Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby its cold outside

Good evening!! We are having our first real winter storm right this very moment and its like 17 degrees at 10 pm. I went out in this mess around 4:30 today as I had to run a few errands including renting Julia and Julie. I can't wait to watch it and what's even sweeter is I received a free rental at Cub for Redbox because I purchased a box of Alieve. Sweet!! I may not be able to return it tomorrow if I'm snowed in!! Onto the card. I have been saving this very sweet card I got from my friend Sherry and its a good thing because today I needed a birthday card for my little sister. It didn't scan too well but trust me it is precious. Today I wrote out my first Christmas card that I purchased for my parents. Yes you did read that right. I know, I know but I just couldn't help myself!! They were at Michaels and only one dollar. You just can't beat that!! Today I had to take a day off from stamping and making class kits as the whole process was making me crazy and my eyes were hurting along with a bad headache. I also needed to stay the heck out of Archiver's after going to three different stores to stamp, process orders, and make up kits in just one week. I did pop into Caribou Coffee tonight to just stop for a moment and gather my thougths as I've been so swamped lately which is always a good thing. Hope you are having a good week and staying warm my friends. My Friday Holiday Card Class is on at Caribou Coffee from 6-10 pm. I can't wait to see everyone. I will try and post another card this week as time permits. I haven't been able to respond to all my emails so I'm sorry. 'Tis the season you know. Later!! Its movie time. Tami


~amy~ said...

SWEET card girlie...

Did you LOVE the movie?

Grandma Jan said...

Did you enjoy the movie? I picked up a copy at Target, but it's so great I'll watch it again and again.

Good to hear that you are out of the wind and snow. It wasn't as bad as thought on Wednesday and I did get into work and home again. Slippery though.

Have a great week and a great holiday. Keep us posted.

Tracy said...

How was Julie & Julia???? I'm going to watch it tonight if I can get a break from the family. :) They usually interrupt me like 100 times when I try to get a little alone time.
Your card is precious. You know I can't resist anything with pink. But the image of this little girl is adorable.