Friday, July 10, 2009


Anyone out there?? I am very sorry I didn't keep up with the blog thing but I got busy with life and just trying to survive. And then there's the heat factor and my plumbing problems. Geesh!! It ain't easy peeps. Just taking care of business, oh and the Michael Jackson thing (glued to the TV on Tuesday). RIP Michael. Today is Friday and you know what that means!!! Get your butt over to the Memory Box blog and give me a little LOVE. My guest blog this week took me forever. I swear I must have proofread it at least 50 times. So on that note I think I deserve a little love. Hee hee. I want to thank my handful of loyal fans. Your blog love is greatly appreciated. I have to find a card in my stash to post. I plan to be back soon like later on today with a card. I have to get ready for the day and tend to my outside plants. Its so humid again. Yuck a doo. Miss you friends. Oh happy day. Have a super weekend. Tami :D


Sherry said...

Glad to see you back here, I am heading over to mb now.

Grandma Jan said...

Love the card and yes, I left a love filled comment (kinda). Looking forward to cropping this Sunday, but have no clue what I will bring yet.

~amy~ said...

okay, left you some blog love over on the memory box blog :) Hope you have a fabbie weekend!