Monday, May 17, 2010

A quick hello friends!!

Hello! Happy Monday.

So much going on right now in my little world. I will try and spare you the details!! Today's card is one from a card kit and was sent to my friend in CO. I will be announcing the blog candy (isn't that DANDY?) winner soon after I speak to my family so no worries. A BIG thanks to all that participated. It meant the world to me and I know Sami and Mother Ellie will certainly enjoy the cards. The winner will be posted on my blog and hope to get the prize out as soon as possible. I am swamped with class preparations (designing and kiting) which is a good thing but hard on my hands (handling all the paper and washing my hands so frequently). I also need to make two sets of ATCs and come up with a project by Wed. evening for our ATC monthly meeting. Yikes. Then there's the garage sale. Oh my goodness. I am feeling stress just writing all this. I am not sure if I will be able to pull everything off?? We shall see. My poor little red car has been misbehaving again and I'm freaking out over it. Its hard to get places without reliable wheels. Both of my classes this week are planned as scheduled on Tuesday evening (Anchor Paper) and Wednesday afternoon (Smudges). You still have time to sign up -or- you may order the class kits. I am very pleased with my class samples. Have a good week peeps filled with lots of sunshine. Our MN weather has been simply beautiful lately. The forecast for this week is more gorgeous weather and I'll take it thank you very much. Sunshine makes me very happy. I need to transplant my patio flowers and plants before they die. I got another visit from the flower fairy yesterday. WOW!! My friends are the BEST!! I hope you all have a super week and thanks for the visit. Why not sprinkle a little love my way doves?? Sure could use some more *sunshine* to get me through this busy week. Tami PS. I did not go to the Rubber Stamp Expo. Miracles do happen to those that believe. How was your weekend? Sorry for the long post but I guess I'm making up for my lack of blogging and its kind of my way for destressing a bit. If you received this twice its because I forgot to proofread the first one before I pressed "publish post".


~amy~ said...

hey sista...nice 'seeing' ya! Love today's card...gotta love plaid:)

Well, good for you for not going to the stamp expo! I shouldn't have shopped on Saturday at the heirloom show...I spent too much money and started my nestie's collection:)

have a super week Tami!

Tracy said...

Now this my kinda card. Pink!!!! Awesome card baby. So glad Sis and Mom are enjoying all the cards.


Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

Tami, I LOVE this card. Just too cute and I am sure HL is going to love it too.
Congrats for staying home and not going to the EXPO. Keep working on those kits and the garage sale stuff.
See you Friday in Eagan at the garage sale.

Chris said...

Hey there Tami!
I just heart this card. So reminds me of madras bermuda shorts and summertime! Hang in there girlfriend!!

Grandma Jan said...

You are busy. I love the Thanks card - so bright and cheery.
I did a new project this weekend with stamps and I can't wait to share but I'm trying to hold off until at least Wed PM at club.
Looking forward to all the weekend fun too.
Hang in there - you're a women - you can do it ALL.

Mary said...

Your card is beautiful Tami. You have been very busy with your classes. I was wondering why I had not heard from you. I hop that you can get your stress level down. Not healthy for you. :(

I will call you soon ok?