Friday, April 23, 2010

Bigger is better!!

I tried to enlarge my card because I am in love with it (HA HA) thanks Jan. This is a test...a Tami test and also for peeps with bad eyesight such as myself. Time to hit the hay!!

Stay tuned for a CANDY alert and NO not blog candy. Go teach, go teach...Pure Innocence oh that would be Candy #1!!! I know a lot of you do not know what this means but I will explain next week. There's a new kid in town. Woo hoo!! I'll bring Candy an apple better yet chocolate. Here's a little teaser. I have two really awesome friends Sandy and Candy I mean Sandy and Carrie. After all these years I still mess up their names so its easier to call them *Candy* although I kept calling the birthday gal Sandy (Candy #2) Sandra. Its all so silly willy but we have fun and gosh darn it do we ever miss HT. What about Helen??? Bad Helen just abandoned me but it was fun seeing her and Karen P. on Thursday. Poor woodey girl!! Boo hoo!! OK too much information at this late hour but this paragraph is mostly for *The Candies*. They even come bearing candy!! Thanks girls. And remember, life is a beach. I need a beach (Cape Cod would be SO nice) but if you live in this state you have 10,000 lakes!! I am crazy and I need rest. So glad my test worked. Go Tami!!


Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

Great Graphic 45 card. You are in a silly mood. Must have had a great day. I know you sure did brighten mine with your phone call.

~amy~ said...

Whatta coolio card...thanks for making it bigger for my old eyes...seriously, I wook on a netbook...the screen is tiny:)

Anonymous said...

Yup, it was a great day, great class, lots of laughs. Candy was fun too. Candy, Candy and candy. Miss you Hannelore. wish you'd come back for a marathon week of card making!! Carrie