Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catch of the day...birthday boy Bret!!

Here's a non-Tami card for a very special man. I hope you and the wife have a fabo birthday celebration. Safe travels my friends and don't do anything I wouldn't do. HA HA!! Best fishes Bret and happy happy birthday. Many more to come so have some fun in the sun. Card made by Jessica/Lona and purchased by yours truly!! Tami

PS. For sure he's a GREAT catch and definately a SUPER match!! Get the boy some new wheels and he will squeel!! Me too!!


Grandma Jan said...

That is way adorable. Is that in one of Jessica's kits? Can't wait for our Pine City Saturday. Will you have Jodi sign me up, PLEASE! You know I'm worth it.

joven said...

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Donna said...

Cute card Tami...hope to see you soon! Jessica does great cards.

Chris said...

Birthday boy Bret loved this card-thank you!! This card is even cuter in person!! Thank you so much. Can't wait for Saturday so we can catch up!!

Mary said...


Your card is adorabbel.Love the stamp andd the colors that you used. :)

We are in a storm watch for tomorrow night into Friday. :(