Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Not much new except a reminder to hop on over to the Memory Box blog to check out my Friday card. I'm still alive however I don't have anything to post right now as I'm at the library having a little quiet time and blurfing a bit. Its a tad bit chilly out and NO sunshine again today. I will try and post a card tonight after I watch Ugly Betty. I've been working on my class samples for the big Halloween stamping bash next Sat. in Moundsview!! Anyone else want to join us? It will be a stamping good time!! Have a great day. TGIF...Tami

PS. Has anyone noticed the numerous emails Archiver's has been emailing out lately? I'm dying to go check out things but part of me says NO Tami don't go!! I think I even noticed a 40% off coupon. Desperate times call for desperate measures is what I like to say!! Me I'm still recovering from Scrapfest back in Sept. Today their coupon was a free inkpad with a stamp purchase but not from the $1.99 Hotspot. LOL!! Like I already don't have about 500 plus inkpads. Sad but probably true!! OK call me Sassy Friday Tami!! I guess its better than being crabby and irritated Tami (me last nite). TTYL peeps and lurkers too. Have a good one and don't let your meat loaf. Gosh its been a long time since I've said that one. Ta ta friends.


Donna K said...

Hi Tami - nice to see your smiling face at AP the other day. I have also been spending too much money at Archivers. They now carry Copics so a coupon may come in handy. It's 30% - I don't think I've seen any 40% ones. Oh well, I'll take the savings anyway. I had a ball at ScrapFest too. We took about 10 classes over the 3 days so it was lots of fun. take care

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

Happy Friday to you too! Your cards are super adorable, great work.....I hope your weekend is a happy one too!

enjoy *~*

Nancy said...

I would love to be at your Halloween bash. I wonder how much a plane ticket would cost? :)

I'm so happy Sassy Friday Tami is here....hugs girlfriend!

~amy~ said...

happy saturday sista...don't do it...don't go tami...use what you

Mary said...

Okay Tami, what did you buy tonight? :)


Anonymous said...

Don't do it, Tami! those coupons are just to rope you in:) hope you stayed in and was able to get major productive this w/e!!! hugs; Tinla