Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sweet nephew!!

This is the card I mailed off to my nephew today. He loves to swim and summer is almost over so I thought it may work for a soon to be 17 year old. My parents have a beautiful built in pool and Gino likes to have friends over so hopefully its not too feminine for him!! I'd hate to embarrass him. What matters most is the check inside right?? I intended to get him three different gift cards but I ran out of time because I waited until the end to write out his card. You know the 'ole procrastination excuse!! I did send my little sister and my niece each a card so I have to give myself a BIG pat on the back. One of the cards was not hand-made. I know shame on me. Right as I was leaving for the PO today the UPS man pulled up and delievered my long awaited laptop part. I got so excited thinking my laptop would finally be fixed when I got home from my errands. I pulled out the old and threw it in the trash. Well can you believe my new AC power adaptor cord will NOT fit in the hole. I give up. Now I need to return two cords and hopefully get two charge credits on the 'ole Visa. Needless to say I am NOT a happy camper right now. I could just scream but there is no time as I have work to do. I better close for now. Thanks to all my online friends and students that have been buying stamps from me. Every little bit helps. Happy Friday. Remember to check out my Friday blog on the Memory Box website. Thanks for stopping by. I will try and blog tomorrow after I get home. Happy day! Tami :D


Grandma Jan said...

Cute card. Boyish too. Gino will love it, especially if he gets a pool party too. Wish we could join the party at the pool.

~amy~ said...

Your card is happy and man'ish...boyish...masculine...dang, are you kidding got another wrong power cord???!!! What's up pup?!!!!