Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Updated May Class Schedule...Read all about it!!

New Classes are on the 'ole blog. I was finally able to update my May classes without any troubles with Blogger. Whew and doing the happy dance!! I hope you locals can join me for a class or two this month!! Smudges is now carrying Cosmo Cricket products and I am happy as a pig in you know what!!

Who's going to the Rubber Stamp Expo this weekend at the State Fairgrounds?? Leave me a comment and let me know if you are planning on going. I can't decide what to do but the right thing would be to stay the heck home and gather *stuff* for an upcoming garage sale next week and another new/used stamp sale in June. Then I can worry about *bringing* in more new *stuff*!! Can anyone relate to my situation?? Thanks for popping in today. Tami

Here's a cute picture of Sami's new doggie Annie. Isn't she sweet? I think so and I'm really happy for middle sis. Wish it was me!! Later.


Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

Oh little Annie is so cute and glad to hear my card made it safely to Sami.

~amy~ said...

aha...I think I put in Sami's card for you to post a pic of Annie...you must have sensed it since I mailed the card today...LOL..glad that blogger is cooperating with you now:)

Grandma Jan said...

Off to move laundry and on to bed. Annie is adorable. Hope you are having a fun week.

Lindsay M. said...

Awwwwwww Annie is too freakin adorable!!!!! I love her name!!! Fits her perfectly!! Is she a Carin terrier!?? Sooo cute!!!
I sent Sami and Annie a card today!!! I ment to send it last week, but totally had a brain fart!!! LOL!!!!

Tracy said...

Oh my heck, Annie is THE cutest little ball of fur ever!! Giving her a big ol squeeze from Calif.