Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lots of guilt....please forgive me!!

I am so sorry I've been neglecting my sweet little Bloggie. Sometimes he's just a BIG pain in my butt and quite honestly I don't feel like doing it most days. But have no worries as I have lots to share with you on this lovely and warm evening as I sit here and watch Ugly Betty. First up the *Manly card* I promised last week showcasing my new and improved faux button skills I learned from Sherry. I've been passing it along to my friends/students so sew on sisters!! I really do love buttons and that's all due to my good friend Wendy. This card has an antique button on it so its extra special to me and I think I did a fine job cropping it. Ohh la la. Back to my button fetish. Wendy and I have gone antiquing a few times and I actually started to enjoy it more and more each time. When I grew up in New England I was constantly around antiques and I developed a love/hate relationship for them. We won't even get into Oriental rugs tonight! I did attend several auctions with my aunt and uncle (they were antique dealers) and my grandparents. I didn't really care too much for antiques because it seemed I was always dusting them or hand washing fine china and other special dishes at our large family holiday gatherings. And, spring and fall cleaning....double yuck!! Oh there's more but I won't get into it all now. I had to hand wash all those dishes, glassware, and nick knacks. So what I'm getting at is I never wanted to go antiquing with Wendy but I started to love it when we went a few times in northern MN especially in Crosby, MN. I began to get a high from the hunt!! Then Wendy got me into old photos. I was her private shopper. I knew what she liked in a photo. And when I scored, I loved my findings! Some of those babies (buttons) are on my cards and are used in my classes. Imagine that. Lastly I worked for two BIG antique dealers in NH and I had to pack and unpack lots of dishes from big semis. So who knew several years later while living in MN I'd love antiques again. Sorry to bore you with this big long story. Tami :]"

PS...My little college niece taught me a new smiley face today. I love it! I now totally dig Facebook another new thing I love to waste time on. OK I better get real and post more cards. Isn't that what stampers do on their blogs and pimp product??? Well I'm telling you to look at buttons in a whole new way. Tonight my entries will focus on buttons. Have a good evening and thanks for stopping by. I did have blog troubles a few days ago and a big chunks of my blog diaappeard. It was so scaray. I got so frustrated I just threw the towel in. Speaking of pimping stuff, have you seen Taylor's new Easter cupcake stamps? I will be getting them somehow come hell or high water. Thanks for the comments as always.

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