Thursday, October 29, 2009

My second post today....WOW WEE!!

Here's the card I gave Sherry yesterday at Caribou Coffee. She gave me some dew drops so I had to prove to her I used some!! I just auto enhanced the card before I posted it which makes it brighter. You likey?? I have to get ready now for another great day out on the town!! I feel like going to Target(I have a Halloween gift card to spend and I can't stand it). I also want to pop into the Wayzata library today for a little quiet time. Its also $3 Punch Pizza day for you locals but you have to be signed up with Punch Pizza to get their email. Then a person has to go to their website and then print a coupon. Its their Halloween special for RIP pizzas good today only 10/29!! I have to hurry back home and make my weekly Memory Box card for tomorrow before I speak to my good friend in CO tonight. They got slammed with up to three feet of snow yesterday. I will get the scoop-a-poop tonight!! Can you say wow wee that's a lot of white stuff and shoveling?! Or some good skiing or snowboarding. I *plan* to be back tonight with another card MAYBE??? Have a super duper day my friends...Tami!! :D'

PS. Again, I'm just a jumping for JOY knowing there's one less mouse in my house. Woo hoo. I'm watching the Early Show on CBS today for a little diversion and honest to Pete they are reviewing hand sanitizer. It now comes in fancy plastic bottles. Some people are such suckers!! Designer lotion, what will they think of next?? As long as it has 60% alcohol in it a person is all set.


Sherry said...

Tami, I love that card you gave me yesterday and had so much fun running errands with a little bit (okay alot) of shopping thrown in.

Thanks for the early birthday lunch you know Chipolte is one of my favorite spots.

Nancy said...

You have been a busy bee my girl...I'm going to have to catch up on things this weekend. I adore this!! Fun, fun fun!! Who makes that patterned paper?

Mary said...

Another verypretty card from you. I love the fall colors Tami.

I am so glad that you got rid of your mouse. You will have to tell me how you did it.

I hope you were able to get out today.