Monday, October 26, 2009

Mouse Update

I am SO bummed....No fricken dead mice. I'm going to Plan B tonight. A new manufacturer. Deacon was a loser. Tonight it will be Ortho. I want it DEAD and fast!! I'm so grossed out by it!!

Today I'm posting a Memory Box card I made for a friend last week. This is a real quickie blog before I go to Chrystal to return Irene's chocolate cake which has been in my car since the Halloween party on Sat. I know its hard to believe I didn't go out to my car and get the cake to have a piece. I actually forgot about it until she called me again today. So many people left stuff behind at the party especially Jan. Unbelievable!! Who's jar of pickles do I have? It is NOT Cheryl's so now I'm a pickle thief!! Too funny. Anyway I have a COPIC Techniques class tomorrow night at Anchor Paper Plymouth. Anyone local want to join me for a coloring good time?? It starts at 5:30 and goes till 7:45 as the store closes at 8 pm. We are working on four cards. Tonight's my favorite show Dancing with the Stars. I can hardly wait!! Thanks for stopping by and today I'd like to say HELLO to Lindsay....NO not Cosmo Cricket Lindsay or another one in MN, I'm talking about WICKED Lindsay in MA!! Actually aren't all Lindsays wicked? Ha Ha!! I think so!! MA Girlfriend, I hope you put my Halloween card in the mail as yours is going postal tomorrow. Have a super duper evening. Mousey you are dead meat when that trap gets a hold of you!! Ta Ta and stop back tomorrow. Tami :D'


Donna said...

Cute card, Tami!

I hope you catch your mouse. Have a great week!

Armie said...

Hello Tami,

Hope you have a better luck catching the mouse..they're not fun to be around with... and that NEXT brand better work..!!

Awesome card, as always. Such a treat to come here and see great stuff..this is really niceeee!! I love the colors and I don't think I have this image. Hmmm..I better check.. TFS :o)

Sherry said...

great card. I love that mb tree.

here's hoping you catch Mr. Mouse soon.

Mary said...

Oh my gosh! How did I miss this card. I love it Tami.