Friday, November 20, 2009

ATCs Part II

More ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) as promised!! I rescanned Ruth Ann's ATC as it was pointing in the wrong direction. Donna made the COOL *grungy* one and mine is the turkey card because I am Tami the Turkey!! Gobble Gobble. And, last but not least is Erin's. She made the Coexist one to honor their family dog Morgan. He recently went to doggie heaven. Speaking of dogs, I know two people that recently lost their dog Trish and Bob the owners of Smudges and my nephew Gino. In both cases, their dogs Jack and Otis respectively dashed out in front of cars and sadly both were killed. My heart is heavy for all three of these families. So so sad. One driver stopped (NH) and the other one here in MN did not.

I will post Erin's ATC card next and I will try and find a photo of my nephew's dog Otis. All so very sad. I never did get a chance to met Otis. I hope all the doggies are resting peacefully in doggie heaven. My immediate family in NH have lost three dogs this year. Thanks for swinging by today. Tami


Grandma Jan said...

Cute! Cute!

~amy~ said...

fun ATC's...sorry about the dogs...that is sad...especially about the driver that did NOT stop...that's pretty horrible...

I hope you have a great weekend girlie!

Lindsay M. said...

OMG Tami!!!!! That is absolutly horrible about the dogs!!!!!! I would have just died if I saw that happen to my dogs!!!! I am so very truely sorry about their loss!!!! I would love to send them a card if you wanna E-mail me their address. I can't imagine what they are going through. so very sad!!

Those cards are very beautiful! Wonderful colors and details!!


Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about the dogs, tami. how sad and my thoughts are with your friends.

the atcs are so great! i spotted yours right away...they are all beautiful! i love seeeing atcs...quite addicting to make and swap:) i hope that you get some more members for your group, as it sounds like alot of fun!
take care; tinla