Monday, June 23, 2008

Coffee, iced tea or me??

Hello stampy friends and other peeps!

I've been stamping up a storm today. Same 'ole usual stuff so I won't bore you. Getting ready to hit my pillow and call it a day. Man oh man. I'm pooped. Here is a card I taught at Artsy Tarty awhile back. I hope you all had a nice weekend. The forecast for this coming week is HOT, HOT, HOT! I'm going on a mini working vacation up to Create-A-Card in Brainerd, MN with my friend Wendy to teach a few stamping classes and do a little partying with my gal pals. Boy does that sound wonderful. If anyone still wants to come up to Laurel's I still have some openings. Just email me with any questions. I have a friend Cindy who is willing to bring some folks up on Friday. I have four classes this week. Yowser. Wow wee is all I can say. My eyeballs hurt right now. I really hope you likey this card as I really enjoyed making this one! She's such a sexy A Muse hostess. I wish I looked like her. Oh Saturday, I managed to do a little shopping and it was not a good situation. I think its how I dealt with some stress. It was certainly a lovely day and I had such a nice summer class with some lovely ladies. I was also thinking about Lyndsay another MN A Muse instructor on her wedding day. Have a good week. I honestly do not think I will be able to post again until next week when I get back into town. Thanks for stopping by and I wish you lots of sunshine and summer breezes. I can not believe A Muse A Palooza is happening two weeks from today. Happy summer and please drive carefully. Right before I got home on Saturday evening I saw a terrible accident on 494 in Plymouth. It literally made me sick. It had just happened and the police and ambulance had not arrived yet. What a mess and I heard on the evening news it was alcohol related. That's all she wrote. Good day my friends!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Splish Splash I was taking a bath!!

Hello dear friends. Its certainly a HOT one today. I just got home and YES I popped into Mike's before I came home even in 84 degree HEAT with NO air conditioning. Our local news just said today is our fifth day so far this season of reaching 80 degrees or higher and it's also day 6 with no rain. Here's a sweet little A Muse card I mailed off to a friend. I love the new A Muse song bird and bird bath. I actually taught this card at Smudges on Tuesday. Its time to get back to work and that would be "kitting" (making up kits for all my June classes):-( Yuck a doo! I want to give a big shout out to my sweet friend Mary A. in NH. She is such a great friend. She is listed on my blog under COOL chicks so stop by her blog and check it out. That woman has a heart of gold and is always there for me. Thank you Mary. I think her blog is so awesome and she always can make me smile. Back to my card. I used the A Muse classic window on today's post. I have lots of fun with that stamp as you can put so many fun things in the window. I also used Copic markers, Tombow markers, glitter pens, glaze pens, and stickles. Have a great weekend and stay COOL my friends. I will my hardest to post something over the weekend. Tami : ) I'm busy as a bee. Smile as tomorrow is the first day of summer!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pink Lemonade anyone?

Hello friends. I'm still alive. I've been really busy teaching classes and all that goes with class preparations. Here's a card I recently taught at my Bottom's Up class. I will be repeating the class on Monday and I'm so looking forward to seeing the people signed up for this particular class as well as the peeps in my Saturday morning class. It was a beautiful sunny day today. I taught a really fun A Muse class at Smudges in Chanhassen, MN. Of course I bought more *stuff* after I finished teaching!! That's a given. Oh, I took a class on Sunday and managed to find a few *must have* items after class. Then a fast trip to Michael's! I do occasionally treat myself to classes at Archiver's and I do attend crops every now and then at both Archiver's and Artsy Tarty. There is simply no end to the buying!!Tomorrow I may go buy a few outside plants at Linder's. I need to make 12 ATCs for our monthly ATC gathering tomorrow night at Artsy Tartsy. Yikes! I have certainly enjoyed watching the Celtics basketball game tonight!! I so wish I could have been with "Ellie" my Mom enjoying the game and celebrating their NBA championship. I'm sure we would have had a beer together. My Mom is a huge Celtics fan and so was my sweet grandmother Emma. Have a sunny and fun-filled great rest of the week. I have 5 more June classes before A Muse A*Palooza in July so please email me if you are interested in attending any of my classes. Also be sure to register for A Muse A*Palooza by clicking on the icon on my blog. You can win some nice prizes and participate in other fun events such as games and challenges. You must sign up again this year even if you registered last year for A Muse A*Palooza. My current class schedule is listed on my blog as well as all the A Muse A*Palooza events I'm teaching at Artsy Tartsy. How cool to have a picture of the one and only A Muse Linda on my blog! It is suppose to reach 80 degrees on Wednesday. Its going to be a HOT one!! Happy day my friends. Thanks for visiting. Tami :^D and "baby bloggie"

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another card for DADDY!

Hi everyone. I'm just taking a little email break. I have another "store bought" card to share with you that I purchased at Paper Source in Minneapolis for my sister Sami to give to my DAD. It is her favorite card line and I think its called Red Cap? I love this cool CA company and I believe they have three artists. Their cards make me smile and Sami buys them for me every now and then. When I saw this one I had to pick it up for her to give to our dad as he is an avid golfer. That's all for today! I'm power *kiting* big time for my upcoming June classes. I have tons of them! Yikes. Hope you are having a great day. Its beautiful here in MN but very windy. Its the perfect day for stamping and listening to some good tunes. I'm feeling much better today especially after talking to three of my good friends. One thing at a time is always good advice! Have a super weekend. Today is my niece's high school graduation ceremony and party in good 'ole New England where I'm originally from. I'm thinking of my entire family and wishing I could have been there with them to celebrate this special day. Hugs! Tami & "bloggie"

Friday, June 13, 2008


I'll be teaching A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA classes at Artsy Tartsy in Savage MN!  Please see the Artsy Tartsy blog for further details.  Call the store at 952-447-1433 if you are interested in signing up!

A Muse VIP Party
Monday, July 7
7-9 pm
Fee:  $10.00
There will be two fabulous make and take projects, door prizes, sweet treats, and light refreshments. You will be the first to preview the newly released A MUSE holiday/winter images.  Please sign up early as this special event will sell out quickly!   
*Optional Pajama Party!
Friday, July 11
5-11 pm
Fee:  $35.00
Limit:  16 people
5-6:30 pm...Participants arrive.  You may shop early and get your PJ's on.  Get ready to stamp and party the night away!!  
6-7 pm...Dinner served around 6 pm, prize drawings, and more shopping!
6:45 pm...A Muse ATC swapping (bring 12-16 A Muse ATCs if you plan to participate)
7-11 pm...Card making party!
*You will get dinner, beverages, snacks and other *special treats* throughout the evening.  There will be an optional A Muse ATC swap prior to class.  Plan to make five adorable winter/holiday cards with new A Muse stamps and other A Muse images.  One lucky person will win a special prize providing the person had their pajamas, nightgown, or bathrobe on all night!! 

It's a Winter Wonderland
Saturday, July 12
1-3:30 pm
Fee: $25.00
Limit: 16 people
Join Tami and make five adorable winter-themed cards using a wonderful assortment of new and other A Muse stamps, A Muse papers, and A Muse ribbon.  These cards will certainly warm your heart and delight the recipients.

Get ready for the Holidays!
Sunday, July 13
1-3:30 pm
Fee:  $25.00
Limit: 16 people
You will stamp five nice holiday cards featuring the newly released A Muse stamps.  Its never too early to start preparing for the holidays.  Come join Tami for a fun afternoon of stamping.  

Pre-registration and pre-payment is required for all A Muse A*Palooza events.  Please bring your basic stamping kit to all classes. 

Wild about you!

Here's an old card I taught but I like it a lot. Images by A Muse. I don't feel chatty tonight so I'm going to cut it short plus I'm not feeling well. Life is full of unpleasant surprises. Tomorrow will be a new day and it's going to be nice weather. I'll be making class kits all day. I just added a new card class yesterday. It will be held on Tuesday, June 17 at 1 pm called "Mixed Bag." I still have openings so email me if you'd like to attend. My A Muse A Palooza class schedule is now up on the A Muse AP blog under my name. Email me with any questions. I'm taking a card class on Sunday with my good friend Carolyn so I'm looking forward to a trip to Archiver's. Have a nice weekend friends. Tami :-(

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dear 'ole Dad!

Hello. I met a new friend on Wednesday at the General Store in Minnetonka, MN (shoppers paradise) and I had to peak around a bit before I hit the road for Eden Prairie. I love to look at cards and I always manage to find one I must buy. This card had my Dad's name written all over it! He is always working on something around the house or outside when he's not at the golf course. Inside it says: You are my Mr. Fix-It even when nothing is broken....Happy Father's Day. Anyway I loved it so I bought it for my Dad. He lives in NH and is a super cool dad. I love and miss him very much. I also sent my dad a hand-made card I copied from Emily "Scoopy." I did scan the card before I mailed it out. I will try and post it soon. I have to get to bed now as I have another busy day tomorrow. I have so many classes coming up. I will be back hopefully with a card in a couple of days. Hugs. Tami : D

Edited Thursday night. I tried to upload this post last night about seven times and no luck. I was gone all day on Thursday.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Flowers for you!

Hey everyone. I made it through a rather busy week. I have a few funny stories but I'm too tired to type. I just wanted to post the card I brought to our shoebox swap at Artsy Tartsy last week. I saw this card awhile back at the store and wanted to copy it so bad. It is really pretty. I'm not sure which A Muse designer made it but its one of those fine ladies. Have a great week everyone. I have tons of cards to share now on my blog. I just have to scan them. I used Copics and Spica glitter pens on this card. I still give my Tombows some love every now and then. Please check out my friend Meg's new blog. I just added her under COOL chicks on my blog. She really is one crafty little COOL chick Miss Megan Lea. We had a blast in all my classes this week but especially the Sunday class at Artsy Tartsy in Savage, MN. I have the MOST AWESOME students/friends. I am so blessed to have them in my life and for all their support. I spoke to *Ellie* (MOM) tonight and I had to be oh so careful not to slip and say the wrong thing. In between all the "kitting/class prep" process I managed to squeeze in *a little shopping.* Not a good situation! Oh I could go on and on about the last 10 days of my life but I must get some shut eye as I am so beat. I will be back in a few days with another little treat. Tami : )

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Super busy but its a GOOD THING!!

HELLO! I'm still alive but just really busy. Here is a card from a class I recently taught at Artsy Tartsy in Savage, MN. I absolutely love the Classic Window A Muse Stamp. The store just received a HUGE A Muse order on Tuesday so if you need anything you better get to Artsy Tartsy real soon! I taught another fun stamping class there on Tuesday evening and we had a blast!! Have a great week everyone. I will be back next Monday nite as I have two more classes this week and a shoebox/ATC gathering. I did not go to the Edina Art Fair last weekend. Email me if you have any questions. Stamps, paper, rhinestone on flower center and ribbon are from A Muse. I colored with Copics and used assorted Spica glitter pens. Tami :D
"Baby Bloggie" turned 1 month old on Monday. She's growing like a weed and all tuckered out from the busy weekend. Her Mother made her go to two Michael's on Sunday and then grocery shopping in the heat no less!! OK call me crazy! I hope you like this card. Its looks a lot better if you could see it up close and personal!! Peace.