Monday, June 1, 2009

Move over Tim, Donna is here!!

OK I am on my third post of the wee hours!! What's up with this?? I thought I would post this cool little tag Donna made me like at 3 am Sunday morning or later when she gave Cindy and I a little "Tim Holtz" ink demo and Glimmer Mist. I previously called it "Glitter Mist" so I apologize for the typo as well as the other typos I made on my earlier posts. I am not perfect and its so flippin' late!! Anyway this tag is SO cool oh yah and Donna made me a double *grungy* paper flower with Glimmer Mist spray. Yes she is COOL man!! Cool as a cucumber and certainly a cutup. Her laugh, loud and clear Roger!! I hope you likey!! What am I going to do with it? I think I will hang if off my big toe!!! I hope you will think this is funny. Some wear toe rings (Donna and my sisters) and some where toe tags (me)!! I know people I need some serious rest. Catch you later alligators!! Tami :']


~amy~ said...

Oh Tami, you're cracking me up...LOVE this tag, you lucky duck!

Donna said...

You had to talk about my toes? They are cute though. I will have to post them sometime. Hah! Tag looks good, considering it was done at 3:30 in the ******* wee early morn. What were we thinking. Thanks for the fun. And hey you calling me loud? Quiet, shy, me?

Grandma Jan said...

I want to make the tag too. However 3 AM would probably not be the best time for me. Tag and colors are adorable!
What fun you all had. Wish I had been there too. Maybe next time.