Sunday, May 2, 2010

Make and Take from We're Stamping Mad

I made this card at a paid Make and Take on Sat. while out with my friend Ruth Ann. We had a great day and visited two stores. Our first stop was the Stamp Garden in White Bear and they had a very lovely Make and Take. What a classy store Dawn has with such beautiful card samples. They even tie their cards down with jute. I couldn't believe it. How very sad they have to do that. Guess it takes all types. Hopefully no one snips off any samples. It was great seeing lots of people I haven't seen in a very long time.

Went to Archiver's and a few other places on Sunday. I know BAD me. I can't seem to get a grip on my bad habits. I swear its the coupons that rope me in. Anyway I have edited my original post as a few people made comments I *chat* too much. Well...that is true but there are worse things in life. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Wednesday. Tami


Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

This is a cute card and I am sure Jodi is going to appreciate you giving it to her.
Archivers make n' take isn't worth the trip this time my friend.

~amy~ said...

Sweet card! Archivers....I wish we had those out here....have a super Sunday!

Chris said...

Hey Ms. Tami! Here is some bloggie love!!
Wow, what a cute card. You did a great job jazzing it up a bit. Thanks for all the name dropping. I was only the teacher, the nice gals at WSM created the card.
Talk to you soon!