Sunday, October 5, 2008

My laptop is finally fixed all you witches!!

Hello my friends-

I just finished teaching 5 awesome classes in a little over a week! Whew...what a whirlwind but it was lots of fun!! Thanks to all my fabulous students and friends that attended my recent classes. I met some new stampers in my classes which is always exciting. I love people and teaching is really my thing!! There are hardly any of us left in this area anyway. I say goodbye to the meanies!!

My car is fixed (BIG ouch on the bill) and my laptop is finally back however I still need a new battery real soon. I was able to hook it up Sunday evening after I unpacked from my trip. It works great so far thank the good Lord. It was down for about a month and its hard to run your business without a computer. I will be very busy this week getting ready for more classes, processing a couple orders, and making lots of ATCs. Plus there is always bills, bills and more bills. Yuck-a-do! I have lots of new designs to share with you from my recent classes. I had an awesome weekend with my best friend Wendy and all my other great friends up on Grave Lake. The drive was so pretty on the way to Brainerd on Friday but it rained all day Sunday. We finally managed to do a little antiquing in Crosby, MN. And, we scored!! I love the hunt! I get a high from it. Again, thanks so much to everyone who took my classes. I appreciate your business and friendship as always. You ladies ROCK. I did get some new things this weekend at Create-A-Card Studio and I had two great classes at Smudges on Wednesday. I can't stop Cuttle-bugging!! Thanks Smudges. I will be working on booking more classes this week. Take care now. I will pray for peace. Tami

Here is a card I sent off to a friend. I cuttlebugged some K and Company 12 x 12 Halloween paper and made it into a Halloween card. I think most of you know I love stickles, colored staples, glitter pens, and ribbon. I'm having my fifth annual Halloween party in Moundsview on Sat. Oct. 18 at 4 pm and I'm teaching a class at Smudges on Sat. morning Nov. 1 "Fabulous Foursome." I'm working on adding a few more classes now. Have a good rest of the week. Tami


Cat said...

tami - how bizarre! i don't get those that build themselves up by tearing others down... LOVE your blog, glad your laptop is fixed - glad you're back :)

Anonymous said...

Tami, so glad to have you and bloggie back. I got tired of reading the last post on a daily basis so am looking forward to reading and seeing more.


Creative chaos. said...

I am so happy that your life is falling back into place! I am even more glad that you have your laptop again so I can get a hold of you :).

I am sad I missed you on Friday but I understand you got to make the bucks :)! Yes, I cut off my hair and I'm a fan. Jump on Facebook, their should be some new pics with my new cut on there! Or should I say spacebook ;).

I love you and love your new mantra! Way to stand up for yourself and others! You are amazing!!!

Besos chica bonita!

PennyH said...

Welcome back, Tami! So glad to hear you got your laptop fixed! :)

BonnieRose said...

Welcome back Tami!! So glad you have your laptop back and that u had so much fun with your friends up north. We all need to get away.
Life is always busy for all of us, I'm just happy u take the time to let us know what is going on in your life.. I sure miss ya!!!
And BRAVO about saying bye bye to the meanies of the world.. i stopped caring what they had to say a long time ago.. life's too short.

BonnieRose said...

I tagged u on my blog.. check out the post called 6 SECRETS.. I"m waiting! lol