Friday, January 23, 2009

Surprise, I'm back online!!

Greetings from Pine City, MN. I'm 85 miles from home at a lovely scrapbooking retreat but just for 48 hrs. I did go ice fishing yesterday out on Cross Lake. I know its all SO hard to believe! I haven't had my laptop for 5 weeks so therefore no blog update. I won't get into it now as its a long painful story. I was also in New England for a wonderful three week vacation. So on that note, Happy New Year. I do not have any cards to share at this time but I have a few classes to add to the 'ole blog. I promise to update just as soon as I can but its a little difficult to email people or scan anything when you have no computer. Its been bittersweet. Please note my two newest classes. Tami!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Tami! I've missed you!! I'm so glad to hear you have TWO classes coming up. I'm hoping to make it to both of them but will keep you posted. Have fun in Pine City, you lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Bloggie you were dearly missed.


Michelle said...

Welcome back, can't wait to see more cards in '09!!

Donna said...

hey tami
you could have come out of the back room at pine city and said hello! I was at the crop all day on saturday from 10 to 10. hope all was well with your holiday. hope to see you soon!