Sunday, May 30, 2010

A quick Hello and Happy June!!

Hi friends. Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend. Here's a card from my DeLovely Cosmo Cricket Class which I'll be repeating soon at Smudges. I have lots of June classes booked at Anchor Paper (Plymouth) so check out their newsletter. Let me know if you have any questions by shooting me an email. Thanks Jan for photographing my card. I am loving DeLovely (the newest Cosmo Cricket line). Its perfect for summer and makes me so happy. I'll be back soon with another DeLovely card. Here's to a great and super cool week. Tami

Monday, May 24, 2010

Taking a blogging break

I will not be available for a few days. My classes are both on schedule for Saturday at Caribou Coffee and Sunday at Lunds. If you want to come please email me. I will get back to you on Thursday evening. Have a great week and stay cool friends. I added lots of June classes...check out my schedule (will update it soon) and read the Anchor Paper June newsletter.

Its so HOT here. The heat just about killed me on Monday and its going to be wicked HOT all week. No fun without air conditioning. Just in case you missed my previous post Grandma Jan was the blog candy winner!! "Congrats" Jan and a special thanks to all that participated. To me, you are all winners. I'm going to try and find something to post now as its late and I have to hit the hay or should I say enter the oven upstairs. Yuck. Have fan will travel!! Tami (photograph by Jan)

Finally....Blog Candy Winner!! No Chicken Dinner!!

"Dearest Patter,

Mom drew the name this morning and the winner is Jan in Savage, MN. The cards were all beautiful.

Love you!


Hi again my friends.

This was done fair and square. I can't believe it....go Grandma Jan!! Each person's name went into the drawing. My family and I would not have it any other way. Thanks so much for participating. I will do this again in July for Mother Ellie's birthday. Again thank you so very much. I am sorry for the delay but both Sami and I have been so busy. Happy Monday...the temperature is climbing. Yuck a doo!! Off to go teach more Graphic 45 cards. Hello air conditioning. I am going to miss Dancing with the Stars but will watch it online soon.

Jan you BIG winner, I will give you your prize on Sunday when I see you in my Delovely Cosmo Cricket Class. I can't believe you won you lucky dog. Woo Hoo!! Congratulations and again thank you everyone. Tami "Patter"

You're sweet!!

Hello from HOT and HUMID MN!! Its so gross here. The weather hit 88 degrees yesterday and today they are saying its going to reach 91 but with the humidity it will feel like 97. Great no air conditioning.

I had a great action packed weekend. How about you? I was quite busy all weekend and didn't have a chance to call my family on Sunday. When I got home late last night there was no power in my neighborhood so I went straight to bed. It was so strange trying to feel my way upstairs to bed. I just emailed my sister again so I hope she will answer me so I can find out the blog candy winner. I am teaching the Graphic 45 classes today so another busy day. Not looking forward to going out in this yucky humidity but I have to. Thanks for stopping by friends and have a great Monday. Tami

PS. Sorry for the lousy and crooked scan of my *sweet* October Afternoon card but the original is now in Pine City for my upcoming June Afternoon Delight classes. That reminds me I have to update my June class schedule and send out more emails. Busy as a bee. That's me. Have a super duper week and stay as a cucumber (I got your number)!! : )

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday...just a note!!

I'm off to take a class in Pine City that was planned long ago. Can't wait to get crafty with my girlfriends both days this weekend!! My friends are the BEST!! Its going to be close to 90 degrees on Sunday and Monday. Yuck...hate humidity. Here's another card I made from a kit I purchased at The Pine City Scrapbooking Store. I hope you have a lovely weekend and for sure I will post the blog candy winner on Sunday evening or Monday am at the very latest. I am so sorry its taken me so long but I've been swamped with things and haven't had a chance to call my family. I did get most of my outside plants all prettied up for the deck. Flowers make me happy and I want more!! Thanks for popping by. Tami

Friday, May 21, 2010


Happy Friday. Here's a card I taught recently at Smudges. Have a great weekend friends. Its going to be a HOT weekend. Keeping my post short for a change!! I am teaching a another set of Graphic 45 classes on Monday, May 24. The first one is at Smudges 12:30 PM and the second one is Monday evening at Lunds. If you are interested in attending either of these popular classes please email me ASAP. I do require a certain number of attendees in order to hold each class. Another busy week coming up. We are slated for heat and humidity. Yuck on the humidity! Catch you later. Tami

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A little cheer...

Good morning friends and happy Thursday. Today's going to be a fun play day for me and I can hardly wait to work on my outside plants and spruce things up a bit on the deck. The weather forecast is for more gorgeous weather and plenty of sunshine both of which make me SO happy. Sunshine wishes!!

Here's a card from yesterday's class at Smudges which I'll be sending to my sister and teaching again. I'm SO loving Pure Innocence stamps and October Afternoon papers. My Wednesday class went well and the ladies worked really hard on their projects. Can't wait for my next class at Smudges. Leslie and Trish are such nice women. Love them both.

Our ATC meeting was fun and we made several paper flowers. It was neat spraying them with assorted Glimmer Mist colors although my hands are still pretty stained!! Hope you all have a great day. I will NOT be participating in the garage sale. I am actually quite relieved and happy as its no picnic in the heat. I'll have my own garage sale some day and still plan to put stamps in a public sale next month. Can't wait for the weekend as I'll be spending some quality time with my girlfriends and another visit to Pine City on Saturday!! I appreciate my friends and am very grateful to have several wonderful people in my life. You are all so amazing and I feel so blessed. Its very comforting to know you can always count on your good friends through good and bad times. Thanks so much for your gift of friendship. Friendship is the greatest gift ever. A *special thanks* to all the wonderful people that support me with my classes. Its not always easy but I do enjoy it. Planning on bringing my car to the shop for repair on Monday. I'll mail the blog candy just as soon as I find out the winner and actually get the prize in my hot little colored hands. Thanks for the visit and do something fun today. Share the love. Peace. Tami

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thinking of my MOM

Hi friends. I am beat from working hard on classes. I need my Mother. Anyway I am wicked excited to be teaching at Smudges today and seeing all the special ladies that frequently take my classes. They are the best and we always have fun at Smudges. I will be there all day as our ATC group meets in the evening and I still don't have my ATCs made yet not to mention last months. Yikes, I feel bad but that's life...busy busy busy. It has been really HOT lately which is unusual for MN in May but I'll take the gorgeous weather along with some much needed rest!! No rest for the wicked. HA HA.

Here's a card I made for *Mother Ellie* from a card kit I purchased in Pine City. Speaking of Pine City, my classes have been submitted and I am just waiting for the confirmation. You can stay overnite right in the back at the Pine City Retreat Center. I love going there and I can hardly wait for June to arrive. A working mini vacation. Happy Wednesday and I will post some of my class samples just as soon as I get a breather and can scan them all. Tami

I have not forgotten about the blog candy but honestly I have not had time to call sis. Sami is busy too as she hasn't returned my email. Hang tight. I ordered the prize so I am waiting for it to arrive. Thanks for your patience. TTYL gators.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A quick hello friends!!

Hello! Happy Monday.

So much going on right now in my little world. I will try and spare you the details!! Today's card is one from a card kit and was sent to my friend in CO. I will be announcing the blog candy (isn't that DANDY?) winner soon after I speak to my family so no worries. A BIG thanks to all that participated. It meant the world to me and I know Sami and Mother Ellie will certainly enjoy the cards. The winner will be posted on my blog and hope to get the prize out as soon as possible. I am swamped with class preparations (designing and kiting) which is a good thing but hard on my hands (handling all the paper and washing my hands so frequently). I also need to make two sets of ATCs and come up with a project by Wed. evening for our ATC monthly meeting. Yikes. Then there's the garage sale. Oh my goodness. I am feeling stress just writing all this. I am not sure if I will be able to pull everything off?? We shall see. My poor little red car has been misbehaving again and I'm freaking out over it. Its hard to get places without reliable wheels. Both of my classes this week are planned as scheduled on Tuesday evening (Anchor Paper) and Wednesday afternoon (Smudges). You still have time to sign up -or- you may order the class kits. I am very pleased with my class samples. Have a good week peeps filled with lots of sunshine. Our MN weather has been simply beautiful lately. The forecast for this week is more gorgeous weather and I'll take it thank you very much. Sunshine makes me very happy. I need to transplant my patio flowers and plants before they die. I got another visit from the flower fairy yesterday. WOW!! My friends are the BEST!! I hope you all have a super week and thanks for the visit. Why not sprinkle a little love my way doves?? Sure could use some more *sunshine* to get me through this busy week. Tami PS. I did not go to the Rubber Stamp Expo. Miracles do happen to those that believe. How was your weekend? Sorry for the long post but I guess I'm making up for my lack of blogging and its kind of my way for destressing a bit. If you received this twice its because I forgot to proofread the first one before I pressed "publish post".

Friday, May 14, 2010

Two great classes next week!!

Graphic 45 at Anchor Paper Plymouth Tuesday, May 18 at 5:30 PM

October Afternoon at Smudges Wednesday, May 19 at 1:00 PM

Please EMAIL ME now if you want to attend either of these fun card classes and I will get you signed up. We always have a great time stamping and chatting. I am making up the card kits this weekend so hope some of you locals can join me. I am in LOVE with both of these fabo paper companies!! Can you say yummy beautiful papers?? Both classes are available as a "class to go" if you can't make the actual class.

Today's card is one I'll be teaching in the Graphic 45 class Tuesday evening at Anchor Paper. Both stores offer a 10% class discount so that's always a nice bonus!! Happy Friday my friends and thanks for stopping by. Tami

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sweet Annie

Here's Annie (Sami's new Carin Terrier). Isn't she just a little cutie pie? I think so and Sami just loves her to pieces. I found out today Sami was rear ended Monday evening on her way home from work by a car with two young male drivers. She drives a brand new Toyota Rave 4 and it was mucho buckaroos. I feel so bad for her. Sami is now driving a rental and even has to pay for part of the rental fee which is such a joke. I had to do the same long ago when I needed to rent a car for work. Life is not fair and full of unpleasant surprise. I am just so grateful she is not injured.

I have good news to report. I now have HOT water again and life is good. Today's service call did the trick but now I have another bill to pay. I will NOT be going anywhere this week including the Rubber Stamp Expo. No way Jose. I am going to continue to clean and gather up stuff to sell at a garage sale next week. Garage sales are NOT my thing but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!! I'm planning to participate in another stamp/scrapbooking sale in June. So much work getting ready for garage sales but that's the breaks. Thanks for stopping by and happy Thursday. Hope to post a new card soon. Tami

Look at this beauty made by Sandy!!

Isn't Sandy just dandy? The card was a bonus card from a Graphic 45 class I recently taught at Smudges. Sandy made this beautiful card with the Karen Lockhart butterfly stamp available at Smudges. Sandy was very lucky to take a class with Karen Lockhart at Smudges last year. Love how she colored the butterfly with colored pencils. Thanks Sandy for doing your homework and sharing your beautiful card with us. Happy Tuesday everyone and thanks for the visit. Tami

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Updated May Class Schedule...Read all about it!!

New Classes are on the 'ole blog. I was finally able to update my May classes without any troubles with Blogger. Whew and doing the happy dance!! I hope you locals can join me for a class or two this month!! Smudges is now carrying Cosmo Cricket products and I am happy as a pig in you know what!!

Who's going to the Rubber Stamp Expo this weekend at the State Fairgrounds?? Leave me a comment and let me know if you are planning on going. I can't decide what to do but the right thing would be to stay the heck home and gather *stuff* for an upcoming garage sale next week and another new/used stamp sale in June. Then I can worry about *bringing* in more new *stuff*!! Can anyone relate to my situation?? Thanks for popping in today. Tami

Here's a cute picture of Sami's new doggie Annie. Isn't she sweet? I think so and I'm really happy for middle sis. Wish it was me!! Later.


Hi there. I had major technical difficulties last week with Blogger so I was unable to update the 'ole blog hence TEST post!! I had a great weekend. How about you? Before I forget Happy Birthday HT and to my DAD. I hope you both have a great birthday celebration. Cheers and many more to come!!

Here's the Make and Take card I taught at Smudges on Saturday using Crafty Secrets stamps and October Afternoon Paper. I really love the stamp set and of course the beautiful October Afternoon papers. It was raining so hard when I returned home late last nite from my little Northern MN road trip. Now its time to face my inoperable HOT water heater problem. I tell you its always something. I have lots of wonderful classes coming up this month so I hope you locals can join me for a stamping good time. Thanks for the visit and a special HELLO GIRLFRIEND to CS!! Tami :)

PS. Thanks everyone for the emails and for participating in my blog candy. Sorry no picture of the candy as promised but my camera still has dead batteries and to be honest I haven't pulled the blog candy yet. My sister is going to love all the surprise cards and she knows nothing about this. My MOM told me on Sunday Sami received "a cute card" from Sherry. Thanks Button lady!! Its very early and I just woke up on the sofa. Hate when that happens. Have lots to do this week including transplanting my jumbo pansy packs now that *the snow storms* from last week have passed. HA HA on that one!! I was at the PINE CITY Scrapbooking Store on Monday. Can you say yummy and total eye candy?? Yes I was BAD. Its the story of my life. Guess I'm chatty Tami again!! Have a super duper day peeps.

If you want to know about my fabo blog candy see previous blog posts. You basically have to email me now and tell me you are going to make a card for my sister Sami to congratulate her on her newly adopted doggie *sweet Annie*but you must act soon as the deadline for mailing a card is this week. Again, a BIG thanks to all who are participating. It means so much to me!! That's what friends are for right?? You all totally rock.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Short and sweet!!

Here's a super cute Cosmo Cricket (Garden Variety)card I recently made. Very busy again this week!! Hope this post isn't too long!! Tami

PS. There's still time to sign up for my first Cosmo Cricket class at Smudges tomorrow Wednesday, May 5 at 10:30. Email me or call Smudges if you want to join us. We are making five sweet cards using a wonderful assortment of Cosmo Cricket goodies!! Can't wait. See you then. Happy Tuesday and thanks for peeping in friends. : )

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Make and Take from We're Stamping Mad

I made this card at a paid Make and Take on Sat. while out with my friend Ruth Ann. We had a great day and visited two stores. Our first stop was the Stamp Garden in White Bear and they had a very lovely Make and Take. What a classy store Dawn has with such beautiful card samples. They even tie their cards down with jute. I couldn't believe it. How very sad they have to do that. Guess it takes all types. Hopefully no one snips off any samples. It was great seeing lots of people I haven't seen in a very long time.

Went to Archiver's and a few other places on Sunday. I know BAD me. I can't seem to get a grip on my bad habits. I swear its the coupons that rope me in. Anyway I have edited my original post as a few people made comments I *chat* too much. Well...that is true but there are worse things in life. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Wednesday. Tami

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!!

Wow, I can't believe its the first day of May. Did anyone get a May basket on their door? We used to do this when I lived in New England. I feel I got one as my birthday celebration continued. My friend RA gave me four of the new Tim Holtz inks and some neat owl ribbon for my b-day. I love the card she made me too. I will post it this coming week with her permission. It is gorgeous and I love anything made with embossing folders. RA showed me her newest collection of embossing folders and what a pretty continer she has from Joanne's she stores them in. I have to have it. Yikes there I go again. Bad Tami.

I got my haircut this morning and I absolutely love the cut. Thanks rock girl. RA picked me up and we headed to Caribou Coffee. I had the best day at The Stamp Garden (White Bear Lake) and then We're Stampin' Mad (Osseo). We didn't make it to Smudges for their Make and Take but we wanted to. Sorry Leslie, Trish and Connie but we just ran out of time. Reminder, I will be doing a Make and Take next Saturday at Smudges from 12-3 PM so mark it on your calendar now. I worked on my sample card last nite and playing around with some October Afternoon paper. I am very excited for next week. Cosmo Cricket class on Wed. at Smudges 10:30 am. Email me if you want to come. I am taking a class on Thursday nite with two friends at Archiver's Unity/Cosmo Cricket. Can't wait!! Can you say yummy and what a nice marriage. I do not own an Unity stamps but I know they are quite popular.

Last stop was a late lunch at Panera. I was on cloud nine. I had the BEST day seeing lots of old friends and students. I was SO nice seeing Chris, Debbie, Patti Jo, Julie and the other girls working at We're Stampin' Mad. I could go on and on because there are lots of nice ladies out there. It was fun meeting Jennifer. I have to visit her blog now. Anyway, I am pooped out from all the excited so I will be lazy tonight and watch a movie. I only bought like five small items today. I was really good. Paper (Graphic 45, a frog stamp, Hero Art MAN bling, and a tube of Flower Soft) Not bad for me. Thanks for stopping by. Today's card is from a card kit I bought at the Pine City Scrapbooking Store by We R Memory Keepers. I hope I got the vendor correct. I jazzed up the card a bit. I will be mailing this card to Sami to thank her for my birthday gifts and to congratulate her on Annie. Annie her new doggie slept with her last nite and she just loves her. Remember I am giving away blog candy in a couple weeks. You just need to mail her a card and your name will go in the hat. SO far wicked Lindsay in MA is the winner!! Hope you are having a great day. Tami PS. Please excuse me for not highlighting or proofreading anything. I am too darn tired and yesterday I broke my old glasses. Luckily I have a new backup pair but I have to get them adjusted becasue they fall down on my nose. Sherry I was *naughty* yesterday. I went to Target (my hairdresser had just left so no haircut on Friday) after Anchor Paper. Do you think I shopped at Anchor after I dropped my class board off??? Hmmmm....NO, not me. I am watching the Kentucky Derby now and I love it. Today it was so windy and an overcast but I had the best day ever out and about. It was SO great sitting down and being a participant. Loved it so much CHRIS....thank you so much. I need to get out more!!