Friday, June 5, 2009

Memory Box Friday Inspiration!!

Hello friends-

How the heck are you peeps? No news is good news? Not the case here.

Please check my Friday post on the Memory Box blog (Dave's). I am sorry I haven't posted anything since Sunday but I've been busy with other pressing matters that needed my immediate attention.

Is anyone interested in signing up for my Graphic 45 Card Class at 10 am on Saturday in St. Paul? Its going to rain this weekend and be really chilly according to the news/weather report I am watching right now as I type this blog. Come on now, you know you want to stamp with me and Cheri!! I feel like a broken record but I need more signups!! We are making four really nice Graphic 45 cards and a little purse complete with chocolate. The ladies in my other classes loved the cards so they said. I hope to post another class sample later on today after I finish making up the kits for my Saturday class. You can also order the class "to go." If you'd like to do this please email me and we can discuss the details.

I have two more Graphic 45 classes scheduled at Anchor Paper (Plymouth) next week and then I'm going on a mini vacation with some of my friends up to Mille Lacs Lake. As the Minnesotans say we're "going up North". I am very excited as I will be seeing some of my long lost friends and will hopefully visit Laurel in Brainerd. She owns Create-A-Card Studio.

So long for now my friends. Again, please give me some blog love over on the Memory Box blog. Dave recently released ten new clear sets and I want some of the sets really bad. I *need* some especially the penguin at the beach!! I don't ask for much peeps so please leave me some love. I swear to you I never thought I'd be one begging for comments. When it takes a person X amount of hours to design, scan, crop, and write up card directions for one little blog post a little love is greatly appreciated. I know people don't always leave comments but they certainly do if there is blog candy involved!! LOL. I also realize some people just lurk and also not everyone likes every card. In my case, I can't begin to tell you how long it takes me to make a card and then type up the card directions, crop the card, and proofread it over and over and over. I'm sure some of you are thinking what the heck is she blabbing on and on about??? Its enough to drive me crazy but I do love the weekly card challenge and for once in five weeks my laptop did not crash on Thursday. Thank you God. I am a huge Memory Box fan so I'll do just about anything!! Will work for more rubber!! LOL!!

Have a great Friday my friends and weekend too. I send you lots of love. Tami XOX
PS. What do you have planned for the weekend? I'd love to know!! I will be in St. Paul and Roseville this weekend. I may go to the Edina Art Fair . Its a BIG maybe as I won't be able to purchase anything:(. Irene my friend is turning 82 on Saturday and she invited me to her birthday party in Cambridge on Sunday. My friend Mary wants me to come to the Super Crop at Archiver's on Sunday. What's a girl to do? Stay home, its cheaper!! What do I want to do? Teach on Saturday in the morning and then attend the Archiver's Saturday crop at 3 pm. I'd love to go to Irene's birthday party on Sunday but Cambrigde is far from where I live but she's worth it!! I will let you know at the end of the weekend what I do end up doing. Any guesses?? Roseville is a very dangerous place for me...Archiver's, Blick Art Materials, and lots more like Roseville Mall. Tami :-)


Grandma Jan said...

Love, love, love. I'll be at my new home unpacking all weekend if you get over this way. Know you are busy so soon......
Have a great weekend.

Donna said...

Great job on this weeks card. Very bright and happy. Have a great week end and don't get to wet. Stay warm, sad to say that in June.

Donna K said...

Tami - just left a note at the MB blog. Thanks for the reminder to check there. It's a really pretty card. I know how long it takes to write up all the directions, try to be clear and try to be concise. Thanks for the great work. Sounds like you've been a busy girl.