Monday, June 23, 2008

Coffee, iced tea or me??

Hello stampy friends and other peeps!

I've been stamping up a storm today. Same 'ole usual stuff so I won't bore you. Getting ready to hit my pillow and call it a day. Man oh man. I'm pooped. Here is a card I taught at Artsy Tarty awhile back. I hope you all had a nice weekend. The forecast for this coming week is HOT, HOT, HOT! I'm going on a mini working vacation up to Create-A-Card in Brainerd, MN with my friend Wendy to teach a few stamping classes and do a little partying with my gal pals. Boy does that sound wonderful. If anyone still wants to come up to Laurel's I still have some openings. Just email me with any questions. I have a friend Cindy who is willing to bring some folks up on Friday. I have four classes this week. Yowser. Wow wee is all I can say. My eyeballs hurt right now. I really hope you likey this card as I really enjoyed making this one! She's such a sexy A Muse hostess. I wish I looked like her. Oh Saturday, I managed to do a little shopping and it was not a good situation. I think its how I dealt with some stress. It was certainly a lovely day and I had such a nice summer class with some lovely ladies. I was also thinking about Lyndsay another MN A Muse instructor on her wedding day. Have a good week. I honestly do not think I will be able to post again until next week when I get back into town. Thanks for stopping by and I wish you lots of sunshine and summer breezes. I can not believe A Muse A Palooza is happening two weeks from today. Happy summer and please drive carefully. Right before I got home on Saturday evening I saw a terrible accident on 494 in Plymouth. It literally made me sick. It had just happened and the police and ambulance had not arrived yet. What a mess and I heard on the evening news it was alcohol related. That's all she wrote. Good day my friends!!


Heather said...

This is on my list of favorites - love the hostess gal! Really cute card too! The colors are great!

Nancy said...

Now this is CUTE! I love how you always make your envelopes so cute as well. I always forget to do that. Take good care of yourself Tami! You are a busy bee, but I'm glad to hear you have 'a little partying with your gal pals' planned too. Sounds like FUN!! I'm still smiling ;) know why :)

Anonymous said...

Tami,great card love it.
Have fun at Laurels and will talk when you get back.


Creative chaos. said...

Beautiful card made by beautiful you! I can't wait to see you Tuesday night for our class!!! I miss you so much and have lots to share about ... well, you know!

You are TOO creative!

Scrap in the City said...

Tami, this card is gorgeous! And the one from the 19th is great too. Have a great day!

Michelle H in MN

Anonymous said...

Hi Tami; Love this card; so much detail...and that envie...!!! I need to stamp on the envies, too; it looks great! Have a wonderful w/e at Laurel's. sounds like so much fun! Tinla:)

Hev said...

great card Tami :)

Shopping is a great stress reliever - but it has to be for crafting supplies of course.

Enjoy your classes
Hugs Heather xx

Geeta (craftyengineer/texaslonghorns) said...

Nice card, Tami!

mimihas5 said...


I *love* this card. I love that you made it into an invitation. And now after seeing the invitstion I want that stamp. I have seen it many times but never done as beautiful as what you have done with it. I also love the matching detailed envelope that goes with it. You rock!