Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm an OX.....Happy Chinese New Year!!

Greetings from Golden Valley, MN....First of all, my laptop has been located and I hope and pray it survives the trip from NH to MN this week. Thanks Dad for picking it up for me yesterday at the former Circuit City in Amherst, NH. There is hope for my baby returning to its Mama after a month and a half!!! Whoo hoo.

I had a wonderful time at my friend Nancy's last nite. She invited me to her Chinese New Year's celebration. Nancy and her Chinese friends and neighbors celebrated the year of the OX just a couple days early. Nancy was certainly the hostess with the mostess and the food was amazing!! Yumo. Can you say the most delicious pork POT sticklers ever!!! It was a very fun nite out despite our lovely FRIGID weather. I am not kidding when I say this!! I pumped gas last nite around 5 and my hands were frozen when I went inside the store to pay. Yes, I did have gloves on too. I could not get my hands to work to pull out my credit card from my wallet. I had to step out of line and work it baby!!! My poor hands. That's MN for you.

Oh hi Jan in lovely San Diego if you are reading this you lucky dog. You better go to Paper Tales in San Diego before you come home or you will be dead meat!!

OK...enough boring Sunday nonsense from the library! I did pop into Starbacks this am after chatting up a storm with *MAMA Ellie* and I'm in! I pledged my 5 hours for those of you who know what I'm talking about. It's a promise I made to give 5 hours to help my community in the near future in exchange for a free cuppa JOE. I was able to glance over the newspaper quickly too. I'm off to the laundramat now to wash my KING size mattress pad. I don't want to put it off any longer but I dislike going there and stairing at the machines!! It broke my laundry machine before so I have to go there!!! Bad pad.

I will post a card hopefully within the next week. I hope you can come to one of my new classes soon. It would be so nice to see some of my MN friends again. Big hugs and happy New Year. I found out last year I am an OX at the Chinese New Year's party. I will for sure probably buy my friend Missy Ballance's new OX stamp now especially after finding out I'm an OX according to my birthdate. Ta ta...Tami

PS...My holiday vacation to New England was SO wonderful. I am very lucky to have such a loving family. They spoil me rotten and I am so grateful. Thanks family!!


Erin said...

They found your laptop, YAAAAAA! Can't wait to see all those new blog posts.

Grandma Jan said...

Glad they found your laptop! Now to get it fixed and where? These and other questions we all need the answers to.

I did NOT get to Paper Tales. I wanted to but yesterday (Sat) was all about the race - pasta party and beer! Sunday was the race! Monday the store is CLOSED. Monday afternoon we drive to Riverside to see family. And then on the road...

So I guess you will just have to settle for 'dead meat' Jan.

Hugs and Stay Warm. Only 60 degrees here today but sunny and I'm not complaining. Oh and it was in the 70s yesterday.