Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cupcake Crop Review!!

Hello peeps. I decided to treat myself and sign up for a Cupcake Crop (10 am to 10 pm)held Saturday, Nov. 15 at The Pine City Scrapbooking Co. in Pine City, MN. It was totally awesome and I would give it a 10! Marni and her very friendly staff really out did themselves and far exceeded my expectations. I can not wait to go back next year to another crop. I will be teaching a Christmas Card class there on Saturday, Nov. 29 if you'd like to join me. The class is at 1 pm and we will be making five sweet cards. I *quickly* (bad Tami) drove 162 miles round trip yesterday and it was so worth the price of admission!! Marni really has an eye for detail and everything was so pretty....the cupcakes delicious and lots of candy. Who doesn't like chocolate and cupcakes?? The BIG tables were set up so nice and we had so much room (a little gift--a princess chipboard book), beads, and an adorable cupcake placecard. We played a game, there were a couple of really nice door prizes, and we even made a sweet cupcake card. Dinner was pizza from the Pizza Pub in Pine City. Yumo! Its so good. The store was just a rocking and jammed full of NICE people! There was a full crop scrapping in the back area (the store can accomodate up to 24 guests in the back-12 bedrooms with 2 beds per room), a FULL class of 15 at 2 pm, the Cupcake Crop, and a wonderful Holiday Open House with a professional photographer even taken photos. Unbelievable. And, the store had an all day Make and Take with yummy holiday treats and hot apple cider. The store is so big and spacious and clean as a whistle. I love all the *Marni* touches, the abundant samples scattered around this very clean and beautifully decorated store. This sweet woman Marni is insane but we love her and her husband RON is just a breath of fresh air. Each employee was so friendly and so helpful all day long. I can't say enough good things about this store. Kudos to The Pine City Scrapbooking Co. Leave it to small town USA to blow my socks off!! I will be back soon. I especially enjoyed my *girl time* with my sweet little friend Jodi bug that recently beat her cancer. We missed you Wendy but I hope you feel better soon. I did give her the low down today.

I am going to be super busy these next three weeks so no more screwing around. Peace....Tami Oh, sorry no pic today. I am too lazy to scan and crop anything plus its freezing out and Sunday is suppose to be a day of rest however there is NO REST for Miss Wicked. Tee hee!! (I'm totally inserting a BIG evil grin). Tootles my friends. I hope you have a super duper week and stay warm. If you are local, please consider attending one of my fabulous classes!!! Tee hee.

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Mary said...

I am so happy to hear that you had such a wonderful time at the cup cake crop.The place that you went to sounds great and all of the people sound awesome.

I hope you get your 30 ATC's done. Stay warm Tami.