Monday, December 6, 2010

December greetings and the heat is on!!!

I am happy as a clam and NO longer freezing my you know what off. Sorry I've been absent for so long but my life has been a whirlwind lately however I am still alive and kicking!! Thanks for all the nice emails my dear friends. I've been taking care of business which does not leave much time for blogging. Now that I finally have my furnace repaired its time to bring my car into the shop on Tuesday. Its always something in Tami's world.

I have tons of new cards to share with you however I have to bring them to the library to scan them so I can post a few. Take care now and please stay warm. Feel free to leave me a little love as God knows I certainly need it now more than ever. 'Tis the season for the crazies too. Don't you just love when people wig out over the smallest things and are just plain rude? I witnessed this yesterday in a coffee shop. "Geeze Louise" as the Minnesotans say. I say take a chill pill lady. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. Tami


sherryann (aka Sherry Eckblad) said...

So nice to see you back here and glad to hear that heat is finally fixed.
See you Thursday.

~amy~ said...'re back!!!!

Geeze Louise...I say that:)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I've missed your blogging and am so happy you're back again. Glad the heat is back on... that's a good thing at this time of year in MN. Hope you get to the library soon. Can't wait to see some more Tami cards. The cards in your recent classes were phenomenal, as always!

Anonymous said...

Miss you Tami! So happy to know things are looking up. I'll be watching for your card posts. Hugs and keep warm! Wendy

Grandma Jan said...

A warm house is always a good thing in December. Glad yours is fixed.
Love the furnace clip art you found. It's adorable. Can't wait to see the new lovely Tami creations on your blog. Take care and stay warm.

Mary said...

Tami, I am so glad to hear that your furnace is now working. It must have been tough without having the heat. :( Talk to you tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

so sorry about the furnace and the car, tami!! hope everything is better now. looking forward to seeing your cards; you have always had the best eye for details!!! take care and hugs; tinla

Docu-life said...

Hey Tami -

I dropped off the face of the Earth for almost a year - so this is me coming back to life. EMAIL ME please cause I NEED to do some crafting and need to take a class or two from you!!!

I miss you lady and hope to hear from you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donna said...

HELLO? Are you OKAY?

Brad Fallon said...

So glad to know things are looking up. I'll be waiting for your card posts.

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