It starts at 5:30 and goes till 7:45 as the store closes at 8 pm. We are working on four cards. Tonight's my favorite show Dancing with the Stars. I can hardly wait!! Thanks for stopping by and today I'd like to say HELLO to Lindsay....NO not Cosmo Cricket Lindsay or another one in MN, I'm talking about WICKED Lindsay in MA!! Actually aren't all Lindsays wicked? Ha Ha!! I think so!! MA Girlfriend, I hope you put my Halloween card in the mail as yours is going postal tomorrow. Have a super duper evening. Mousey you are dead meat when that trap gets a hold of you!! Ta Ta and stop back tomorrow. Tami :D'

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Misc. tidbits!!


Tonight I'm posting Cheryl's birthday card!! She's so sweet and I bought her a giant Halloween/Birthday cupcake. I also gave her last year's birthday card as a little joke. Better late than never. She's a real peach. Happy Birthday Cheryl. You totally rock girlfriend!!

First up....Mouse update:
Went to Home Depot late this afternoon. Did you know there's like 10-15 choices in the mouse trap section? I spent $55 at the *man's store*. Can you say OUCH?? I did get a fancy furnace filter, dusting clothes, Oust candle, kitchen wastebasket, windshield wiper fluid, and a variety of mouse traps. Yikes it adds up quickly but I seriously went for a mouse trap or two. I've been reading the directions on each package and I can't believe Ortho even has a mice/rat Help Line. WOW!! Wish me luck tonight on "there's a mouse in the house". I am still so grossed out and so creeped out when I'm upstairs or in my nice comfy king-size bed. I first picked up the standard mouse traps 4/$1.99. Then I asked for help and went to the specific isle (man that store is SO HUGE and SO OVERWHELMING). I also picked up the new Ortho one that's been advertised on national TV a lot lately. That one cost $7.99 (2-pack) and I would say its the Cadilac of mouse traps but cost over $4.00 per mouse with sales tax!! We consumers have to help Ortho pay for advertising dollars. One small problem occurred to me when I pulled in my driveway...I don't have any cheese for my traps but peanut butter will work. So many options. I hope it (and please NOT they) bites tonight and dies. LOL!!

Now for the Halloweeen party!! I got there at 5 pm to set up. It was lots of fun and I SO enjoyed seeing everyone. The potluck supper was delicious and what a spread we had. I got home a little before 3:00 am on Sunday!! It took me SO long to pick up everything and clean (move tables, wipe things off, and vacumn). My dancing friend Gwenie helped me but she wouldn't dance for me. Carpet doesn't work. Darn I should have suggested she get on the tables!! I'd like to personally thank all my guests for helping out with the food and for coming to the party. The white elephant game was fun and so was the card swap. Teaching is fun but its certainly hard work. It was so hard for me to stay awake for the 26 mile drive home. It was pouring out and I was totally wiped out. Anyhoooo...I loved it. Today I hung Mr. Bones up on my front door. I splurged for a few Martha Stewart items this year!!

Anyway its time for bed. Have a great week. Tami

Saturday, October 24, 2009

BOO to you!!

Hi friends!! Today is the big day. I just finished with everything. WOW...lots of prep. I just have to shower, wrap up a few more door prizes and pack up the car. I want to pop into Micheals and use my coupons yes even before the party. The card I posted today is one from a recent class and its going to my parents. They are so good to me and I miss them dearly. I hope you are having a great weekend and that you will leave me some blog love so when I get home late tonight I can read your comment. Please remember to go visit the Memory Box blog to see my Friday guest blog. I made a poinsettia card and I really like how it came out. Take care now and have fun. Beer me tonight at the Halloween party!!! Wicked Witch Tami :D'

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello friends!! I'm still alive but I've got a bone to pick with you....

Wednesday evening was our monthly ATC (Artist Trading Card) gathering at Smudges (thanks Trish and Leslie). Here's a pic of my ATC. The one on the left is my actual ATC because I used two tiny ribbon scraps on the corners. I also love to staple!! I'd love to get my paws on the Tim Holtz baby stapler (tiny staples). On my ATC I forced myself to use the small white/black polka dot ribbon as I had saved the short scraps in hopes of finding more of the ribbon. That never happened. Oh well its not like I don't have enough ribbon to open a small store. We had a blast at Smudges as usual and the ATCs were totally awesome. I will try and post more after my Halloween party is over. Erin lead the project at our ATC meeting and we made a spooktacular PEEPS pumpkin box holder. I hope to mail mine to my neice and nephew in NH on Monday. They all came out so cute but its too big for me to scan for the 'ole blog.

Gosh AOL pi--es me off!! It constantly crashes and I lose my Internet connection continuously. I just lost my entire post gosh darn it.

Anyway I best get to bed now as its super late and I need my beauty rest. I've been keeping busy prepping for my Halloween bash on Sat. night and I finished my weekly Memory Box Friday card on Wed. Yay me!! I'm still accepting signups for Sat. nite so let me know if you'd like to join us. It going to be a stamping good time!! I hope you had a great day and a pleasant tomorrow. Tami...later gators. Oh I've been watching a lot of football lately and of course my favorite show Dancing with the Stars. I'll be back hopefully soon. Happy Birthday Ruth Ann if you are reading this and Chris you better email me. Its been way too long dude. I never talk like that!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Not much new except a reminder to hop on over to the Memory Box blog to check out my Friday card. I'm still alive however I don't have anything to post right now as I'm at the library having a little quiet time and blurfing a bit. Its a tad bit chilly out and NO sunshine again today. I will try and post a card tonight after I watch Ugly Betty. I've been working on my class samples for the big Halloween stamping bash next Sat. in Moundsview!! Anyone else want to join us? It will be a stamping good time!! Have a great day. TGIF...Tami

PS. Has anyone noticed the numerous emails Archiver's has been emailing out lately? I'm dying to go check out things but part of me says NO Tami don't go!! I think I even noticed a 40% off coupon. Desperate times call for desperate measures is what I like to say!! Me I'm still recovering from Scrapfest back in Sept. Today their coupon was a free inkpad with a stamp purchase but not from the $1.99 Hotspot. LOL!! Like I already don't have about 500 plus inkpads. Sad but probably true!! OK call me Sassy Friday Tami!! I guess its better than being crabby and irritated Tami (me last nite). TTYL peeps and lurkers too. Have a good one and don't let your meat loaf. Gosh its been a long time since I've said that one. Ta ta friends.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another chilly day in Minnesota!!

I am sitting on the sofa freezing my you know what off. Its chilly willy me silly and I don't feel like doing a darn thing today. I need to turn the furnace on. I know lots of local peeps are probably at the Minnesota State Fairgounds today buying more rubber (stamps) but I'm staying put. Had a good time at Archiver's crop last nite with Sherry. Got to go now. Have a great day.

Oh this is the Memory Box card I sent my new Alaskan friend Armie this week. Glad you liked it girlfriend and the goodies you won. I'll be back later today as I have to update my October classes again. I need to get stamping but I don't feel like it. What are you doing today? If you are local please leave me a comment or shoot me an email and tell me how the Rubber Stamp Expo was pretty please. I will stay home this weekend!! I will stay home this weekend!! Can I do it??? Later gators and we did get our first dusting of snow this morning. Its already melted but I do need some heat in my house. Brrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! Tami :D'

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Thursday...Fall...brrrr!! (only 40 something degrees)

Hello friends!! I got up at 4 today. Yesterday I had a bad day and was so irrated and crabby. I'm not usually like that. Nothing seemed to go right so I went to bed early. Anyhow today is a new day and I'm feeling much better. I am off to go teach a Graphic 45 class at Anchor Paper. First stop will be Caribou or Starbucks!! I hope you have a great day. I needed a card yesterday so here's the one I mailed off to a very special friend. I know I already posted a card very similar to this one but I put a new twist on it!! I love the tree stamp and papers by Memory Box. Lots of possibilities with it!! See you soon. I meant to say I'll be back later either tonight or tomorrow. Be good and stay warm. Ta ta....Tami :D

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Winner winner chicken dinner!!

Hello card makers (for my sister Samantha), Ellie (Sherry), and the sweet gal from Singapore that sent me a card too. I just had to coin Amy T.'s (WA) phrase as I love it...Winner winner chicken dinner. Samantha had Mother Ellie draw for the Memory Box winner and Mom drew Armie. Congrats Armie!! Woo hoo!! I know we all like to win however there was only one winner this time. In my eyes you are all winners as you gave the gift of kindness and friendship. I really appreciate each one of you doing it. They told me the cards were all very nice and it meant the world to them. Thanks SO much friends. You know who you are. Tami :D I will try to have another prize drawing soon. xooxxo Ta ta.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Lots of things to tell you about today. I hope you had a great weekend. I taught a class at Anchor Paper on Saturday and other than that I had a very nice and relaxing weekend. Today I posted a card I made last week with Copics, my favorite Memory Box tree stamp, and the new Basic Grey Eerie Halloween paper. I can't get enough of this stamp!! Speaking of Halloween, for those of you that asked about my annual Halloween Party in The Garden Room (Moundsview) the party is Saturday, October 24th at 6 pm so come if you dare for some wicked good stamping times. We always have a blast so I hope to see lot of you locals. You may sign up via email. Food, friendship, fun, games, prizes and stamping.

I spoke to *Ellie* (Mommy dearest) this morning and she'll be drawing a winner this evening for the Memory Box prize after Sami gets home from work. One person will be receiving a nice prize soon for those of you that sent cards to Sami and a Ellie in NH. I can not thank you enough for your kindness. It really meant so much to me. I will mail out the prize tomorrow. Good luck to you all. My dad is golfing today. Nothing will stop him!!

Tonight the Minnesota Vikings are playing the Packers at the Metrodome. Woo hoo!! Tomorrow the Minnesota Twins are playing AGAIN at the dome game #163 no less. Talk about excitement!! Its been all the buzz this past weekend. However tonight those football players are cutting into my favorite program Dancing with the Stars. How dare they!! The nerve of them. I have to catch the dancing wicked late. Oh there I go sorry my old MA vocabulary just slipped out!! Wicked good tv!! Hee hee.

Next up, I have two classes this week (Anchor Paper Plymouth). They are both Graphic 45 Vintage Cards (make five cards). I am looking for more signups. Anyone out there want to come??? Pretty please with sugar on top!! :D

Ok...I better go now. I have lots of work to get done today. For all the women that participated in Nancy's ATC swap thank you very much. I received my swaps back last week and they were awesome. Woo hoo for Memory Box and Poppy Stamps.

Have a great week my friends. Thanks for popping by the 'ole bloggie today. I can't wait to get my sister's email tonight stating the card winner. Tami Peace!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

blog candy alert!!

Check out Steph's blog and her awesome blog candy for reaching 10,000 hits.

Happy Fall!!

Good day everyone. It certainly is chilley today. I haven't turned on the furnace yet. Here is a card I will be teaching tonight at Anchor Paper. I plan to arrive at 5 pm so come early if you want to get started. I am still accepting signups. Just send me an email and then come to the Plymouth store. This class will be repeated two more times this week. See post below for dates and times. I am quite pleased with the class samples and I have all the kits ready. Woo hoo. Have a great day.

PS...Remember tomorrow is the last day to mail my sister a card in NH if you want a chance to win a really nice Memory Box prize package. Your card must be postmarked by Sept. 30 and you need to let me know you made a card (send me an email). I planned to have her draw a winner this Sunday and I would mail out the package on Monday. Thanks for stopping by. Tami

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Copic Techniques
Learn some fun techniques you can do with Copic markers and see how to enhance your cards with Spica glitter pens in this new techniques class. Take home a class kit with instructions to finish off your projects. Copic brochures and color chart available. Bring your favorite Copic markers and basic stamping kit. Copic Certified.
Anchor Paper University
Tuesday, Oct. 20
5:30-7:45 pm

Copic Techniques
Learn some fun techniques you can do with Copic markers and see how to enhance your cards with Spica glitter pens in this new techniques class. Take home a class kit with instructions to finish off your projects. Copic brochures and color chart available. Bring your favorite Copic markers and basic stamping kit. Copic Certified.
Thursday, Oct. 22
9:30-11:45 am

Copic Techniques
Learn some fun techniques you can do with Copic markers and see how to enhance your cards with Spica glitter pens in this new techniques class. Take home a class kit with instructions to finish off your projects. Copic brochures and color chart available. Bring your favorite Copic markers and your basic stamping kit. Copic Certified.
Anchor Paper Plymouth
Tuesday, Oct. 27
5:30-7:45 pm

Vintage Cards
Make five beautiful vintage all occasion cards with new and popular Graphic 45 papers. Envelopes and embellishments included. See class samples at store. Bring your basic stamping kit to class.
Anchor Paper University
Thursday, Oct. 29
9:45 am - 12:00 pm

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thinking Halloween & Tuesday Triplets Day 206

The other night I was on 365 Days Card Blog and saw the daily card challenge. Well every Friday I design a card for Memory Box. I believe my Halloween card fulfills the challenge. Woo Hoo!! I actually designed a card without even realizing it until I went on the blog again tonight. The only thing I would change is the placement of the spiders. I wish I stamped them in different areas and not in the center. Oh well. I still like my card!! If you'd like additional card details hop on over to the Memory Box website and check out my blog post. Please let me know what you think. Have a great weekend. As always, thanks for stopping by my little 'ole bloggie. Tami
I have a Fall Card Class coming up next Tuesday evening at Anchor Paper (Plymouth). Anyone want to join me? I would love to have a few more signups. Its going to be a fun night. We will be using Copics and other fun stampy items. I am now double Copic Certified!! I attended Marianne Walker's Copic class last Thursday at the Minneapolis Hilton and got to meet her assistant Debbie Olsen. It was a great day!! Thanks Mom *Ellie*. She paid my way. Love and miss you Mommy!!

Last item. I am going to ScrapPink at Archiver's (Roseville) on Sunday. I really shouldn't be attending another thing as I have so many bills and spent enough last week at Scrapfest. The main reason I am going is because my very sweet and dear grandmother Emma died from breast cancer at 91. I am going to honor her and two other friends that lost their lives to breast cancer. I also know two other breast cancer survivors so I feel this is a good event. Plus I *need* to get out and have a little fun. You know turn that frown upside down. LOL!! The fee is only $20 for 7 hours of crafting and includes dinner and prizes. Half of the fee will be donated for breast cancer research. That the plan!! :D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good and Bad News...

Here's a list of the loot I won at the Crop Around Town last Sat. sponsored by Basic Grey held at my favorite Archiver's (Roseville).

2010 Calendar set
Rub-on roller
Precision file set
Magnetic Precision Mat Kit (includes 18" ruler) Woo Hoo!!

This was the grand prize of the evening. Earlier that nite I won a sheet of rub-ons complete with popsicle stick!! My friend Jan won a 6x6 June Bug paper pack. From the vendor we got the Indian Corn card kit which we all (48 women) chose to make at home. Archiver's gave us a snack bag, goodie bag with a hodge-podge of merchandise, and a nice dinner. We had Starbucks service and then cake. The cake was decorated with the Scrapfest logo. I had lots of fun and hope to go to more Crop Around Towns next year. On Friday night I attended the Cosmo Cricket Crop at Archiver's (Eden Prairie). I really like that store too and it has great employees.

And now for the bad news...
My car broke down on Wed. nite and I cried. It had to be towed. I won't get into the details but a couple I had never met helped me to safety. They just appeared outside like two angels willing to help a woman in need. I feel so blessed that there are such kind people in the world. I will wait to hear from the garage today. I tell you its always something. I wish I could get a new car but that's not going to happen anytime soon. So I am car-less for the time being.

No card today. Sorry but I am not in the mood right now to stamp or scan a card. I've been cleaning throughout the nite and doing laundry as I just can't sleep. I am totally stressed and just full of worry. I normally clean when I'm stressed. Please pray for me the repair is not too costly. If so, I think I may junk it and go without a car. I am so nervous right now. I hope to buy a Power Ball ticket before Saturday and hopefully win BIG! A girl can dream right?? I hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by. Tami

Monday, September 21, 2009

Today is one of the happiest days ever!!

My laptop is finally fixed!! Can you believe it? I sure can't but I'm happy as a clam. I have been suffering for at least six months or longer because of a bad AC adapter power supply cord. I have been so frustrated that not a single company could ship me the correct part. The cord came today (thanks Mr. Fed Ex man) and let me tell you I tore through the box. I even broke a few finger nails while opening the box. Mr. Lappy finally works and stays on with full power. Woo Hoo. :D

I thought I'd share a few cards this week from the Make and Takes I did at Scrapfest on Sunday. Remember I only went to about 10 booths out of 32. It was very busy at the Mall of America and I normally only go there a few times a year. Today's card was from American Crafts. I loved their project and the card is going to my sister Samantha this week. I had fun working with their rub ons. I don't normally use them so I think I will now. I like American Craft products especially their ribbon, paper, ZAP embossing gun, Zing embossing powders, and Thickers. The young woman running the table I sat at was just a doll. I really appreciate the vendors coming to MN to participate in Scrapfest and I try to let them know. Its very hard on them. Trust me I know because I worked at Scrapfest for three years in the Hero Arts booth. It takes a few days to recover from an event of that size. I hope you all have a great week. I will list the items I won Saturday night at the Basic Grey crop on Tuesday. I have so much work to do this week and tons of class samples and kits to prepare. Thanks for stopping by my friends.

For those of you that have sent my sister a card, she asked me about it tonight. I think she is wondering what I am up to. So far she has received two cards and I have to mail her one. Thanks girls Amy, Lindsay and Sherry. She really was so surprised and asked me about it. I have not told her all the details. If you want to know how you too can read a nice prize read the post on my blog from last week. You still have until Sept. 30 to make her a card. My family lost their dog Yoda a few weeks ago and Samantha is taking it the hardest. I am giving a very nice Memory Box prize to one lucky winner and it will get mailed around the first of October. Email me if you have any questions. Tami

If you received this post twice its because I pressed pubish post instead of save as a draft. I had not proofread it yet. Geez when will I ever learn to slow down??

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grand Prize Winner

Just a quick weekend update. I went to the Crop Around Town (Cosmo Cricket) on Friday nite and it was totally awesome!! Spent the evening with 46 other women and Dr. Larry (he sat across from me). Too funny!! Julie, Lindsay and Lisa from Cosmo Cricket rocked the crop at Archiver's Eden Prairie. They gave out tons of prizes and me #7 did not win and that's my lucky number. Oh well....I still had a great time with my friends and the Cosmo gang. My only real complaint was that it was really HOT in the room we were in but we still enjoyed ourselves.

Saturday...Went to Basic Grey's Crop Around Town Archiver's Roseville and wouldn't you know I first won a sheet of Rub Ons. I'm really not into Rub Ons but I was greatful to just win something. Maybe I will learn to like them? I am a stamper!!Basic Grey had a cool tool for Rub Ons and I wanted it (I'm a tool freak) especially after winning my sheet of Rub Ons. LOL!! Well low and behold the last prize of the evening donated by Basic Grey (grand prize of course) was won by me number #28. I literally froze in disbelief as I'm normally not lucky at winning. I tried to peak down at my name tag to see if my number was really 28??!! YUP it sure was. I just couldn't believe I won. I froze instead of screaming and my head got all funny. It was another totally awesome nite!! Everything was just perfect. I will have to say Archiver's in Roseville is my favorite store for many reasons. It was a really pleasant, relaxing, and cool (air conditioned) evening. I really enjoyed myself and the company was great with my girlfriends. I didn't get a lot done as usual but that's nothing new!! I loved that a young man from Starbucks came and took our drink orders. Mandy and Layle did an awesome job entertaining us from Basic Grey and answering our questions. I love meeting the people behind the scenes. I hope I got Mandy's name right. If not I will correct it Sunday evening. I can't believe I forgot her name. It just doesn't look right but its so late. I almost want to say Abby?

Blick Art Supply (Saturday nite)...I ran like hell to get a nine pack of black Copic multiliners at like 8:55 pm. I love Blick's more than you can possibly imagine. Its right next door to Archiver's in Roseville. Can you say dangerous??

Sunday plans...I will be at the Mall of America for Scrapfest hopefully by 9:15 am to grab some coffee at Starbucks and check out the Scrapfest vendors. I may meet up with some new friends from Las Vegas I met on Friday night and a few other people. I can hardly wait!! Its probably close to 2:30 am so I better get my beauty rest. Nightie night my friends. Tami...The Big Winner :D I am beyond excited. I guess spending $100 for two crops and constantly trying for two hours to get through to two different Archiver stores to sign up four people finally paid off. I also got a Starbuck's gift from Jan. Thanks!! Let's see what Sunday brings? Please excuse any typos. I'm too tired to proofread this post. Sweet dreams my friends and happy Sunday.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day One of the festivities!!

I made this ATC for our monthly group however almost half of us will be attending Lindsay's Cosmo Cricket Class at The Scrapbook Shop in Lexington. I am so excited! I've worked really hard to get a lot of work done prior to Scrapfest and I did a tiny bit of shopping too!

Today is our good friend Cindy's birthday. Happy Birthday girlfriend. Can't wait to celebrate with you today!! I won't mention the number even though I know she would not care. So today I have Cindy and Cosmo Cricket on my mind and The Boyfriend...Lindsay from Cosmo Cricket. I can't believe he is teaching two classes right before Scrapfest but it doesn't surprise me. The Man just never stops! I am positive the women will go crazy over him in both classes today. I do believe there are a few spots left if you live local and want to attend. I am SO looking forward to all the fun and action this week!! I am still having laptop issues but have learned to accept it. I have lost so many documents as I keep forgetting to press save. You think I would have learned by now. Still waiting for three separate charge credits to post to my Visa cards for incorrect laptop parts. I tell you its always something. I'm loving my new driveway. It makes me so happy!! :D Thanks for stopping by the 'ole bloggie!!

I made the ATC with Memory Box stamps, Rubber Moon and the new Boyfriend Mini Deck from Cosmo Cricket. I colored the penquin (Lindsay) with Copics and the tiny little paper clips (expensive little buggers) are from Seven Gypsies. Have a great day friends. I will try and post something soon. Tami

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thinking of you and a special request

Hi friends- How are you? I hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend. Scrapfest is finally here and boy oh boy is it going to be a fun and exciting week but also a busy one. I can hardly wait to participate in some of the festivities with friends!! :D

My middle sister is grieving really bad (day 10) due to the loss of her beloved pet Yoda. It was my parent's dog too and they are mouring the loss as well as my other sister and her kids. As you can well imagine we are all very sad. Any how I am going to offer a chance for you to win a nice prize package. All you have to do is mail my sister a card. Just let me know you'd like to participate and I will email you her address. Your name will be entered for a very nice prize drawing for some Memory Box goodies including a stamp, a package of designer paper, a package of jewels and pearls, and a card from me. You have until the end of the month Sept. 30 to mail her a card. If you participate I will have her put all the names into a hat and I will have my MOM "the famous Ellie" draw a winner. I plan to be holding on the phone while all this happens. I will mail the prize out to one lucky person on Oct. 5 or get it to you if you live local. Thanks ever so much. There is a picture of Yoda on one of my recent blogs. Here's a card I'm mailing her this week from my Memory Box stash. She told me on Sunday nothing means more to her than receiving a card from me and can you believe I bought her a beautiful one and mailed it to her last Monday? Yes bought....shame on me but my parent's card was hand-made. I wish you all a very pleasant week and thanks for stopping by. Please know this means the world to me --your friendship and my loving family. If you are too busy to participate that's OK too. I totally understand. Lots of love, Tami : ) PS. This really is not *blog candy* but rather a special request for a very special and kind young lady. My sister is truly one in a million and has a heart of gold. Again I thank you ever so much. If you subscribe to my blog and received a post twice its because I accidently pressed "publish post" instead of proofreading my blog first. Hate when that happens. I had to edit it a third time. Darn!! Have a great day. I am still selling stamps. If you want to see what I'm getting rid of just shoot me an email. Bargains galore!! :D

Friday, September 11, 2009

Saturday class change at Anchor Paper (Plymouth)

I will be having two classes at Anchor Paper on Saturday, Sept. 12. Come early around 9 am to shop and then watch the Copic DVD. My Copic 101 class is from 10 am - 12 pm but we are going to start around 9 am. The Graphic 45 card class is at 1 pm. You will make 5 really nice vintage all occasion cards. There is still time to sign up but you must email me on Friday if you'd like to come. I hope you will consider coming to my one of my classes or both. Remember I also have a Memory Box holiday card class on Sunday at Lunds (Plymouth). Details can be found on a previous post this week.

Remember its Friday and that means I posted a new card on the Memory Box blog. I hope you will swing by and check it out.

Next week will be very busy for me with Scrapfest going on at the Mall of America. I will be taking a couple of classes (Copic and Cosmo Cricket) and attending two Crop Around Towns (Cosmo Cricket and Basic Grey). Its going to be a fun week but rather expensive. My Mom treated me to one class. Thanks are the best!! I am still selling off some of my stamps so shoot me an email if you are interested in seeing the list. I plan to hopefully prepare a new list on Sunday evening after I get through my weekend classes.

I have a BIG favor to ask. Can anyone please help me out? My family in NH had to have our family pet Yoda put down a week ago today and my family is taking it really hard. I need to make a few doggie sympathy cards for them. Do you have any ideas for me? I would appreciate it very much. R.I.P. dear Yoda. I am very sad too knowing I will never see him again but he is in a better place now "Doggie Heaven". My sister had a private cremation for Yoda. She wrote me such a beautiful note on Thursday and I couldn't stop crying. She is grieving really bad and sent me several pictures of Yoda on his last few days of life. So very sad. I will try and post a card soon. Today is the big day. I'm finally getting a new driveway!! You have no idea how excited I am about this and how long I've waited for this to happen. Thanks for stopping by. I know I've been a bad blogger lately. Tami :D

Check out this blog candy!!

The Greeting farm stamps and more!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Memory Box Card Class

Hello friends-
Wow where does the time go? I can't believe I forgot to list my upcoming Memory Box class. I guess I've lost track of time already this month or old age setting in one of the two. The class is this coming Sunday, Sept. 13, 1 pm at Lund's in Plymouth. Make 5 seasonal cards (envelopes included) using Memory Box stamps, jewels, pearls, papers, note cards and more from the new Holiday release. Please sign up soon via email if you'd like to attend as I will be preparing the kits this week and I do have two other classes this week with are listed below at Anchor Paper in Plymouth. I can't believe its already Sept. So much going on this month for me with Scrapfest, two classes and two crops I'm signed up for, and Junk Market. Additionally, I have seven classes so far this month so I hope you will be able to signup for one. If not, most of my classes are available "to go". I hope to see some of my *old friends* in a class or two as I have missed you!! In the Memory Box class we are making Fall, Halloween and Christmas cards and will be using Copic markers. Remember to bring your basic stamping kit including Copics if you have them. Come early if you'd like to grab a Caribou coffee or something from Lunds. I invite you to bring a friend!! Here's one of the cards we will be making on Sunday. Happy Labor Day. Goodbye summer and welcome fall!! Have a fun and safe holiday my friends both new and old. I will be stamping and making class kits on Labor Day. Tami :D

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Friday, September 4, 2009

A birthday card from my stash

Here's an oldie but a cutie!! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Monday, August 31, 2009

New Sept. Classes at Anchor Paper!!

Beautiful Vintage Cards
Make five beautiful vintage all occasion cards with new and popular Graphic 45 papers. Envelopes and embellishments included. Bring your basic stamping kit to class.
Thursday, Sept. 10
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Copic Basics
Learn all about Copic markers and Spica glitter pens in this hands-on class. Technique brochure and color chart included. Bring any of your favorite Copic markers. Tami is a Copic certified instructor.
Saturday, Sept. 12
10:00 am - 12 pm

Copic Basics
Learn all about Copic markers and Spica glitter pens in this hands-on class. Technique brochure and color chart included. Bring any of your favorite Copic markers. Tami is a Copic certified instructor.
Tuesday, Sept. 15
5:30-7:30 pm

Autumn Cards with Copics
Make four fabulous fall cards celebrating the colorful autumn palette. Learn details to enhance your cards. Bring your basic stamping kit to class and your Copics if you own any.
Tuesday, Sept. 22
5:30-7:45 pm

Beautiful Vintage Cards
Make five beautiful vintage all occasion cards with new and popular Graphic 45 papers. Envelopes and embellishments included. Bring your basic stamping kit to class.
Thursday, Sept. 24
1-3:30 pm

Autumn Cards with Copics
Make four fabulous fall cards celebrating the colorful autumn palette. Learn details to enhance your cards. Bring your basic stamping kit to class and your Copics if you own any.
Tuesday, Sept. 29
5:30-7:45 pm

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thank you my lovelies!!

Here's a card from a Graphic 45 class I've been saving. I wanted to extend a big shout out to all my awesome friends/students both old and new for your friendship and support with my classes. I also appreciate the stamp sales very much. You know who you are and I THANK YOU ever so much girlfriends. You are simply the BEST. I appreciate each and every one of you including my newest online friends!! You make me smile even if I'm sad. : ) As most of you probably know by now I absolutely love Graphic 45, Cosmo Cricket, and Memory Box. I am also very fond of The Greeting Farm stamps and I love my Copics and Spica glitter pens just to name a few companies!! Let's no forget Prismacolor markers either. I can not wait to actually see and purchase some of the newest Graphic 45 papers and tags. I also want more Memory Box stamps. There's just no rest for the wicked and they don't call me Miss Wicked for nothing!! "Don't mess with the best cuz the best don't mess. Don't fool with the cool cuz the cool don't fool." Sorry I just couldn't resist saying this!! I am slap happy right about now and wide awake. Must have been the Starbucks iced coffe again!! Darn!! And the laptop? We won't go there right now. Back to square one again.

Anyway, I hope to mail this card to my middle sister next week. I've been saving it for awhile now. I especially love the button and I wish I had more of them. I plan to computer generate the sentiment for the inside liner and it will probably say something like "no Pitter, the belt does not make your butt look big. Actually the suit is quite slimming on you Pits." Sorry just a little inside joke about belts and what not. She's Pitter and I'm Patter!! Need I say more? We are extremely close and I miss her dearly. I am the oldest of three girls. We are Tami, Sami, and Cami just in case you did not know that interesting fact about me and my sisters. Hee hee!! OK too much information at this late hour!! My dial up Internet connection has been so slow tonight, "wicked slow" as they say in MA and NH. I just want to hang it up and go to bed but NO, I have work to get finished before I hit the hay. Sometimes I feel like hooking up my old PC but that would just be wrong with its external modem and big 'ole monitor!! Desperate times may just call for desperate measures next week. Lot's going on next week and I need my laptop to stay up and alive!! I can't believe it's already Labor Day weekend in one week. Geez where did the summer go? Do you have any special plans for the long weekend? I do and I can't wait until next Friday. Thursday was the first day of the MN State Fair and what a beautiful day it was indeed but a little humid. I'm not sure if I am going to the fair this year as its so expensive but I'd like to. I say that every year. I'd rather have art supplies!! : )

I've been in the vintage mode lately. I sorted through my Graphic 45 papers this week in an attempt to prepare for my upcoming fall classes. If you are local, I'd love for you to register for my Vintage Card class offered next month at both Anchor Papers. You will make five vintage cards using a wonderful assortment of Graphic 45 papers, beautiful trims and ribbons, buttons, and other *vintagy* embellishments. If you can't make it, I do offer all my classes to go. If you are interested just shoot me an email. I can also mail out the class kits. Have a great day friends. Thanks for stopping by and I do enjoy and appreciate your comments. I still have more stamps and other *treasures* to pull and price for a stamp and scrapbook sale this coming weekend at The Scrapbook Shop in Lexington. Tami

Happy Birthday to my sweet nephew!!

This is the card I mailed off to my nephew today. He loves to swim and summer is almost over so I thought it may work for a soon to be 17 year old. My parents have a beautiful built in pool and Gino likes to have friends over so hopefully its not too feminine for him!! I'd hate to embarrass him. What matters most is the check inside right?? I intended to get him three different gift cards but I ran out of time because I waited until the end to write out his card. You know the 'ole procrastination excuse!! I did send my little sister and my niece each a card so I have to give myself a BIG pat on the back. One of the cards was not hand-made. I know shame on me. Right as I was leaving for the PO today the UPS man pulled up and delievered my long awaited laptop part. I got so excited thinking my laptop would finally be fixed when I got home from my errands. I pulled out the old and threw it in the trash. Well can you believe my new AC power adaptor cord will NOT fit in the hole. I give up. Now I need to return two cords and hopefully get two charge credits on the 'ole Visa. Needless to say I am NOT a happy camper right now. I could just scream but there is no time as I have work to do. I better close for now. Thanks to all my online friends and students that have been buying stamps from me. Every little bit helps. Happy Friday. Remember to check out my Friday blog on the Memory Box website. Thanks for stopping by. I will try and blog tomorrow after I get home. Happy day! Tami :D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feeling Groovy!!

Here's a pretty groovy card I made in Erin's class last week at Smudges with Copics and Basic Grey paper. Man oh man do I love the card and I'm so glad I own The Greeting Farm stamp. I had to dash out after her class and buy more Copics!! One can never have too many. I'm mailing this card off to my niece this week as she is attending her second year of college in NH. What would be even groovier is if I include a little gift card for her!! Its also my nephew's (her younger brother) birthday at the end of August so I will be sharing his card sometime soon just as soon as I get it figured out. Lots going on here in my world and hopefully (fingers crossed) the correct laptop part arrives on Friday. If not, I am going to throw my laptop out the window, scream really loud, and pull my hair out. Its my second time writing this post tonight as my computer continues to constantly crash. I am trying to gather up stamps (lots of A Muse) to sell at a sale I'm participating in this coming weekend beginning on Friday and continuing through part of next week. More on that later. If anyone is interested I'm still planning on having a Memory Box class at Lund's this coming Sunday. I need more people to sign up please!!! Make five cards including one fall, 2 holiday, and two other all occasion cards with envelopes. Please email me if you'd like to attend. Thanks for stopping by. Tami PS. I was really naughty last week and I have to stop the madness (retail therapy, etc.) I had a blast at Archiver's on Sunday and met Mona the Education Director from Creative Imiginations. She is such a sweetie pie and will be teaching classes at Scrapfest-Mall of America in September. September is going to be a really busy month for me and an expensive one too!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 174 Just Peachy 365 Days Card Challenge

When I read today's challenge on the 365 Cards blog I knew I wanted to participate. I quick assembled this card and I'm also going to teach this same card in the two Vintage Card Classes I'm teaching at both Anchor Papers (Plymouth and St. Paul) in September. The card is made on Stardreams pale peach paper from Anchor Paper and the designer paper is from Graphic 45. The pearls are from Memory Box and my friend Jan gave me the peach vintage button I glued onto the distressed paper flower. The birds and the stripes are all peach. Peach was surely my color theme on the card. I love soft pastels colors and hope you will enjoy it too. Most people that see my cards always say they look so much better in real life. Inside sentiment: happy birthday in a pinky peachy distress ink (Tim Holtz). Have a great day my friends and for those of you that don't know I'm a Friday guest blogger on the Memory Box blog. Click on the upper right icon on my blog if you want to see my card I posted today. It is pouring in MN. I think I will go out for coffee now at Caribou or Starbucks or Dunn Brothers or should I go to McDonalds or to one of many gas stations? If I was smart I'd stay home and brew my own Starbucks or Green Mountain. Hmmmm...What's a girl to do. I can't sleep so I might as well get some coffee and continue stamping. I want to go shopping today really bad. Thanks for stopping by and I'm sorry my card did not scan too well. I think its time for a new printer/scanner. Have a terrific day. TGIF!! Tami =)

Hey cupcakes!!

Here's a card I recently taught at Smudges. The scan is horrible but its the best I can do. I am going to blame it on the lumpy ribbons. The card is nice if you could only see it in person. Anyway, I still have problems. Its the story of my life. Laptop and car. Blah blah blah. Someone told me I should just buy a new car. Well heck yah of course I'd love a new car (who wouldn't?) but its just not possible at this time. Its raining really hard right now and I can't sleep. I have been trying to locate my Copic Marker book but I've misplaced it. I feel like buying some more markers today at Blicks as they are on sale for 20% off but you must have a coupon. I may go? You know a little retail therapy works wonders plus I have a gift card to spend there that I got for my birthday. Anyway please remember to check out the Memory Box blog and see my Friday card. I really think its a crying shame that more people can't comment. It takes a lot of time to design a card and then write up the documentation. Do what you want but I think its nice to show *a little appreciation* to the little guy. I'd like to thank the wonderful ladies that do take the time to comment. It is very much appreciated. Most people only comment if there is blog candy and that kind of bugs me. I know, I know sometimes I'm a little fiesty but its so true. Have a nice day and happy make and take weekend for those of you that hop around town. Peace and be kind. Tami :)