Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

Wishing everyone a very blessed Thanksgiving. I am thankful for many things but especially my family and friends. I wanted to share some funny turkey images I found on the web. Woke up around 4:30 today and it is freezing out. Brrrr!! We still don't have any snow. Not a single flake this month which is unheard of in this state. Did you know MN is the largest turkey producing state? I did not. I keep wanting to go out for coffee and pick up the newspaper but its so toasty on the sofa watching the tube and surfing for Black Friday sales. I am curled up under a nice warm blanket and waiting for the Macy's parade to come on. I usually watch it every year. I hope you have a nice and relaxing day. Its time to gobble gobble!! What is your favorite Thanksgiving food item? I would have to say mine is stuffing with some good gravy and pumpkin pie with real whipped cream. So who's going shopping tomorrow? I think I may go but I really shouldn't. I've already done enough damage this week!! I can't even believe Michael's is open today on Thanksgiving no less but not until later in the day. I think its 5-9 pm?? I may have to pop in just for the heck of it and say hello to the girls. Why not?? We shall see. Thanks for stopping by and don't eat too much turkey. Tami


Grandma Jan said...

I'll save a drumstick for you. Should I mail it?
Hugs and have a cozy day.

Nancy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Tami!! I hope you got my e-mail. I hope you had a very nice day. I don't know if I could pick one favorite food, I really like stuffing too....I love yams too, I know, kind of funny huh? So did you go to Michael's?

~amy~ said...

I hope that you had a magnificent T-day!!!!!

Mary said...

Oh you are a riot! I love the turkey photos they are so funny. Tamiyou have such a great sense of humor. Ddi you go to your friends for Thanksgiving Day diner?

I love chocolate cream pie with real cream. I alos love candied yams. :)

No snow here yet either but that can change tomorrow. :) Lets keep our fingers crossseed that we will not get snow until Christmas. Stay warm Tami.