Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hey you sweet Bellas...I'm back!!

Hello my stampy friends!

I am still alive and well so thanks to all of you who have missed me. WOW it was really overwhelming!! It's kind of hard to update your blog when your laptop-less!! Last weekend I attended Scrapfest at Mall of America for two whole days of fun!! I had a blast with my friends. I certainly needed a little cheer so it was great to get out to the mall as I don't get there enough during the year!! It was my fourth year attending but this year I did not work there so I had plenty of time to check out all the exciting companies and see their new products!! It's always a total mob scene but the eye candy is so worth all the pain of standing in long lines and fighting the massive crowds. Let me tell those of you that do not live in MN this mall is HUGE!! This is the first year I did not shop at Archiver's in the mall and let's just say it was a good thing!! My pocketbook thanks me!! I know its hard to believe but we did manage to do a little shopping twice no less in the Archiver's Hot Spot area. I scooped up some super deals on ribbon and of course more bling for my Halloween cards. Its always fun to chat with people from all over the country while waiting in the long lines for the make and takes. I plan to hopefully write more about my Scrapfest experience just as soon as I have a working computer and more time. A big shout out to Cosmo Cricket and Doodlebug! They totally rocked the house or should I say Scrapfest!!

Here's a Stamping Bella card I recently taught at Smudges in Chanhassen, MN. I had a great turnout so thanks to all the great ladies that came to my Sweet Stuff class. I use to teach lots of stamping classes at Smudges and I'm SO happy to be back teaching at this wonderful store!! A lot of my friends and students live in the area and have been asking me to teach there for a long time. Why the heck did I wait SO long???? I hope you can join me soon. If so, please call the store to sign up for my next class Let's Cuttle-bug on Oct. 1 at Smudges. I will be using an assortment of Cuttlebug embossing folders, stamps from Smudges and other fun embellishments including pretty ribbons and papers.

Next subject. A BIG yes to all of you that have noticed I am no longer a part of the A Muse Instructor program. If you would like to know more about this please email me and I will be happy to answer your questions. Thanks for all your emails and phone calls. Life is full of surprises both pleasant and unpleasant. I believe certain things happen for a reason and are truly a blessing in disguise. I will NOT let anyone or any company take the JOY out of my love for stamping and teaching classes. I look forward to teaching with other *new* stamping lines as there are so many wonderful choices nowadays. It will be so great to give my other stamps some much needed love. I will certainly miss my A Muse friends especially Emily after three years of being a part of the A Muse Instructor program. I still plan to make both Halloween ATCs for those of you who have asked me as well as teach a few A Muse classes so no worries. I am finally happy to get this whole subject off my chest and move on. Change is good and I look forward to teaching some new classes! End of subject. :D

Lastly, my laptop is getting shipped off this coming week for repair just as soon as I receive a box. Like previously stated, I did write this post a while back. It has been edited numerous times due to Blogger problems and the fact that my laptop kept crashing. It was all very frustrating and time consuming. I have to go to the library nowadays to use the Internet but today I'm at Dunn Brothers Coffee finally posting this *bad boy* as I wanted to let people know I'm OK. I was going to delete my blog for personal reasons but I have decided to keep it for the time being. I want to thank all my friends and students for their love, friendship, support, and business. Again, I will still be around teaching some new classes so I hope to see some of you really soon!! Big hugs, Tami : )


Anonymous said...

Glad bloggie is back. Thanks so much for the great class on Thursday. Am looking forward to the next one. Sandy

Anonymous said...

Tami, glad to see you back you were missed. I check your blog daily to see what new and exciting cards you have to show all of us.
We need to get together soon I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Tami. Amuse doesn't realize what they have lost.

Tracy said...

Hi there!
*LOVE* the card! Not as much as I love you tho!! Glad to see you back online. You have been missed woman!

Big Hugs coming at ya!

Novell said...

I want to go to the Mall of the Americas one day! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Wishing you all the best in whatever lies ahead....

BonnieRose said...

Tami.. BIG HUGS.. shoot me an email and let me know all about your decisions.. I know it couldn't have been easy.. but u seem to have the right attitude, u go girlie, and yes, I missed u like crazy too! I love your blog... u've been doing such a great job, I wud definitely keep it up! BIG HUGS.. I know all too well. sometimes, change is what YOU NEED TO SURVIVE..

hugs.. love to u tonite,

Creative chaos. said...

I'm so proud of you! Words can't describe HOW proud of you I am!!! I'm glad you are standing up for yourself and have WONDERFUL people in your corner supporting you!

I love the card! You are TOO talented! AND I'm glad you did keep the blog, but totally understand if you didn't want to keep it! So. I'm happy!!!

I love you. I'm glad you have classes going! I'm sad I might not be able to see you while I'm home but know that I WILL see you over another break!

LOVE YOU. Send me details when you are ready!

Erin said...

Wow, I'm sorry this happened to you. I know you put all blood, sweat, and tears into A Musa A Palooza and your classes. They don't have any idea how much money this will cost them in lost sales. Don't let this get you down, your to talented for that.


Love Ya

Grandma Jan said...

Keep up the great stamping. Looking forward to Sept 28th for sure and twist my arm and I may be at Smudges on Oct 1 - do I need to call to register?
We need to get together soon but you'll be on the road so I'll catch you when I can. I would love to see your great samples from your recent classes. Send me some when your computer returns from it's service call.
Hugs, Jan

Kristina Lewis said...

Your friends have your back, woman! Don't let anything stop your fabulous talent and creativity! Any company you adopt will be so lucky to have you!!

Anonymous said...

Tami, I just want you to know that you are the most enthusiastic and inspiring lover of stamping I have ever met. Stamping is your passion and it is YOURS to freely and joyously teach and share with others. Every class you give is not just five cards, it is a reason to get excited FIVE TIMES over smashing designs! You are the master of taking an everyday little stamp and turning it into a WOWZA card. Not only have you moved on, but I believe your journey is going to be ten times more fun now. So ROCK ON and let the good times roll! Wendy

tami said...

Just popping in for a quick hello. Thanks for the blog love my little chickadees. My laptop is due back on Wed. My car is all better now. I have so many cards to share soon hopefully.

Big hugs.
Tami :D

Life is GREAT this week !! I feel so free!! Change is so good for a person!!