Monday, January 25, 2010

Whew, another lifesaver thanks to *Claire*!!

Nothing like having a beautiful card in your stash when you need one in a pinch. I have a friend which shall remain annoymous that I have renamed Claire. Its a *little* inside joke but it is she that made this pretty card which I landed in a swap. I just hate to part with it but its going to my family out east. They had to mail me two huge boxes shortly after I returned home because all my Christmas presents would not fit in my new suitcase --a very nice "going away gift" from my sister Sami. Imagine that? My family is SO generous and I am certainly not bragging just blogging. I broke my old suitcase prior to leaving for Boston because I was rushing to zip it and I totally messed up the zipper beyond repair. My nerves were so bad that morning due to a few issues which I had no control over such as Mother Nature and my actual Mother you know "the famous Ellie". All is good now with Mama Ellie after her knee surgery. I am SO blessed and SO lucky to have such wonderful friends and family. Thanks everyone. I hope to be back soon with a Tami card. As my nephew Gino says "I'm bouncing out". Peace!!


Grandma Jan said...

That is a pretty card - how about a Tami version? Not loving the snow but didn't have to get out in it - I'm at home until Wednesday. Not for fun though - I have my test tomorrow morning and I think I rather be at work than taking an exam that lasts almost a whole day.

Have a good week and keep the spring cards coming - I'm ready for some Spring weather but guess I'll have to wait a few more months.

Anonymous said...

Hey Claire-
What a beautiful card Tami got. She is one lucky girl. I don't believe I've met you? Do you take Tami's classes??


Anonymous said...

Claire - this card is so dreamy and lovely. It reminds me of painting with glaze paints. It is really quite beautiful! :-) Wendy