Friday, October 24, 2008

Campaign to Spread the Sweetness for Taylor!!

You must check out Taylor's blog and see her three adorable new stamp set releases. Oh my sweetness she really has done it this time! I love them all and I want all her sets. Oh Santa I've been good pretty please!! As most of you probably know, Taylor has her own line of stamps and other goodies available for purchase online at her website. I say holy cool cupcakes!! And I couldn't be prouder of her as she is just so talented. I actually got to meet Taylor during Scrapfest 2007 at Mall of America here in MN. She is what I call a very talented power stamper and Taylor is so sweet just like her cupcakes. I hope you will visit her blog soon. Thanks! Tami


Anonymous said...

I love campaigns that spread sweetness. Thanks for the tip. Sandy, aka Candy

Anonymous said...

Tami Dear, I just check out Taylor's site and oh my goodness what a clever designer she is! We can all use a bit more sweetness, and this stuff is zero calories! Just love those adorable cupcake designs! Wendy

Nancy said...

Yes......they are so cute, I really want the gingerbread house set!!