Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Pops!!

My Dad's birthday is coming up in May and I want to send him this card which just happens to be a card I am teaching Let's Get Graphic (Graphic 45 papers and tags)at Anchor Paper Plymouth Thursday, May 18 at 5:30 pm. Additionally, I bought my Dad a card from my friend Sherry as he loves golf and I just couldn't pass up her Graphic 45 card!! This year he will get two birthday cards because he is SO special and an avid golfer. He eat, sleeps and dreams golf. I am up late again taking care of business. I have a very busy Friday planned and will be dropping off my Graphic 45 class board at Anchor Paper . Finally getting a much needed haircut!! Looking forward to May 1st as its National Scrapbooking Day and lots of stores are having specials and Make and Take events. I am planning on joining my friend Ruth Ann for a little fun around town minus my wallet!! Yah right on that one!! I must be good as I've been very bad in April. NO BIG surprise there.

Next up...I feel like doing some blog candy again because I am almost at 20,000 blog hits and my sister Sami is adopting a new doggie today Annie. She and my Mom are driving over two hours to MA to pick up Annie. Sami had to go through an extensive adoption process for Annie who is a rescue dog and was even interviewed by a woman at her home. WOW but I totally understand why. I am SO happy for her and she certainly deserves to get another dog after losing Yoda last year. If you want in on my blog candy just mail Sami a happy dog card or any card for that matter. Just leave me a comment here and I will email you her address next week. The deadline will be in two weeks May 15 to get a card to her. You could possibly win a very nice prize . If she gets over 20 cards I will give out a second prize. I will have Sami put all the names in a bowl like last time and have Mother Ellie pick the winner on Sunday, May 16. Prize will be mailed out the following week or if you are local I will get it to you. Last time I did this Armie in Alaska won. We (my family and I) play fair so its a good chance to win some nice blog candy!! I will gather up the loot and have one of my friends photograph the prize(s) for me to post on my blog just as soon as I can. Thank you so much in advance if you do participate and I know this will certainly brighten Sami's day. Who doesn't love to receive happy mail and let's face it we all have lots of cards and supplies. Thanks fo stopping by today. Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend. Its raining here in MN. What are your plans for the weekend?? I plan on just *looking* and being a good girl. I will let you know how things go on Sunday so stop back then. Tami : p


Lindsay M. said...

Wooohoooo tami!!!! I love love love that card!!!! How awesoe is that car!!! Such a great guy card!!

What an awesome idea for blog candy!!! To send your sus some doggy cards!!! Well of course I can't pass that up!!!!! LOL!!! Im going to make her a card right now!!!! Congrats of her new pup!!!! Do you know what kind of dog she is?? Thats so exciting!!!!! Yay!!!!!!


Grandma Jan said...

Love the card. I made the yellow convertible earlier this week at your sweet class.
I am just packing up the car and heading down the road.
You have a nice weekend too.

Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

Great card and your Dad is going to love it.

~amy~ said...

Okay, great card...I'm in for the candy so send me your sisters snail mail... I have a very cute poppy stamp that will be perfect-o!

Tracy said...

Just popped a card in the mail for Sami & Annie this morning!! You need to show us some pics of the new dog!

Love you!

anthonette said...

Hi Tami. I'm ARmie's sis. I just made a card this morning and mailed it out this afternoon. Hopefully you'll get it okay. Even my 5 year old daughter made one! Thank you so much!

Armie said...

Hello Tami,

I know I'm soo late on seeing this post but I just wanted to let you know I made her a card and, hopefully, it will get there on time. If not, that's quite alright too just as long as the card gets to her. :o) It's always nice to get "happy mail" whether it's late or early :o). TTYL. I will email you too after this. Take care and great to hear from you again! :o)