Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting a little shabby chic!!

Hello friends. I know its been awhile since I last blogged but I had an action packed week and there was just no time to do it!! HA HA!! I hate to even write what I did so I won't. I managed to stay home only two out of the five days last week. Tomorrow is Feb. 1 and I must get back on track and stop the madness. I was able to take the very first Shabby Chic class at Archiver's with my friend Cheryl. She is SO much fun and my newest partner of crime!! HA HA again!! We had a blast together on Thursday and it was a last minute plan for me. SO glad I went!! Both of us really enjoyed the class on Thursday evening and learned some new things. Paint (Ranger daubbers) and me don't get along too good just ask Cheryl. Too funny!! I am repeating the class later this month with friends at another location. Its a long story which I will spare you the details but can't wait to go again!! Sitting here watching the Grammy awards and loving it. It makes me want to run to Target and get the Grammy CD!! Maybe?? Maybe not but I do have a small gift card. We shall see.

I hope you all have a super week. We are slated for more snow on Monday and Tuesday. Great!! (not really). I am still accepting signups for my annual Superbowl Sunday Stamping Party at Lunds this coming Sunday, Feb. 7. We are making five really nice all occasion cards!! There will be prizes and yummy treats so email me now if you'd like to come or maybe just order the class kits. We always have a blast and the people are the best as well as the instructor!! :) Added two classes at Smudges (see right side of blog) and a free Make & Take on Saturday, Feb. 13 from 12-3 pm. Another busy week approaching so I better get back to setting up my inspiration/class table. Its going to be *lovely* and I even have a pretty Valentine's Day tablecloth for it. I really do love to decorate for the holidays so I hope I will be able to sweeten up my downstairs for Valentine's Day this year. I have a few things up my sleeve for this month so we shall see if I can pull them off?? Maybe baby?? The Valentine Amuse stamps are still available. If anyone wants them I will now pay the postage (US only) so let me know if you are interested. See post from Jan. 25. Thanks for stopping by as always and think Spring. I can't wait for winter to be gone and for the ice and snow to melt.

An early Tuesday note...I haven't scanned the card yet as promised but wanted to post this blog to let people know I'm still alive. I have been cleaning like a mad woman and purging junk. I am donating a stack of cards for our soldiers at an upcoming Archiver's event. Anyone local want to join me on Feb. 18 for a good cause?? Its Cards for Soldiers card making night at all Archiver's I believe from 6-7:30 pm. I've managed to make an even bigger mess in my living room but I will be stamping like a mad woman all day Tuesday and hopefully getting a much needed haircut later on. I may be going out of town on Wed. with a friend for the day. And please (note to self) watch the shopping and spending!! I was naughty in Jan. Can I do it? I will let you know by coming clean with myself on the 'ole bloggie this month. Catch you later friends. Watch for two cards from the Shabby Chic class later this week. Cheers!! Tami

Monday, January 25, 2010

Whew, another lifesaver thanks to *Claire*!!

Nothing like having a beautiful card in your stash when you need one in a pinch. I have a friend which shall remain annoymous that I have renamed Claire. Its a *little* inside joke but it is she that made this pretty card which I landed in a swap. I just hate to part with it but its going to my family out east. They had to mail me two huge boxes shortly after I returned home because all my Christmas presents would not fit in my new suitcase --a very nice "going away gift" from my sister Sami. Imagine that? My family is SO generous and I am certainly not bragging just blogging. I broke my old suitcase prior to leaving for Boston because I was rushing to zip it and I totally messed up the zipper beyond repair. My nerves were so bad that morning due to a few issues which I had no control over such as Mother Nature and my actual Mother you know "the famous Ellie". All is good now with Mama Ellie after her knee surgery. I am SO blessed and SO lucky to have such wonderful friends and family. Thanks everyone. I hope to be back soon with a Tami card. As my nephew Gino says "I'm bouncing out". Peace!!

Hello Hello...anyone home??

I know its late, I know I'm weary, I know I'm lonely, I know I'm a turkey but I just couldn't resist blogging in the wee hours because again I can't sleep. I wanted to share Mr. Turkey with you before he went bye bye. Dang what's a girl to do when she can't sleep?? I've been deleting some old files to free up some space on the 'ole laptop because I have to somehow photograph a few things. Ruth Ann if you are reading this post I have BIG news for you!! I actually finished my vintage CD calendar. I am so so happy!!

Right now I can't stop thinking about AMY girl at CHA. She must be in her glories at that big show. I am so jealour but so happy for her. Amy is an online friend and a power stamper/blogger. She won the trip to California and loves anything with owls. She is listed on my blog if you want to check out her fabbo work and she is the Queen of Nicenessfor sure!! Anyway I am just sick about the Vikings losing on Sunday. I actully cried. Can you believe it but I am happy for the Saints. Looking forward to Superbowl Sunday and the BIG game after my Superbowl Stamping Party at Lunds. I better get back in bed and try to sleep for a few hours. I think its because my mind is racing in so many directions. I have so much to get done this week and so much on my mind. I should take up medication (LOL) I mean meditation and yoga!! HA HA as my old boss Gary used to say "that dog ain't gonna hunt". RIP Gary. Good day my friends. I'll be back real soon. Tami

PS. Welcome home Sandy(she is part of the famous "Candy duo"!!) Sandy plus Carrie equals Candy. I can hear the wind now just a blowing and Sandy just returned to icy and rainy MN from sunny Florida. Here you need either ice skates, golashes or snow shoes!! The cold weather will return this week. OH JOY!! I need to get a bag of Ice Melt for our new driveway which is literally going to turn into glare ice when the snow and water refreezes. What a sloppy mess. I certainly hope Mr. Winter doesn't ruin it as I waited so very long to get a new driveway!! I hope this post did not bore you to death. Thanks for stopping by and please leave me a little love as I really do need it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

ruff ruff...won't you be mine?? XOXO

Just one more ATC for good measure!! I bought the epoxy stickers (K and Company)at Michael's and they are also at Archiver's. So are you Love Struck yet? I hope I am strong and can stay away from that new line by Making Memories. Then there's the new Basic Grey line. And Memory Box and Cosmo Cricket. What's a girl to do??? HELP!! I must get back on track!! Thanks for visiting. Tami :p

PS. 'Ole woodie girl is planning to teach a class at Smudges real soon for the fabo *Candy duo*. If you are local we'd love to have you join us for a stamping good time!! More details soon so please check back. Later gators. Smile

Another ATC and the Party is on!!

Hello. Its very late and I can't sleep. Watching Anderson Cooper on CNN right now. Major Cooper fan!! Are you getting sick of my ATCs yet? I did make all the ones I have posted this week. I was naughty on Friday and slipped back to my old bad shopping habits so to punish myself I have to make yet another Saving Haiti donation. The Superbowl Sunday Party is a go for Feb. 7 at Lunds!! I hope you can join me for a stamping good time complete with five projects and of course a few prizes. Email me if you'd like to come. The festivities will end before the game starts so if you are a football fan such as myself you will still have time to view the game. I really appreciate advance signups and plan to start *noonish* (12-12:30). Keep your eyes peeled for an email this weekend. We had more freezing rain on Friday nite and let me tell you I was slip sliding away on the way home. I wish I could fall sleep but I'm wide awake so I've been doing laundry, wrapping Christmas gifts (yes in January), packing up a *stamp transaction* and now I'm blogging. On a very sad note I found out via email two lovely Minnesota women passed away this week. My heart is so heavy right now with their passing. Life is so precious. One never knows what today or tomorrow will bring. Good nite my friends. I guess I should be saying a very early good morning to you. I am also thinking about the people living in CA (Hi Tracy)and all the lucky people at CHA. I can't believe how many times I blogged this week. Are you impressed? I am. I had a great week! How about you? Happy weekend. Tami

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr. Froggie sends his love

Here's another ATC from Monday nite. I had to buy another package of these K and Company Valentine stickers today to make Valentines with my new glittery K and Company Valentine paper. I know bad Tami!! Nightie night. I am sure I will sleep well tonight as I could never sleep last night. I also thought today was Friday. Nothing like rushing the week. Later!

Its 29 degrees at 5 pm. Heat Wave in MN!!

Hello. More crappy weather today. Freezing rain. Yes slip sliding away and my car looks like a glazed donut. I had to chip away at the ice on every window so I could see driving. I went to Michael's today. I had to buy one item but I left with two things. I got a Sizzix embossing purse for 80% off. I couldn't believe it. It came with 10 embossing folders. The sad part of my good deal is I once bought myself this cute little number but then I returned it because I own a Cuttlebug. Oh well now I have two machines to emboss for each hand. LOL!! I did have a gift card so I treated myself. Have a great weekend. Tami

I wanted to share my December ATC with you. Happy Winter and stay warm!! I had troubles uploading this post so its now evening!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ATC night at Smudges

Tonight we gathered at Smudges for our first meeting of 2010. Here's a couple of my ATCs I made to swap with the other gals. Carolyn lead the group and we made some lovely Valentine treat holders. It was so great to see everyone again after the holidays. I am watching Ugly Betty now. Love that show!! I hope your week is going great. They are predicting freezing rain for Thursday. A storm is coming too with more snow this weekend. Great!! Although I love fresh snow, I dislike freezing rain and ice. I'm however looking forward to the Vikings game on Sunday and maybe a quick visit to Archiver's some time this week to use my 30% off coupon. I know I am being naughty and breaking my promise but I want to check out a couple new things. I plan to have my annual Superbowl Sunday Stamping party at Lunds on Sunday, February 7th. I hope you can join me. Its always a stamping good time!!! More details to follow soon. Thanks for stopping by my friends. Tami

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A BIG thank you!!

Hello Friends! First off hat's off to the Vikings. I am so happy they won and really enjoyed the game today. I'd also like to thank everyone that sent me a Christmas card. I received several beautiful cards last year (seems funny saying that) and it was SO nice to come home to a BIG stack of more cards. I did bring some leftover class kits out east to work on but once I got there I just couldn't make another card. Plus I didn't bring everything I needed to finish them off. Enough was enough!!

This particular holiday card is from one of my online friends Tinla(click on her name in my favorite lists to check out her beautiful work. She is on a Design Team) in Canada too!! Tinla and I have been friends for over three years now and she is just the sweetest person ever. I labeled her long ago Queen of Nestabilities. When I went to pick up my mail last Monday her lovely card was on top of the pile and I got so excited. Isn't this card just so sweet? Well I think I will close now and get back to my "present project". I am mailing out a few Christmas presents this week to my family and this includes gift wrapping. Yuck (I am all wrapped out after helping my sister Samantha) but I have to do it. Silly me I forgot a whole bag of presents that was sitting on a dining room chair. Crazy situation but better late than never!! I hope you had a great weekend.

One more thing...have you seen the newest Cosmo Cricket lines? Oh my goodness. I want, I want, I want!! You can find that great company on my blog too. They totally rock the industry and are such great people!! Thanks for stopping by. I did donate to the Red Cross for Haiti on Saturday. Larry King is having a two-hour special on Monday evening and I will probably make another donation. The Haitians are on my mind 24/7. We Americans are just so spoiled and we are so wasteful. (I know there is a lot of poverty in our country also but I'm just stating a BIG fact). I am giving up a few things for a month or so (what I call *luxury items*) and plan to donate the money to Haiti. Every little bit helps. No more frivolous spending at Caribou Coffee (except $1.00 Mondays), Michael's, Archiver's, and Target (all my favorite places). I am by no means a rich woman but I want to do this. It is important to me. I wish I could mail them all a pair of shoes. Its time to watch the Golden Globe Awards so I'm signing off. Have a super week friends and remember kindness goes a long way. Tami...Peace out.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

I have been glued to the TV this week watching the news and the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. My heart is just aching for every single person in that country. It is so devastating. I couldn't sleep last nite so I watched Anderson Cooper on CNN. What a remarkable job all the journalists do under such horrific circumstances. I'd be crying every minute. It is especially hard to watch the dead being scooped up with a bulldoser and then dropped into a dump trunk but they have to do what is necessary. I feel so sorry for every single person in Haiti but think how horrific it must be for the people that are handling and disposing the deceased. God bless them. They are saying over 100,000 people are dead. I heard one report of 140,000. I can only imagine the stence in Haiti on day 3. I hope everyone will consider making the $10.00 donation to the Red Cross. It is a very small amount for such a good cause. I for sure plan to do it tomorrow morning. We Americans are just so lucky to live in the USA. Haiti is such a devasted country and certainly one of the poorest. We have it so good here.

In closing, go Vikings. I can hardly wait until Sunday to watch the game. Have a nice weekend. And yes Amy, nice certainly does matter. We need to love one another and treat people with kindness. Life is so precious and one never knows what today or tomorrow will bring. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. Tami

HAPPY 2010!!

Just popping in to say hello and happy 2010. I know its been like a month or so since I last blogged but I was out of town for the holidays and crazy busy with 'tis the season and whatnot before I left. I am happy to report I've been doing great in the card dept. I have mailed out four birthday cards and one thank you note so far this month. Woo hoo for me plus I sent out several winter notes before I flew back home. Since my return home to the frozen tundra last weekend, I became wicked sick with a bad cold on Monday.

Thanks for all your emails. I have missed you too. I decided I'd share a card with you I mailed out Thursday. Its an oldie but so glad I had it on hand in a pinch! I welcome your comments. To be quite honest I thought about giving up blogging this year for several reasons. It takes up a lot of my time for starters. Anyway I do plan to blog like once or twice a month. Thanks for stopping by and happy winter. I will leave you with a little funny story especially for my friends that don't get any snow. On Wednesday afternoon I had four men up on my roof raking it to prevent ice damns. After raking they shoveled off both decks and a fifth guy used a snow blower to get all the snow off our new driveway. I thought it was pretty funny. Even though I was not feeling well I stil went outside to see all the action!! I swear I got sick from all the germs on the airplane. I was talking to my neighbor today while rolling out the trash and she too got sick after returning home from NY. Oh well germs happen. I did have a wonderful and relaxing vacation with my family. Lastly, I am thinking about all the people in Haiti and praying for them. So so sad. It seems like its always something. Thanks for stopping by. Tami :)