Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February!!

Yes, still alive and BAD BAD blogger. At the cute little Minnetonka library now and just scanned this card before I mail it off to my BFF (OK one of my BFFs from "Team Tami")!! Ha ha and just a little inside joke. I hope you are all well. Just returned from a mini girlfriend retreat in Northern MN. I am very well rested, energized and roaring to go. I thought I'd check in to let you know I am still around and still here in the Mid West. Thanks for all your nice emails. Our snow count to date is like 61.4" if my memory suits me well. Have a super week friends. I'm so looking forward to the weekend. Its the month for my annual "Superbowl Stamping" gathering with friends. Cheers!! Tami

PS. Made this Graphic 45 beauty in a class. Bye bye card!! Feel free to leave me a little stampy love. Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Thanks for stopping by today. Forgot how to crop so my scan will have to do. I tried to figure it out but NO dice. Something is better than nothing right? Catch you later and soon I hope.


~amy~ said...

yahooooooo....lookie who is back blogging!!!!! Love your card sista!!!

Erin said...

Your so naughty!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are back blogging. You get around. How did you find the cute little Minnetonka library? I thought it was a well kept secret. So happy you had a relaxing time up north. Thanks for the fun class last week.
One of the Candies. Not the one sunning in San Diego.

Mary said...

It's very nice to see you blogging Tami. I love the card that you have up. It is very pretty and very vintage a look that I really love.

We had another snow storm today and it is very cold here. Not sure hoe much snow we have gotten int he past 9 storms but I'm certain it is a good amount. Stay warm and Safe Tami.

Mary your friend in NH

Grandma Jan said...

Good to see you back in blog land. Your cards are wonderful - the new and the mature (from the past). I love seeing any of them at any time.
Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Hooray, Tami's back! I've missed your posts and am happy to see your card, cropped or not. Hope to see more!!! Have a fun Super Bowl weekend.
From the other Candy, the one formerly sunning in San Diego and currently freezing in MTKA.
(Glad you like our little library. The Hopkins library is bigger and better.)

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