Friday, February 20, 2009

A GUY card with a cute little button!!

Today I thought I'd feature a guest artist Sherry and her cute little masculine card. I am not sure if the paper is from Basic Grey but regardless I love it!!. She taught me how to use faux thread on a button. Just cut a little sliver of paper and thread the button(s). Its really fun when there's four holes (oh my, that's what I called "advanced sewing")! Don't you just love her card? I do. Tomorrow I will post my MACHO card. Right now its in my trunk and I'm too lazy to go get it, scan it, and crop it. Have a super weekend. I'm teaching another card class tomorrow. Any takers?? If so, email me. Thanks to all the great ladies that came to my class today. We always have so much fun!! I hope my friend Sherry Baby will not mind I showcased her quick and easy guy card on the 'ole bloggie. I recently added two birthday classes at Smudges in March. I plan to update my class schedule this weekend. Do something fun. Tami...Peace out!!


Mary said...

I love Sherry's card. The colors of the designer papers that she used certainly are masculine. I love that she used only one button. Great looking card for a man.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to both Sherry and Tami for this tip. By using the paper, I don't have to worry whether my "thread" is the right color! Enjoyed your class on Friday, Tami!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you all enjoy the card and the little button thread trick. Now you know all my secrets.


Corie said...

Great guy card! They are always the most difficult to create, but not for you.

Michelle said...

Hi Tami - I just read the comment you left on my blog today, I have been ignoring my blog for too long. Anyway, I see you are teaching Copic classes so I will have to check that out. Great guy card, btw.