Friday, July 17, 2009

Snap, crackle, pop....its time to shop!! :D

Hey, I knew I'd get your attention!!! What the title means is I'm all excited!! I got my weekly (Friday) Memory Box blog to finally post after fighting with AOL and my laptop for five long hours this am not to mention several hours last night. I wish I could just go buy a new laptop but that's not going to happen anytime soon on my beer budget. LOL!! Plus its so chilly willie!! Right now its only 64 degrees. Brrrrr!! If you have some time this weekend please visit the Memory Box blog (Dave's) and check out my card. I hate to beg. Gosh I feel like a dog beggin' for a bone and other days I feel like I'm in the doghouse!! But for today I'm a pretty happy camper. Now if I could just have some of those new Poppy Stamp dogs and more of the Poppy people I'd be in doggie heaven!! Man I just love them. If you haven't seen them yet just click on the Poppy stamps blinkie logo on my blog and it will take you to Poppy heaven. I read that Dave released some clear Poppy stamps but for the life of me I can't find them. If anyone knows where they are hiding please fill me in!!

Well its a mere 64 degrees right now and I'm freezing my a** off!! I'm stamping in fifth gear right now but felt the need to take a blog break!! Tomorrow I am dropping off a few of my class samples (a mini board) at Smudges for my All Occasion Card class next Thursday, July 23 at 10:30 am. I plan to attend the free Make and Take at Smudges which is from 12-3pm. I got a sneak peak of Leslie's totally sweet Poppy Stamps card on Wed. night when we had our monthly ATC (Artist Trading Card) gathering at Smudgey's (I purposely wrote that because I'm on a high right now)!! I did have a large coffee at Caribou this afternoon so that may explain things a bit. The place was packed and that's because its winter today in Minnesota. Its just so strange.

Anyway, here are a couple more ATC's per Carrie's request. Thanks for the great idea *Candy*!! I will post them in twos and in NO particular order. When I reached into my baggie today these two were on top. Thanks for stopping by and please sign up for my class next Thursday if you can as I'd love to have you join us. We always have a good time at Smudges!! Remember my class is also available "to go" if you can't make it next week. I will be adding an evening session soon (same class) just as soon as I find a night that's available at Smudges. Have a super duper weekend my friends. I plan to par-tay a bit on Satureday evening!! Smooches!! xox Tami :D

Left-Donna (her blog is listed on my blog)
Right-Cindy and she is blogless!!!


Grandma Jan said...

I left some love on Memory Box for you and I remembered to fill in the code.
Have a great weekend. Love your card and the ATCs are fun to see too.
By the way, watch it on the coffee intake. How about this weather - July - doesn't seem like it. Is it October already??

Karrie Baker said...

Caribou coffee? Have never heard of that. Speaking of coffee, I could really use some right now. Just woke up and need a swift kick in the arse! LOL

Off to MB blog to check out your post this week...yippee!

Anonymous said...

They're charming and lovely. Thanks to all the ATCers for sharing their works. I'm going to try and get to the Poppy make 'n take at Smudges today. See you Thursday at class if I don't see you at Smudges today! Thanks for posting the ATCs. Carrie/Candy

~amy~ said...

fabbie creations sista....I actually called up my local impress shop to have them order me some poppies...well, the new clear set that dave had on the when I go in to pick up that set, I'll check out the wm''s such a vicious cycle...stamp here, paper there...

Mary said...

The two ATC's are very pretty. Thanks for sharing them with us Tami. I hope your weather gets back to being in the 80's soon.