Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brrrr!!!!!....and only in Minnesota...

...can a person store ice cream overnite in your trunk inside of one's garage!! The DQ shop wasn't too busy this evening!!! Gee I wonder why? Right now its 1 degree and that's above zero. Tomorrow is my first class of 2009 at Smudges and we have a few birthdays to celebrate after class. Shhhh...its suppose to be a secret!!

Ok...I must cut to the chase as I have to finish up a few cards and get my beauty rest!! Here's a card I taught on Superbowl Sunday and I must say I'm loving it!! The stamps are from My Favorite Things and this stamp just spoke to me. It is available at Smudges. Sorry to say so but I love how it all just fell into place rather easily. I love when that happens!! I did use white frosted lace stickles on the Cuttle Bugged snowflake set and an antique button. I hope you likey. I better go now and get back to work. Happy Day and please leave me some blog love so I know I still have at least a handful of readers. I never thought the day would come that I beg for a little love. Adios amigas! Warm hugs!! Tami Whami....PS. Thanks Mary for helping me make my cards sparkle and shine. You totally rock girlfriend. I will be back with another card on Thurs. morning. I have a really busy day on Wednesday. Ciao!!

PS...Yippy skippy...Let's start out things with a bang. Blogger won't let me post pictures so here we go again. I will post this and try again for the card photo. Geez I tell you its always something. Night night. Thanks for stopping by. Tami


Grandma Jan said...

It sure did get cold didn't it. I have been enjoying my ride shares this week. It's nice to have someone take me to work and pick me up. I haven't had to get in a cold car yet. Ask me later about the gasoline bill.

I loved the card class on Sunday. I just posted a few on my blog and a special birhday idea to share. Take a peak.

Keep warm and keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Tami, the class was great and everyone who attended was so much fun. I will get the pictures printed and to you soon.