Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hey cupcake, are you out there??

Please excuse me if I already posted this card awhile back but I ran across the file tonight and I started to chuckle. This card was suppose to be for a friend but on the way to meet her for coffee one Sunday am I dropped it in my driveway. It got wet from the snow and ice and I ran over it twice. When I went to give it to her I couldn't find it and it was unbelievable. Anyway better late than never right? It was made on a Savvy notecard and I love their notecards. I hope to post a couple cards on Thursday from my classes last week. We are suppose to get a big snow storm so they say so I will be stamping all day. I may go to the POST OFFICE very early if I can get my packages ready for shipment. The PO is my home away from home. Take care now and so much for spring. Well it is MN after all and only still February. I'd like to thank all the lovely ladies that attended my class last Sat. in Little Canada. We always have fun at Caribou!! Stay warm. Tami :')


Docu-life said...

SUCH a cute card. Not too pink pink :). I miss you chica and I'm home for the next week so... coffee date???

Mary said...

Your card is so sweet Tami. I laughed out loud when I read about how you dropped the card in the snow and then ran over the it. I'm sure that it was not funny at the time though. Snow is on it's way to NH. I'm trying to think spring though. :)


Corie said...

This is adorable