Monday, September 1, 2008

Halloween & Fall stamps for sale LOT!!

I am selling all these Fall stamps for only $10 plus shipping. I will throw in some little fall leaves in assorted colors. They add a nice touch on your cards. Email me if you want these treasures! I'm going to give this a try and see how it goes.

Edited: This file will not upload so email me if you'd like to see the stamps and I will send you the file. They are NOT A Muse. The lot includes: Hero Arts, Magenta, Inky Antics, Printworks, and a few other companies. There are a total of 7 stamps plus little leaves and a few yards of ribbon. Such a deal at only $10 plus shipping!!

I have lots of older wood mounted stamps that need a new home. I'm sad to report lots of them have never hit the ink pads. Imagine that???!!! : ] Here's a partial list:

12 Penny Black stamps, 3 Magenta, tons of older DeNami, 3 PSX, Printworks and Annette Allen Watkins, lots of Hero Arts, and a *LOT* of shadow stamps from Hero (special deal for all of them), and Inky Antics (most of them are snowmen). I also have 4 CARD magazine books for sale. Dec. 2006, Jan. thur Mar. 2007. All priced to sell quickly!

This is just a start! It takes so much time to handle the stamps, scan them, price them, etc. All you have to do is contact me and we will go from there. I will send you a picture of them as time permits. I prefer money orders. Here's my first batch. Come on, buyers needed!! I will throw in a few yds. of ribbon. Any takers?? I NEED to move these out of my house and into your hands. Thanks for stopping by and reading this silly post.


mnhyrkas said...

might be interested but need some pics first of what you have available. I'll watch for a picture/post. thanks

mnhyrkas said...

oops- see your update with file upload issues. you can email me at mnhyrkas/yahoo