Sunday, January 17, 2010

A BIG thank you!!

Hello Friends! First off hat's off to the Vikings. I am so happy they won and really enjoyed the game today. I'd also like to thank everyone that sent me a Christmas card. I received several beautiful cards last year (seems funny saying that) and it was SO nice to come home to a BIG stack of more cards. I did bring some leftover class kits out east to work on but once I got there I just couldn't make another card. Plus I didn't bring everything I needed to finish them off. Enough was enough!!

This particular holiday card is from one of my online friends Tinla(click on her name in my favorite lists to check out her beautiful work. She is on a Design Team) in Canada too!! Tinla and I have been friends for over three years now and she is just the sweetest person ever. I labeled her long ago Queen of Nestabilities. When I went to pick up my mail last Monday her lovely card was on top of the pile and I got so excited. Isn't this card just so sweet? Well I think I will close now and get back to my "present project". I am mailing out a few Christmas presents this week to my family and this includes gift wrapping. Yuck (I am all wrapped out after helping my sister Samantha) but I have to do it. Silly me I forgot a whole bag of presents that was sitting on a dining room chair. Crazy situation but better late than never!! I hope you had a great weekend.

One more thing...have you seen the newest Cosmo Cricket lines? Oh my goodness. I want, I want, I want!! You can find that great company on my blog too. They totally rock the industry and are such great people!! Thanks for stopping by. I did donate to the Red Cross for Haiti on Saturday. Larry King is having a two-hour special on Monday evening and I will probably make another donation. The Haitians are on my mind 24/7. We Americans are just so spoiled and we are so wasteful. (I know there is a lot of poverty in our country also but I'm just stating a BIG fact). I am giving up a few things for a month or so (what I call *luxury items*) and plan to donate the money to Haiti. Every little bit helps. No more frivolous spending at Caribou Coffee (except $1.00 Mondays), Michael's, Archiver's, and Target (all my favorite places). I am by no means a rich woman but I want to do this. It is important to me. I wish I could mail them all a pair of shoes. Its time to watch the Golden Globe Awards so I'm signing off. Have a super week friends and remember kindness goes a long way. Tami...Peace out.


Grandma Jan said...

I want all the new Cosmo Cricket new release paper too. I love Garden Variety! Where do you think we can get it?
The stackable holiday card is adorable. Tinla makes adorable cards just as you do.
Thanks for sharing you thoughts with us. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

~amy~ said...

Lovin' the new Cosmo Cricket...oy...

Whatta sweet those HA Japanese dolls...a ton:)

Mary said...

What an adorable card you recieved. I have not seen the new Cosmo Cricket. Looking forward to it.

I think whatyour doing is a very nice thing Tami. Have a good week.


Anonymous said...

thank you for your kind words:):) you are so sweet. i am glad you liked my card also, thank you to everyone for their lovely words; i really appreciate them:):)
yes, l*o*v*e cosmo do they keep comign out with these amazing collections???? material girl is very cute!!! take care; tinla