Sunday, February 14, 2010

A card from my sweet sister Sami!!

My sister sent me this wicked cute card. She stamped the lizard, water colored it, and cut out Mr. Cross. She placed it on a heart embossed note card. She added four kinds of Martha Stewart stickers (inside too) and some Stickles. I love how it came out. It really is an adorable card if you could only see it up close and personal. The scan and auto enhance distorted all the colors. Sami sent me three cards last week and I enjoyed each and every one of them.

More snow today. What a surprise on that one. I have to clean off my car again tomorrow morning and I seriously need my roof raked again before it caves in or leaks. Yikes. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by friends. Tami

Also, are you looking for some HOT stamping deals? If so, please visit my friend Tracy's blog and let her know I sent you. I ordered a TE set myself (I know bad Tami) but I wanted to help out a sweet friend. Tracy, in lieu of commissions I'll take a Tracy card or an ATC. HA HA!! Tracy girl is an awesome stamper and just the sweetest girl ever. We have been online friends for like four years I think. Big waves my friend from the frozen Midwest to sunny Cali!!


Lindsay M. said...

Awwwww Tami!! How sweet of your sister!!! She is awesome!!! She makes wonderful cards!!!! I love it!!!

I bought some of Tracy's punches!! And already got them!!! They are awesome!! I am putting in another order for some stamps, and a couple more punches!! hehe!!!

Hope to be buying stamps from you too soon!!! I know how busy you have been lately!!

You have wayyyyy too much snow!!!! We got extremely lucky last week, there was a massive snow storm coming our way, but it just missed us, and went down south of us. Thank goodness!! But we are supposed to get a few inches tomorrow, which is fine, because most of the snow we had melted!!


Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

Such an adorable card from your sister Sami. Are you as sick of the snow as I am? I can't wait for spring or at least a little taste or tease of it.

Tracy said...

What a stinkin' cute card your sis sent you. What a lucky doll you are. Thank you SO much for the shout out my friend and the purchase!!! You are so good to me! LOVE YOU!!!!