Sunday, October 25, 2009

Misc. tidbits!!


Tonight I'm posting Cheryl's birthday card!! She's so sweet and I bought her a giant Halloween/Birthday cupcake. I also gave her last year's birthday card as a little joke. Better late than never. She's a real peach. Happy Birthday Cheryl. You totally rock girlfriend!!

First up....Mouse update:
Went to Home Depot late this afternoon. Did you know there's like 10-15 choices in the mouse trap section? I spent $55 at the *man's store*. Can you say OUCH?? I did get a fancy furnace filter, dusting clothes, Oust candle, kitchen wastebasket, windshield wiper fluid, and a variety of mouse traps. Yikes it adds up quickly but I seriously went for a mouse trap or two. I've been reading the directions on each package and I can't believe Ortho even has a mice/rat Help Line. WOW!! Wish me luck tonight on "there's a mouse in the house". I am still so grossed out and so creeped out when I'm upstairs or in my nice comfy king-size bed. I first picked up the standard mouse traps 4/$1.99. Then I asked for help and went to the specific isle (man that store is SO HUGE and SO OVERWHELMING). I also picked up the new Ortho one that's been advertised on national TV a lot lately. That one cost $7.99 (2-pack) and I would say its the Cadilac of mouse traps but cost over $4.00 per mouse with sales tax!! We consumers have to help Ortho pay for advertising dollars. One small problem occurred to me when I pulled in my driveway...I don't have any cheese for my traps but peanut butter will work. So many options. I hope it (and please NOT they) bites tonight and dies. LOL!!

Now for the Halloweeen party!! I got there at 5 pm to set up. It was lots of fun and I SO enjoyed seeing everyone. The potluck supper was delicious and what a spread we had. I got home a little before 3:00 am on Sunday!! It took me SO long to pick up everything and clean (move tables, wipe things off, and vacumn). My dancing friend Gwenie helped me but she wouldn't dance for me. Carpet doesn't work. Darn I should have suggested she get on the tables!! I'd like to personally thank all my guests for helping out with the food and for coming to the party. The white elephant game was fun and so was the card swap. Teaching is fun but its certainly hard work. It was so hard for me to stay awake for the 26 mile drive home. It was pouring out and I was totally wiped out. Anyhoooo...I loved it. Today I hung Mr. Bones up on my front door. I splurged for a few Martha Stewart items this year!!

Anyway its time for bed. Have a great week. Tami


Grandma Jan said...

Good luck with the mouse traps. Yes, peanut butter works great - even better than cheese and the old traps should work great. Bill and I had a couple mice many years ago - 3 houses back and peanut butter did the trick. Kiss those mice good-bye (not really, just a joke).
Loved the party, loved the cards and I have posted photos. Have a great week.

~amy~ said...

Oh good grief...rodentia? I hate those things...I scream...well, like a girl..LOL. Do you have a cat? Get a cat...

sweet birthday card and I cracked up when I read you gave her last years card too...

Sounds like your party was fun, fun, fun!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had alot of fun at your party, sorry that you didn't get home til late. Wish that I was there to help you clean up. All the best with the mouse...baiting a trap with chocolate works for me, too! Take care; Tinla

Anonymous said...

Adorable card! Good luck with the mouse removal. I thought those no see-no touch traps would work well but $4, yikes! Generally I'd say any creature who likes chocolate wins my heart - but mice and bats are the exception!! Keep us posted on the 'good riddance' project! Carrie

Sherry said...

Great B'day card and I know mine will look just as nice and I can already taste that big cupcake although I prefer pie. :)

Hope that big ManTrap (I mean Mousetrap) catches your little critter and that he doesn't have any friends.

The party sounds wonderful sorry I could not attend. Maybe next year.

Erin said...

I once tried the humane traps and released the mice into a field. I swear they made it back to house before I did. Ever consider getting a cat? Looks like your party was fun. Have a great Halloween.

Lindsay M. said...

Awwww Tami this card is adorable!! I love the colors you used! That image is soooo cute!!

I'm glad you had a great time at your party! But it does seem like tons of work!! But totally worth it in the end!!!
Glad you got home safe!! Not a good thing to drive home tired, especially while it's raining!!!

Hope you sleep well!!!

Lynette said...

Great card!

Good luck with the mouse/mice. We have some again this year for the first time in a long time. Cheap mouse traps and peanut butter do the trick. They rarely travel alone, however:(

allen13241 said...

STOP! Ortho is getting in trouble for falsely advertising…a lot of people have had trouble with these traps. Hopefully you were one of the lucky ones, but I wouldn't spend my money on them.