Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello and how do you do??

Had a blast at Lunds Sat. evening with the chicklets Cosmo Cricket style!! Its always a real treat getting stampy with my friends. Its very late and I need sleep before my big coffee date with another crafty chick Sherry, the button woman. Anyway here's my card, short and sweet. Have a great Sunday and if you attend church please pray for me. Thanks for stopping by as always. I will share a little late night humor with you but its really not too funny and thankfully the Lord was watching over me. It was raining and pretty wet when I got home Sat. evening and my eyesight with glasses is not the greatest. Anyhoo for some strange reason I had troubles backing up into my side of the driveway (I share with my neighbor). Well low and behold, bam...I backed right up into my BIG garbage can which smashed into the garage door. I was SO tired and SO scared to get out of my car and look at my poor garage door. Whew no damage that I could see but I will have to recheck it later in the daylight. Then I had to unpack all the crafty junk in my trunk...can you say SO much stuff!! It ain't easy being me!! Have a pleasant day. Tami PS...Dang girls where is the LOVE??


Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

Tami, cute card love that CC paper and I am so jealous you have it and I don't.
I am looking forward to our coffee/play date later today.
Hope the garage looks okay when you step outside today.

Grandma Jan said...

Church - yes; pray for you - yes, did that too. Have a great day.
Love the card. It turned out cute. Love that CC paper. It's so bright and cheery.

Anonymous said...

Tami, doesn't it just figure a mishap will happen when you're practically bleary-eyed to begin wirh? Sorry that happened to you! I love the card and the awesome paper. You made it sing!

Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

Thanks for giving me this AWESOME card I LOVE it.

Mary said...

Oh my another beauty! I love the new Cosmo papers. So cheerful. Great card. Wish I lived near to you so that I could take your classes.


Lindsay M. said...

Cosmo cricket rules!!!!! Omg love the colors o this card!!!! Great choice!!!! It's so adorable!!!! You wicked clever girl!!!!!!