Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Best Witches!

Here's my card from yesterday. Susan thanks for reminding me as I probably would have forgot to try and upload it tonight. I am not kidding when I say I tried over 30 times to upload this baby. Does anyone else have issues with Blogger or is it just me? I will be super busy on Friday as now I have two different classes on Saturday in Pine City, MN. I have to drive 2.5 hrs. prior to my first class which starts at 10 am on Saturday. Yikes. Please pray for me and my old car that we have safe travels. I still have openings in both classes if you want to come up to this beautiful store but you must email me!! This lovely store is simply unbelievable and total eye candy!! I can hardly wait to get there. Its plump full of beautiful papers, ribbons, and lots of other items. I have a huge wish list. Marni really has an eye for ordering such beautiful things and a flair for decorating. Her work is breathtaking too. The store is loaded with lots of samples. Plus, this is going to be the peak weekend for fall foilage. I'm game. This store I am teaching at is relatively new The Pine City Scrapbooking Co. and you can stay overnite or your group for crafting, cropping, stamping or quilting. I may just stay overnite on Saturday just because. I think I will pack my teddy bear and pillow just in case? Again, you must contact me or call me on Friday if you want to attend either of these classes both of which will use A Muse stamps. I had booked them long ago. That's all for now. I tivoed Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy so I have to watch Ugly Betty now. Have a great weekend. If I have time tomorrow nite I will post the birthday card I mailed off to California today for a special friend.

I ran a lot of errands today and I finally used up a gift card I had been saving for a long time. I got some lovely stamping supplies for my Fifth Annual Halloween party on Oct. 18 in Moundsview. I have seven or eight signups so far. We always have a spooktacular party. I will be selling off some stamps I no longer want and other supplies prior to the party. So come if you dare. I have to go now and make a phone call so I can't proofread this post. So sorry. Tami


Anonymous said...

Tami, another great card. I wish I could come to Pine City with you, but Justin is coming home on Saturday from Chicago. Maybe the next one.


Anonymous said...

Tami, I just love this witchy little card! You prove once again that with a bit of imagination you can brew up some great new techniques. I love that you embossed the printed picture of the witch. It adds appeal to the whole look. Wendy

Mary said...

Love,love,love this card Tami. I'm so happy thatyou are back on-line. I will be watching for your new posts and projects. :)