Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thinking of my MOM

Hi friends. I am beat from working hard on classes. I need my Mother. Anyway I am wicked excited to be teaching at Smudges today and seeing all the special ladies that frequently take my classes. They are the best and we always have fun at Smudges. I will be there all day as our ATC group meets in the evening and I still don't have my ATCs made yet not to mention last months. Yikes, I feel bad but that's life...busy busy busy. It has been really HOT lately which is unusual for MN in May but I'll take the gorgeous weather along with some much needed rest!! No rest for the wicked. HA HA.

Here's a card I made for *Mother Ellie* from a card kit I purchased in Pine City. Speaking of Pine City, my classes have been submitted and I am just waiting for the confirmation. You can stay overnite right in the back at the Pine City Retreat Center. I love going there and I can hardly wait for June to arrive. A working mini vacation. Happy Wednesday and I will post some of my class samples just as soon as I get a breather and can scan them all. Tami

I have not forgotten about the blog candy but honestly I have not had time to call sis. Sami is busy too as she hasn't returned my email. Hang tight. I ordered the prize so I am waiting for it to arrive. Thanks for your patience. TTYL gators.


Lynette said...

Busy, busy Tami! :) Pretty card. Good luck with your ATCs.

Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

Cute card and your Mom will love it. Have fun at Smudges today.

~amy~ said...

What a sweet & cheery card...she's going to love it! Have a great time at class today!!

Grandma Jan said...

Love the card. Love the class updates. I really do have to do laundry. Take time to relax, have a cup of coffee and create.